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Titanium Sword With Set Of 2 Kunai Throwing Knives Combo Set With Back Belt Sheath
Titanium Sword With Set Of 2 Kunai Throwing Knives Combo Set With Back Belt Sheath. 28 Inch Overall Titanium Finish Blade Ninja Sword, Hole on the blade
In Stock.
Twin Ninja Katana Sword Set With Back Strap
Twin Ninja Katana Sword Set With Back Strap. New in the market. Features 27 Inch Overall in length Swords
In Stock.

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At Cutlery Wholesale, we have the most vendible selection of real Ninja swords. We stock the very famous Dragon Blade katana sword, Demon Skull Gladius Ninja sword, and different colored Ninja swords. You can browse more pages and find more popular swords. The best thing about our swords is that they are the cheapest in the market. We surpass other wholesale suppliers in terms of pricing. Our prices are the lowest, typically 90% or more reduced than retail prices. Also, we provide the discounts that no other provides!

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