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MTech Tactical Dagger with Black Rubber Handle
11 1/2" overall. Black 440 stainless steel blade. Black rubber handle. Includes nylon sheath.
In Stock.
6.5" Double Edge Military Tactical Fixed Blade Boot Knife Thrower
Out of Stock.
9" overall. 440 stainless steel blade. Rubber handle for sure gripping. Includes nylon pouch.
Out of Stock.
Ottoman Turkish Arabic Decorative Dagger Metal Scabbard
Whether you add it to your personal collection or you give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who loves the Ottoman, you cannot go wrong with this collectors blade!
In Stock.
Thunder Cat Sword Dagger Size 16
Here we have a Cool Thunder Cat Sword Dagger Size Replica. A Great Collectible Dagger for the Collectors. The dagger blade is made of 440 stainless steel. Comes with the wooden table top display stand.
In Stock.
Thunder Cat Black Dagger 13.25
Here we have a Cool Thunder Cat Dagger Replica. A Great Collectible Dagger for the Collectors. The dagger blade is made of 440 stainless steel. A matching sheath comes with the steel dagger, made of black plastic and detailed with a matching engraved, stainless steel end-cap and throat.
In Stock.
16" Overall Crusader Shield Knights Templar Dagger With Scabbard
In Stock.
Knights Templar Iconic Dagger
13 1/4 Inches Overall in length Knights Templar Iconic Dagger. Includes a scabbard.
In Stock.
Lion Rampant Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife Dagger
Lion Rampant Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife Dagger.
In Stock.
Collector's Patriotic Eagle Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Bowie
14" overall, 8" blade. A metal Bald Eagle Bowie with American Pride on the scabbard. Features a carved blade.
In Stock.
Mtech USA 2 Pc Set Fixed Blade Push Dagger Knife - Black Rubber Handle
4 Inch Overall Length Mtech Fixed Blade Push Dagger Knife 2 Piece Set. 3MM Thick, 2.5 Inch Spear Point Blade. 1.5 Inch Black Rubber Handle. Includes Nylon Strap ABS Sheath
In Stock.
Egyptian Mummy King Dagger
Egyptian Mummy King Dagger. Intricately detailed cast metal handle. 13-3/4" overall.
In Stock.
Dragon With Movable Wings Standing Fantasy Bowie
16" overall length. Stands on its own feet.
In Stock.
Skull Dragon Multi Blade Dagger W/ Stand
Is 8" overall with 9 stainless steel blades. Includes wooden display stand.
In Stock.
Medieval Kukri Knife Dagger 15 1/4
15 1/4" Overall. Features a stainless steel blade with an etched pattern and includes a cast metal furnished sheath.
In Stock.
Kiss of Fire Dragon Dagger
17" overall with 440 stainless steel blade. Double Dragon Wall mount.
In Stock.
All Metal Diving Knife with Black Sheath
Diving Knife 9" overall. Diving knife comes with adjustable leg strap. Mirror polished stainless steel single edge blade. In black
In Stock.
King Solomon Short Sword Dagger 22 Inches Overall Includes Scabbard
22" Overall, 11" Blade. Intricate King Solomon Dagger Short Sword. Detailed Pommel and Guard. Black Leather Scabbard.
In Stock.
10 Inch MTech Double Edge Boot Knife - Rubber Handle
10 Inch Overall All Black MTech Double Edge Boot Knife With Rubber Handle. Includes nylon sheath.
In Stock.
MTech Boot Knife with Skull Camo Finish Blade
9 1/8 Inch overall in length MTech Boot Knife. Features Skull Camo coated stainless steel blade. Includes Nylon belt sheath.
In Stock.
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At Cutlery Wholesale, we have everything in our inventory that you are looking for. From the traditional daggers to the modern, stylish dagger knives, we have everything! 

In our collection, you will see the double edge diving knife, Scottish Celtic dagger, the Dragon claw dagger, and many more designs. So, take your time to browse our comprehensive collection and buy daggers at the cheapest prices.

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At Cutlery Wholesale, we make sure you achieve the maximum benefits if you buy from us. The greatest benefit of buying from us is that you can save a lot of your precious money. It’s quite simple how! Being the wholesale distributors, we provide daggers for sale at wholesale prices. With the wholesale prices, we mean the cheapest. 

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