Lipstick Knife

Lipstick Knife - The Most Desired Knife Among the Women

Take your retail business to the top level by purchasing lipstick knives from Cutlery Wholesale at the lowest wholesale prices. Our lipstick knife is the most desired knife among consumers, particularly, the women. It is a secret weapon that can be kept hidden in the pocket, purse or bag. It appears as a real lipstick, but there is a blade rather than a lipstick which appears upon twisting the tube of the lipstick. So, buy these in-demand items at wholesale prices that are guaranteed lowest. 

An Extensive Range of Lipstick Knives for Sale

Choose from our vast range of lipstick knives. We have the most desired ones in our inventory. Take your time to explore the entire collection to find the knives you would love to have in your retail store. We have lipstick knives in red, blue, black and many other colors. Hence, the women would be keen to buy these lipstick knives at any cost. However, we allow you to shop these knives at 90% less than the retail prices. So, get them in your retail stores to make sure you have in your offerings what women are looking for!

The Most Economical Wholesale Prices!

Cutlery Wholesale provides lipstick knives at the most economical prices. We are wholesale suppliers of these knives throughout the US and no other supplier can match our prices. Our rates are 90% less than the retail prices. So, buying from us will give you a great profit margin. If you want to maximize your profits, buy lipstick knives in bulk at the cheapest wholesale prices from Cutlery Wholesale. 

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