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3" Closed 12 Pcs Mini Stiletto Style Milano Assisted Opening Knife Set in Display Box. 4 Assorted Color Handles Red, Pink, Blue and Black.
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Mtech 12 Piece Pop Box Spring Assisted Knife Lighter Holder Money Clip
Mtech pocket knife 12 piece display pop box spring assisted knife. The knife can hold a lighter and clip used as money clip.
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Pocket Knife The Bar Top Collection Spring Assisted Knives - 16 Piece POP Box
The Bar Top Collection Pocket Knives in POP Box with 16 Spring Assisted Knives. The box includes 4 Vodka, 4 Bourbon, 4 Original Whiskey and 4 Masters Malt assisted opening knives.
In Stock.
Mtech 12 Piece U.S Flag Mini Pocket Knife With Display Pocket Knife
12 knives per pop box Mtech folding knife. 3.4 inch overall length. 1.4 inch 3cr13 steel blade. 2 inch anodized aluminum handle
In Stock.
Electric Guitar Knives Folding Pocket Knife 12 Piece set Folding Knife
Guitar design folding pocket knife available in a 12 piece pop box. The knife closed length is 3.75 inch. Comes in 4 guitar designs.
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Master USA Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife 12 Pcs Assorted
Master USA Spring Assisted Pocket knife.It may be used for anything from opening an Envelope, Slicing a piece of fruit and also as a means of self defense
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Wholesale Countertop Display Knives for Sale

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Cutlery Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of knives of all kinds. We specialize in providing the most beautiful countertop display knives. Our knives display their charm, beauty, and even their usefulness. We stock the most modernized, unique designs, such as AK47 design display knives, Zodiac sign display folding knives, electric guitar display knives, and hundreds of more!

If you are interested in buying these fantastic knives in bulk, you are making the right decision. We promise to provide these knives at the cheapest prices. So, you have a great opportunity to improve or even initiate a profitable retail business. So, explore our unending series of display knives and buy at the lowest prices.

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We at Cutlery Wholesale guarantee the lowest prices. If you buy countertop display knives in bulk, you are guaranteed a huge profit as well. Our prices are 90% lower compared to the retail prices of these knives. Hence, you have perhaps the greatest chance to make your retail business extremely profitable. Once you buy from us, we come up with another surprise for you!

To further enhance your profit, we provide you volume-based discounts. If you buy our countertop display knives worth $100 to $249.99, you can avail a discount of 5%. You can get a discount of 10%, 15%, and even 20%. To get the maximum discount of 20%, make sure to place an order of $1000 or more!

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