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Twin Rainbow Titanium Treated Ninja Swords Set With Shoulder Strap
2 Twin Double Rainbow Titanium Treated Ninja Swords Full Tang
In Stock.
Zombie Hunter Full Tang Katana Samurai Sword - Red Handle
40.75 Inch Overall Length Z-Hunter Samurai Katana. 29.75 Inch, 7MM Thick Full Tang 1045 Carbon Steel Blade with Etched Graphic. Bio Hazard Tsuba and Sword Bag
In Stock.
Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Decapitator Sword
Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Decapitator Sword. Overall Length: 27.25 Inches . Includes: Thick Nylon Sheath, Shoulder Strap
In Stock.
Zombie Slayer High Carbon Steel Full Tang Katana Sword
2P3-SS789 - Zombie Slayer High Carbon Steel Full Tang Katana Sword. Overall Length: 40.5 Inches. Includes: Black sword bag, Leather wrapped hardwood scabbard (saya), Hardwood sword stand, Zombie Slayer emblem on blade
In Stock.
Twin Black Chinese Hook Swords
Chinese Hook Swords ( priced by the pair). 33 1/4" overall. Stainless steel with cord wrapped handle.
In Stock.
Ten Ryu Forged Musashi Wakizashi
Hand forged CS1045 carbon steel blade, Overall: 30" Comes with sword bag and maintenance kit
In Stock.

Full Tang Swords for Sale at The Wholesale Prices

Buy the strongest full tang swords from Cutlery Wholesale at the lowest prices. These swords feature the most sturdy blades that have two parts, one is the visible part and the other is hidden. The hidden blade is inside the handle. These powerful swords have a great fan base among consumers. So, get these trendy swords in your retail stores to boost your businesses in quick succession.

If you want to expand your business and boost its profitability, buy our full tang swords at the wholesale prices. We have the best swords in our stock that your buyers would love, such as Real Deluxe Katana, Zombie Slayer Full Tang, and several other popular ones. Let’s explore our elegant collection to buy full tang swords and get them shipped to your door!

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Cutlery Wholesale promises to provide the full tang swords at the cheapest prices. Our rates are significantly lower than the retail prices i-e 90%. Such mammoth reduction in the prices must encourage the businesses to buy our swords and earn unbelievably large profits. We even let you avail discounts. Our new discount offers are active now! Get discounts ranging between 5% and 20%. For a minimum discount, buy full tang swords for at least $100. For a maximum discount of 20%, make sure to buy swords for $1000.

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