Welcome! We are wholesale distributor that deals with manufacturers directly which allows you to get merchandise wholesale for as much as 90% less than product retail price. We buy wholesale in large quantities which allows us to receive merchandise at incredible discounts and pass the savings onto you. 

Please take time to browse through our various categories. If you cant find something you looking for, we will find it for you! We pride ourselves on our Top Quality Products! Our customers benefit from our low prices on quality top selling items. Serve your new and returning customers by offering a various selection of popular items. Let us help you in expanding your retail business.

Our goal is that you can add a very high margin items to your customers shopping cart without breaking the bank and also allow your customers just one more reason to stop and shop with you.  Items that we are selling will have very low returns, if any, so you can rest assure that you are not going to be dealing with numerous returns based on product malfunction.

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