collectible knives

There are people who collect things, and we know them as enthusiasts. These people have craze for certain things. For example, they gather some collectible knives. 

Collectible knives are the splendid knives that are meant to be added to the collections. If you are a real knife collector, you must have these special knives in your display at home. 

Following are some magnificent collectible knives. Get these knives in your collections to determine that you are a real knife enthusiast! 

1. Trench Knife

Trench knife is a historical knife. We also know it as the US 1918 brass knuckle trench knife. By far, this is the best collectible knife because it is a historical knife. 

Trench knife gets its name because it was used by the US soldiers who fought in trenches during the First World War. Those soldiers were equipped with these knives. 

us 1918 brass knuckle trench knife

So, it is the history of the knife which makes it so special. So, if you want to pay tribute to those US soldiers, you must get this knife in your collection and display it at your home or office. 

This knife was handed over to the US soldiers because they were battling in close quarters. Hence, this knife was ideal because it was impossible to disarm. 

It served the soldiers involved in close quarter combat during the First World War. Today, a folding version of this knife is also available in the market. 

2. MTech Fire Fighter Spring Assisted Rescue Knife

If you want a real fighter knife in your collection, here is a lovely collectible. It is a masterpiece by MTech who are known for constructing such high quality knives. 

mtech fire fighter spring assisted knife

This is basically a pocket knife with some splendid features. Such a knife in your arsenal would impress everyone. It has a beautiful color scheme and looks a great display knife. 

The important thing is that it features a seat belt cutter, a glass breaker, and a pocket clip. So, you can use it as your emergency and survival knife as well. 

3. Blue Straight Blade Razor Folding Pocket Knife

Don’t think it is just a straight razor. Yes, it is a razor for shaving, but it is a proper knife as well. Also, it is a great collectible knife. 

blue straight blade razor

It is a folding knife that can be used for shaving, cutting twigs, and other cutting work. More importantly, it is a gorgeous knife for decor purposes. 

There is a nice blue color that beautifies the razor. For crazy knife enthusiasts, this is a must-have knife. 

4. LOTR Medieval Warrior Dagger

This is yet another historical knife, and importantly, a great collectible. This looks like a real fighting dagger. It belongs to the medieval era. 

lotr medieval warrior dagger

This is a massive dagger with a size of more than 12 inches. Add it to your collection and to have a historical fighting knife in your collection. 

It comes with a beautiful scabbard as well. So, you can easily and comfortably display it at your home or office. It would showcase your craze and love for the historical weapons and knives. 

5. The Hunted Forest Green Realtree Camo Tracker T-3 Knife

For the lovers of giant knives, here is a masterpiece. This is a camo style knife known as tracker t-3 knife. It has a massive blade. And the blade is thick and includes three bolts. 

hunted forest green camo t3 knife

It is not an ordinary knife, rather a special one. It looks like a unique knife and different from others. It is a combination of an axe and a machete. By the way, it is just a collectible knife. 

There is a gorgeous design that makes it a lovely knife for display and decor purposes. 

6. Butterfly Knife Trainer

The last knife on our list of best collectible knives is the butterfly knife trainer. It is not just a knife for enthusiast, but also for tricksters. In fact, for every  modern user, this unique knife is essential. 

practice butterfly knife trainer

However, it is a fake version of a real butterfly knife with a blunt blade. The purpose of this knife is decor and practice. 

Enrich Your Collections!

Enrich your collections with these magnificent collectible knives. If you are really a crazy enthusiast, you must not miss to add them to your collections. 

If you want to have some historical knives in your collections, add trench knife and medieval dagger to your collection. 

If you want to enrich your collections with some advantageous and badass knives, get the T-3 knife, and spring assisted rescue knife in your collections. 

Anyways, what are your picks from the list? Let us know your choices in the comment section below!