Enlisted the 5 Most Expensive Samurai Swords in 2020

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samurai katana swords

Who doesn’t know about the Samurai? Yes, the greatest warriors of all time. These ancient Japanese warriors made a name in the history books, thanks to their warfare tactics....

Learn and Play the Easiest Karambit Knife Tricks

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karambit knife tricks

Karambit knife is one of a few knives that are used for learning and playing tricks. Knives are not popular for this purpose....

5 Highly Featured Airsoft Guns Under $50

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highly featured airsoft guns

It is a general misconception that airsoft guns are too expensive. Many people decline the idea of using these guns to enjoy airsoft just due to this misconception....

Blades of Chaos Kratos Replica Sword Set - Review

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Sword of Chaos belongs to a popular video game called God of War. This is actually a pair of two short swords connected with a chain....

10 Deadliest Knives Ever Constructed

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deadly knives

The term “deadly” refers to something extraordinary. At times, this term is used to define a lethal weapon that can cause a lot of damage, or can cause death....

Stun Gun VS Taser - Which Weapon Should You Prefer?

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stun gun vs taser gun

Stun gun vs taser is a very common debate these days. It has been agreed that these electroshock weapons are the most effective for self defense....