Top 10 Best Tomahawk Axes For Tactical And Survival

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10 Best Tomahawk Axes

There are several amazing tactical gear and outdoor products in the market, but the tomahawk axe is the best one to date. It is one of the most useful products you will ever get your hands on.....

Suggesting Cool Knives for Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Is your mom’s birthday coming up? Or your anniversary is getting closer and you are looking for a perfect gift for your spouse on this special occasion?....

Does Pepper Spray Damage Eyes? Exploring Its Effects!

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Does Pepper Spray Damage Eyes

Among the modern, smart and useful self defense weapons in 2020 , the pepper spray tops the list. It is a non lethal weapon that has gained a lot of popularity among men and women.....

Top 10 Best Nunchucks Collectibles in 2020

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Top 10 Best Nunchucks

Nunchucks or nunchaku is a magnificent tool or weapon. It is basically a martial arts weapon that has a fascinating history behind it....

11 Best Pocket Knives for Outdoorsmen in 2020

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best pocket knives

Pocket knife has captivated the attention of all types of users, specifically outdoorsmen. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts absolutely love these knives....

Top 5 Medieval Shields for Cosplay, Decor & Halloween Costume!

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medieval shields

Medieval shield is a popular item these days; mainly among cosplayers and modern enthusiasts. Once recognized as a warrior’s essential, it is no longer a warfare tool......

What is Medieval Armor Made of? A Detailed Guide to Armor

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medieval armor

Medieval armor is recognized today as a mere cosplay weapon or a type of costume on Halloween. A long time ago, it served as a protection for the warriors....

Enlisted the 5 Most Expensive Samurai Swords in 2020

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samurai katana swords

Who doesn’t know about the Samurai? Yes, the greatest warriors of all time. These ancient Japanese warriors made a name in the history books, thanks to their warfare tactics....

Learn and Play the Easiest Karambit Knife Tricks

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karambit knife tricks

Karambit knife is one of a few knives that are used for learning and playing tricks. Knives are not popular for this purpose....

5 Highly Featured Airsoft Guns Under $50

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highly featured airsoft guns

It is a general misconception that airsoft guns are too expensive. Many people decline the idea of using these guns to enjoy airsoft just due to this misconception....

Blades of Chaos Kratos Replica Sword Set - Review

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Sword of Chaos belongs to a popular video game called God of War. This is actually a pair of two short swords connected with a chain....

10 Deadliest Knives Ever Constructed

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deadly knives

The term “deadly” refers to something extraordinary. At times, this term is used to define a lethal weapon that can cause a lot of damage, or can cause death....

Stun Gun VS Taser - Which Weapon Should You Prefer?

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stun gun vs taser gun

Stun gun vs taser is a very common debate these days. It has been agreed that these electroshock weapons are the most effective for self defense....

A Brief Explanation of the History of the Nunchucks

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history of the nunchucks

Nunchucks come with an interesting and fascinating history. Most of the weapons today look like new, but they are in fact very old....

Dark Repulser SAO Kirito Sword Review

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kirito sword

Kirito sword is the sword of a popular anime character known as Kazuto Kirigaya. He belongs to a fictional world or an imaginary world....

How to Close a Pocket Knife? - A Brief Guide

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how to close a pocket knife

Pocket knife has suddenly become a basic necessity for the people. Now, every other person has this folding knife is his pocket....

My Top 3 Exceptional Camping Knives & Tools in 2020

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camping knives

Camping knives are on a huge demand nowadays. The trend of hunting and camping has risen to a significant extent, and with that people search for different camping tools and knives....

5 Best Everyday Carry Knives in 2020

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best edc knives

EDC knives or everyday carry knives are gradually grabbing the attention of the people. Users like outdoor enthusiasts, campers and secret agents tend to carry these knives....

How to Sharpen an Axe?

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tomahawk axe

Axe is no more a tool used by the woodcutters only. Many people use axes these days for different purposes.....

11 Incredible Ways of Using a Sword Cane

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using sword cane

Over the course of the last few years, certain incredible weapons have been manufactured. Today, the market is enriched with plenty of exceptional weapons, and one of those extraordinary weapons is a sword cane....

Crossbow VS Compound Bow - Which is Better?

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Today, hunting weapons are one of the most demanded items which is understandable since hunting has become America’s favorite outdoor activity....

Stiletto Knife - An EDC Knife for Exceptional Routine Uses!

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Stiletto knife is an Italian knife and this is why it is sometimes known as an Italian stiletto. This knife, to users and enthusiasts, is a cool knife. What makes it cool is its unique appearance and immense strength....

How to Use Brass Knuckles for Diverse Purposes? A Detailed Guide!

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In the world of weapons, now we have an unlimited range. It is difficult to count how many types of weapons we have. At a time, we had swords and knives as our primary fighting weapons. Later on, firearms and nuclear weapons replaced them....

7 Best Traditional EDC Pocket Knives for Campers & Outdoorsmen

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Since camping has become America’s favorite outdoor activity, camping gear is on a high demand. People search for survival and camping gear to fulfill their camping needs.....

The Tale of King Arthur Sword - The Legendary Excalibur!

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King Arthur sword is actually known as excalibur sword. It is a popular sword today, but do you know the facts behind this sword? Excalibur is the sword of an Arthurian Legend, King Aruthur. The sword is believed to have magical powers. It is considered a mark of rightful sovereignty of King Arthur of Great Britain...

11 Most Fascinating Short Sword You Would Want in Your Collection!

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Short sword is not a very commonly used weapon today, but once it was. It served as a primary and sometimes secondary fighting weapon for the warriors centuries ago! A short sword is sometimes known as an arming sword....

5 Things Archers Must Know About Crossbow Hunting

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Crossbow is the latest weapon adopted by the hunters specifically for deer hunting.  It is basically a projectile weapon which fires arrows. One can say that it is an advanced version of a bow and arrow. Crossbow hunting has replaced rifle hunting. Since this weapon came into the picture, hunters focused on it and left using rifles....

Crusader Helmet - Know the History of High Middle Ages Warfare!

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Crusader helmet, as the name suggests, has to be the helmet worn by the crusaders. It is also known as the Great Helm. It was worn during the High Middle Ages by the warriors.  Whenever we explore the history of warfare, the focus goes on to the use of ancient weapons such as swords, spears, arrows.....

Balisong Knife - A Knife for Survival, Utility, Self Defense, EDC, and Tricks?

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It is usually said that balisong knife is a multipurpose weapon. Really, is it? Normally, the users of this incredible knife believe that it serves as a knife for survival, self defense, everyday carry, utility and entertainment i-e performing tricks. And we agree!....

Suggesting Brass Knuckles for Different Users!

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Brass knuckles is one of those weapons that are intended to be used for diverse purposes. Take a knife, it is only used for cutting work, and to some extent for self defense.....

Katana Sword - History, Facts and Construction!

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Katana sword is arguably the most favorite sword for the enthusiasts. A majority of them agrees that it is the greatest sword of all time. Well, one reason is that it was the sword of the great warriors, the Samurais....

Modern Shuriken VS. Traditional Shuriken

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Shuriken is also known as ninja star at times. As the name tells the story, it is a weapon shaped like a star. And yes, it is a star but a very lethal and dangerous one. It features a few edges on it that can be deadly....

The Types of Swords in the Modernized Market

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Swords are one of the oldest weapons used for battling the enemies. Since men stepped into this world, they engaged in wars and battles with each other.....

7 Interesting Airsoft Games and Their Rules that Will Blow Your Mind

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Nothing has gained more attention of people than airsoft in recent times. It has emerged as one of the most exciting outdoor activities. Like other sports and games, it is also played on a field, but that field is a special one, known as airsoft field....

Learn Some Easiest to Play Butterfly Knife Tricks

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If you are curious to learn some butterfly knife tricks, we assure you that you once you finish reading this article, you would be well aware of how to perform all these tricks. Butterfly knife has become a popular thing among the martial artists, enthusiasts and tricksters....

Tips to Get Started with a Collapsible Bo Staff

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A collapsible Bo staff is one of the most marvelous martial arts equipment and is quite popular among the entire martial arts community nowadays. Bo staff has an Okinawan origin and is basically a long weapon made out of think wood mostly oak....

Shurikenjutsu: The Art of Wielding Shurikens

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The practice of throwing weapons has been with us for centuries. Throwing weapons is the hobby of outdoor lovers who enjoy the sound of the steel hitting the wood right in the bull's eye. One of these weapons is the shuriken which has its roots attached to feudal Japan....

Few Things Parents Should Know About Airsoft Guns

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I happen to like airsoft guns a lot. In an era when there were no video games, no smartphones and very less of modern technology....

Some Facts About the Evolution of Tactical Knives

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I have a huge collection of knives as I am quite fond of them but I recently realized that my knives collection for missing a very important set of knives known as the tactical knives. Before going any further, let us at first, understand what does the term “tactical” means over here....

8 Proven Self-defense Weapons for Real Protection

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It is time to face reality: the world is not a safe place and the pace with which the crime rate is increasing has got us all quite worried about our safety......

The Art of Manufacturing a Damascus Knife

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Damascus steel is a popular steel type that is used to manufacture blades nowadays. Its mysterious and fascinating patterns provide additional beauty to blades......

5 Best Airsoft Snipers and Their Shooting Ranges

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Have you ever played with an airsoft sniper? Not into sniper tactics? Well, you are genuinely missing out on something then! The sniper is the person who is a marksman and is never present on the combat scene rather he/she hides in hidden positions where nobody can see them and generally these positions are at a long distance from the actual scene or target....

Nunchucks: Introduction, Tricks, Safety Tips and Much More!

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Have you ever seen any of Bruce Lee’s action movies? The prominent figure of Bruce Lee is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Nunchucks in the 21st century. Nunchucks are actually the invention of feudal Japan and they were inspired by an agricultural tool....

8 Reasons Spring Assisted Knives Should Be Your Preferred Choice

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Explore the oldest tools or weapons available to mankind, and you will find the knives. Undoubtedly, knives were the earliest weapons to serve the humanity. Though the uses of these bladed weapons changed, but the parts are very much similar....

Hidden Blade Knives - The Most Desirable Weapons for Self Defense

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Have you ever been victimized by an attacker? You’re extremely lucky to not have such experience, but you know damn well that there are stories revealed on routine basis regarding people being randomly attacked and then brutalized by the criminals. It’s a bitter truth that we have failed to counter these attackers....

Grading Different Knives as Survival Knives

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When we talk about survival, we don’t just talk about surviving against the criminals We often perceive survival as self defense against the attackers. Yes, self defense also refers to surviving, but survival is a broader aspect. Self defense refers to defending yourself against the attackers or criminals by the means of some weapons....

The Most Popular Games that Can Be Played with Airsoft Pistols

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Are you a fan of airsoft guns? If yes, then did you ever played airsoft games with them? Airsoft pistols are not only used for target shooting or practicing the art of shooting but they are also used to play various outdoor games most commonly known as Airsoft games. These games are played in a simulated environment where players indulge themselves in mock combat and various other fake scenarios....

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife?

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Do you know what a pocket knife is? It is a folding knife having a movable blade which tucks itself inside the handle of the knife when it is closed. The length of the blade of this knife is normally between five to fifteen centimeters. I got hold of my first pocket knife when I was searching through the contents of my kitchen drawer at the age of eleven, one Sunday afternoon....

Do People Still Use Ninja Weapons and What are Their Different Types?

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Ninja weapons were designed and made by one of the smartest people to ever reside on this planet known as the shadow warriors and most commonly known as the Ninjas. They were fierce warriors and the Ninja weapons were so smartly designed that they can’t still be outmatched. The Ninjas used to design and manufacture their weapons themselves....