Excellent Self Defense Knives

Self defense knives became the ultimate weapons to battle the attackers at the backend of 2019. And in 2020, it looks like these knives would be the dominant weapons. 

There is a long list of knives, so it is hard to pick a few knives that serve your self defense in the best possible manner. 

However, there are a few factors to consider before choosing your knife for self defense. The knife must have a sharp blade and must be lethal enough to injure the attackers. 

Secondly, it must be easy to carry. Most importantly, it must be easier to use so that you are able to defend yourself in such a panic situation. 

Considering all these factors, here are the top 10 self defense knives in 2020 that are excellent to deal with the attackers:

1. Karambit Pocket Knife

Karambit pocket knife is one of the best knives to serve your self defense in 2020. It is a badass fighting knife that hails from the Philippines. 

karambit folding knife

It is mainly known for its curved blade which makes it a great knife for slashing and thrusting actions. 

It was used by the women of the Philippines for self defense several years ago. However, the traditional karambit was a fixed blade knife. 

This is a folding karambit made according to the user’s requirements. However, it has similar capabilities and can be great for stabbing the attacker and survive against him. 

2. Stiletto Switchblade Knife

Like karambit knife, stiletto knife was also a fixed blade knife traditionally. But, stiletto switchblade is a folding knife. 

Stiletto switchblade

It is an automatic knife, the blade of which opens after pushing a button. It opens quickly and gets battle ready after pushing a button. 

This knife hails from Italy where it was a pure fighting knife. In 2020, it can be an excellent self defense knife. It has a needle-like blade with a sharp point. This makes it an excellent knife for stabbing and thrusting the attacker. 

3. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick knife is an ideal self defense knife for women in 2020. It looks like a real lipstick. Anyways, there is a hidden blade concealed inside it. 

lipstick knife

You need to twist the tube to open the blade. The reason why it is a perfect self defense weapon for women is because they can carry it along with other cosmetics. 

It can find a place in their purses. Another key advantage of this knife is that one can’t detect it. Both attackers and cops can’t figure out that it is a knife. 

4. Pen Knife

Pen knife is another hidden blade knife, and it is equally useful for both men and women. It looks like a real pen, and it can just replace the original pen you carry in your pockets on a daily basis. 

pen knife

You tend to carry a pen in your pocket or purse. So, it is a pen replacing a pen. It can be used for writing as well. Importantly, there is a blade concealed inside it. 

This is a small blade but has the ability to inflict long term injuries. It is covered and you can remove the cover to open the blade. 

5. Belt Buckle Knife

In 2020, you must opt for smart self defense knives. This belt buckle knife is a smart weapon to deal with the attackers. This knife is attached to a belt buckle. 

belt buckle knife

You can remove the buckle to reveal the blade. This is another hidden blade to use for self defense in 2020s. This is a small blade that you can attach to any of your belts. 

It is adjustable in the belt buckles. In a self defense situation, you can quickly remove the buckle and use the balde to fight the attacker and get rid of him.

6. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knife is not necessarily a self defense knife, but it is a unique knife to battle the attackers in 2020. The uniqueness of this knife is the number of handles. 

butterfly knife

It has two handles and one blade. The blade is concealed inside these two handles when the handles are connected and locked together. 

This is a great EDC knife, but it can be a perfect weapon for self defense in 2020 as well. 

You can carry it quite easily because when it is closed, it is just a small stick that fits into your pocket. It features a very sharp blade that can tear attacker into pieces. 

7. Machete

Machete is such a massive knife and easily the largest knife ever produced. Perhaps, only the swords are larger bladed weapons than this. It is like a short sword. 


However, it is a knife often used by butchers for cutting meat. In 2020, you deserve to use such a lethal knife for self defense. It has a long and thick blade and has the ability to cut someone in half. 

The attackers would be frightened to see this knife in your hands. So, you can take advantage of this and avoid them. 

Also, if they dare to attack you, this lethal knife can easily injure them and put the to their feet. 

8. Push Dagger

Push dagger, as compared to machete, is a small knife. Though it is a dagger, but is the smallest dagger ever. 

push dagger

It features a T-shaped handle which allows you to get a comfortable and good grip on the knife. 

It has a short but very thick blade. The best thing about this dagger is that it is easy to use. You can just stab the attacker while keeping the dagger in your hands. 

The handle of this dagger is quite comfortable. The small size of this dagger is also key which allows you to carry it in your pocket. 

9. Necklace Knife

Necklace knife is another idea self defense weapon for women. As the name tells the story, it is a real necklace and can be worn around the neck. People also know it as a neck knife. It is a necklace that contains a small blade. 

necklace knife

The small blade works like a pendant. However, it is covered with a leather sheath to ensure that it does not cause any accidental injury to the wearer. Anyways, it is quickly accessible in a self defense situation. 

10. Knuckle Knife

Knuckle knife is one of the excellent self defense knives in 2020. It is the only knife on this list that features a weapon other than a blade. It is a combination of a knuckle duster and a blade. 

knuckle folding knife

You can wear the knuckle duster and then use it for punching the attacker. Then, you have the blade to injure him. 

You can thrust the blade and cause long term injuries. Such a lethal combination this is. The perfect way to defend yourself against the attackers. 

So, these were our top 10 excellent self defense knives. What is your pick among these knives by the way?