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15" Octagon Sai with Chrome Finish, 15" overall
In Stock.
19-1/2 Inches overall in length Octagon Sai with Chrome Finish.
In Stock.
Metal Sai - 18 Inch Chrome Finish - Set of 2
18" metal sai available in chrome finish.
In Stock.
Deluxe Sai Carring Case
Sturdy black vinyl case with zipper, carrying handles, and red velvet lining. Divider flap to prevent contact and scratches. Holds one pair.
In Stock.
2 Pcs Metal Sai Set With Leather Wrapped Handles
2 Pcs Metal Sai Set With Leather Wrapped Handles. 21.5 Inches Overall in Length.
In Stock.

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Cutlery Wholesale, being a wholesale brand, provides Sai weapons at the wholesale prices. We are famous for our reduced prices. We tend to stick to our policy of keeping our prices significantly lower than retail prices. We have now activated our sale on our Sai weapons and taken our prices to the lowest. Check our fresh stock and buy the most desired Sai at the lowest wholesale rates.

Sai is a popular Ninja weapon used in ancient times during wars. Although it is an old-fashioned weapon, it’s popularity never lessened. Many people are still eager to buy them to add some traditional pieces in their arsenal. We suggest all the retail businesses get these popular weapons in their stores to give their customers what they have been after for so long! So, this brings a brilliant opportunity for retailers to improve their business profitability.

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Another opportunity for the retailers is to make elephantine profits! At Cutlery Wholesale, we encourage businesses to benefit from our hottest deals. We provide Sai weapons at 90% less than retail prices and even provide discounts. So, you can generate a stupendous amount of profit by buying our sai at such a reduced price. The discounts would further enlarge your profit. To avail the discount, buy Sai weapons for $100 and more. We provide 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% discounts. So, your minimum order has to be at least $100. However, an order of $1000 would provide you a discount of 20%.

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