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Pepper Attack with Red Cayenne Pepper Spray
Pepper Attack with Red Cayenne Pepper spray. 4.25" overall, Includes pouch.
In Stock.
Pepper Spray With Pouch and Key Ring
Pepper Spray With Pouch and Key Ring
In Stock.
InstaFire Extreme Self Defense Pepper Spray With Knuckle Defense Pink
Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme Self-Defense Pepper Spray for Running and Jogging with Knuckle Defense, Fits in Hand, Sweatproof, Pink
In Stock.
Black Olympian World's Only All-In-One Stun Gun - Pepper Spray - Flashlight
Black Olympian World's Only All-In-One Stun Gun - Pepper Spray - Flashlight. Rechargeable high voltage stun, LED flashlight & 1/2 oz. pepper spray!
Out of Stock.

Pepper Spray - A Popular Self-Defense Weapon

Cutlery Wholesale keeps its tradition of providing the most spectacular items. As of now, we have added some of the best self defense weapons in our inventory, the pepper sprays. These are the most desired weapons, among both men and women for dealing with the attackers. So, as a retailer, you know how important it is to get the desired items in your store to offer the customers. So, buy these in-demand weapons from a vast array at Cutlery Wholesale.

Pepper Spray is used by law enforcement, police officers and the general public. The police officers use it for controlling the crowd and arresting the culprits while the rest of the users use it for self defense. When sprayed on the face, it can cause serious effects. At times, it may lead to temporary blindness. So, your offerings deserve to have this effective weapon! Hence, shop from us now at the discounted rates!

Our Range of Pepper Sprays Never Ends!

As we always do, we have brought a never-ending selection of pepper sprays for sale. Our immense collection is the most distinctive one, with plenty of stylish sprays included. Our best offerings incorporate the snakeskin pattern spray, Cheetah keychain pepper spray, lipstick pepper spray, and plenty more! So, buy your favored ones at the wholesale prices and make your retail businesses greatly profitable.

Pepper Sprays for Sale - Available at the Wholesale Prices!

Cutlery Wholesale guarantees the lowest prices for pepper sprays. We allow you to buy your desired items in bulk at 90% lessened prices. And, we don’t stop here! We offer more than your expectation. If you are a retailer, there is plenty to cheer about when buying our pepper sprays. Firstly, the lowest prices and secondly, more discounts. You may not see a wholesaler a) providing the items at such a reduced rate, and b) offering a further discount on the prices that are already the lowest. 

At Cutlery Wholesale, buy pepper sprays and get discounts of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%. A 5% discount can be availed by just shopping pepper sprays for $100. However, buying them for $1000 and more allow you to avail a discount of 20%.

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