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This replica is done up perfectly, with a Logo engraved onto the stainless steel sword blade. Although it is a cosplay replica, the edge of the sword might be sharper than most other sword replicas.
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Link held this sword and the power of the Triforce is unstoppable with this sword. This replica is handmade of the best quality stainless steel available, and the blade has a fuller located at center mass. The Triforce pattern is engraved on both sides to decorate it with authentic design from the video game. The guard is wide and deep blue, made of aluminum with a thick coat of automotive quality paint and finish.
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Drizzt found Icingdeath in the treasure pile of a white dragon, for whom the blade was named. Icingdeath is first mentioned in The Crystal Shard. Drizzt usually holds Icingdeath in his right hand.
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This is the 49" Geralt The Witcher Steel Blade Replica Sword with Scabbard. It features a large double fuller down the length of the blade, a traditional cruciform guard, and a diamond-shaped pommel. This sword comes with a nice leather scabbard with silver fittings and has a harness allowing you to wear this sword on your back.
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This great sword was carried by the Knight Champion of Wind Storm. It was discovered by this champion during adventures in his youth. The detailing is immaculate. A perfect finishing touch to any costume for LARP or Cosplay.
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Dragonblade Katana Carbon Steel Blade Golden Futuristic Cyborg Ninja Sword
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1st Generation Highlander Steel Katana Dragon Sword
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31 Inch overall Assassin's Creed Altair Sword Movie Replica
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Word of Honor Magic Enhancer Key Foam Cosplay Sword Replica, 35 Inches overall in length.
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