A Brief Explanation of the History of the Nunchucks

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history of the nunchucks

Nunchucks come with an interesting and fascinating history. Most of the weapons today look like new, but they are in fact very old....

Dark Repulser SAO Kirito Sword Review

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kirito sword

Kirito sword is the sword of a popular anime character known as Kazuto Kirigaya. He belongs to a fictional world or an imaginary world....

How to Close a Pocket Knife? - A Brief Guide

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how to close a pocket knife

Pocket knife has suddenly become a basic necessity for the people. Now, every other person has this folding knife is his pocket....

My Top 3 Exceptional Camping Knives & Tools in 2020

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camping knives

Camping knives are on a huge demand nowadays. The trend of hunting and camping has risen to a significant extent, and with that people search for different camping tools and knives....

5 Best Everyday Carry Knives in 2020

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best edc knives

EDC knives or everyday carry knives are gradually grabbing the attention of the people. Users like outdoor enthusiasts, campers and secret agents tend to carry these knives....

How to Sharpen an Axe?

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tomahawk axe

Axe is no more a tool used by the woodcutters only. Many people use axes these days for different purposes.....