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1N2-MT-S4508PK - Double Lock Handcuffs Metal Construction Pink Finish. Exceptional quality, made in Taiwan. Comes with 2 keys.
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Mtech 12 Inch Expandable Keychain Steel Self Defense Baton. 5.25 Inch closed in length.
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Spring assisted trench knife with a razor sharp stainless steel blade and Arctic Camo finish along with a knuckle guard for extra protection and safety. The knuckle handle is made of solid aluminum alloy with a steel core and a non-gloss black coating while a diamond textured grip ensures a comfortable feel in the hand. The drop point style blade has a tapered upper spine and the blade surface is finished flat black with "U. S. 1918" stamped in silver.
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The trench knife was popular in World War I, and was primarily used as a close combat fighting weapon. It features a razor sharp blade made of stainless steel. The drop point style blade has a tapered upper spine, improving its piercing capability. The blade surface is finished flat black with "U. S. 1918" stamped in silver. The Army green knife handle is made of solid aluminum alloy with a steel core. The surface is fully anodized. Four finger holes are featured similar to a knuckle duster.
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This piece has a solid construction from top to bottom. This blade comes in a drop point style with a stone finish. A partial serration sets the overall tone but the snake scale diamond textured design drives it home. A thumb stud adorns the blade and a flicker is provided for easy and fast deployment. A liner locking mechanism locks the blade up tight and allows for convenient opening and closing with one hand without repositioning your knife. The handle has been contoured for a firm yet comfortable grip while being used. The double walled steel handle was built to last and has decorative aluminum scales to accentuate its ruggedness.
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This amazing blade has so many features to help you out in case of emergencies besides cutting, this knife comes equipped with a belt cutter and glass breaker. The heavy duty G-10 and steel handle is double walled and features a liner lock. The blade is constructed of stainless steel with a stone wash finish and includes a design simulating snake skin right on the blade. For easy opening this knife has a thumb stud and a flicker. Assist the blade with the thumb stud about 30 degree and watch the spring do the rest. This fast action is great when you need your blade in a pinch. This knife has all the benefits of a drop point blade with the added bonus of having a partial serrated blade for cutting things like rope. Included is a belt or pocket clip.
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This Karambit features a unique handle style with a steel blade and a black anodize finish. This style blade is perfect for cutting and slicing. The spring assisted blade deploys swiftly and is razor sharp with two quick opening options. The aluminum handle has a large ring hole on the pommel to help secure the knife in your hand when using. The handle is double wall reinforce and houses the liner locking mechanism to lock the blade in place. The spine is outfitted with an extra support bar and comes equipped with a solid steel black anodize pocket clip.
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This keychain is not your ordinary keychain it has a hidden compartment that houses four Ninja spikes. The steel mini baton has a black finish that has ridges that conceals where the top and bottom pieces screw together. Not only does it hold the spikes but it can also be used as a blunt force self-defense weapon. Inside there are four black steel spikes that are 4 inches in length and are very sharp. Ninja spikes are also known as Bo-Shuriken, this is a throwing weapon consisting of a straight, iron or steel spike. Ninja Spikes Mini Baton Keychain has a key ring on the end so you can keep it with you at all times.
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This mini knuckle is small and easily concealed. It is constructed out of strong durable 440 stainless steel and features cat eyes that are actual finger holes that turn this adorable piece into a powerful self-defense weapon. The pointed ears allow you to defend yourself with ease. The ABS sheath with pocket clip enables you to attach this mini knuckle to your purse, belt, or pocket.
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Paperweight Buckle with a Titanium color finish. Finger Holes Dimensions: 1.1 X 1 inch. Color: Paperweight. Overall Length: 4.25 Inches
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