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If you were to challenge a Viking to battle, you would likely wind up facing a sword just like this Viking Warrior Sword. Rugged and hardy looking, this weapon recreates the iconic appearance of the Vikings classic weapon in stunning detail.
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This is a very nicely made Medieval Crusader Sword. 33" overall with 23" Non-sharpened Stainless Steel Blade. Detailed craftsmanship engravings on Pommel and Guard.
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Celtic Medieval Scottish Royal Claymore Arming Sword With Scabbard. Overall Length: 41.5"
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30" overall with scabbard. 440 stainless steel blade. Hard scabbard with intricate cast metal parts.
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This sword is constructed from stainless steel with a 33 inch blade. It features an intricate cross guard with the MacLeod name and the family's insignia. The handle is covered with brown
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45" Medieval 12th Century Templar Knight Crusader Sword. Includes Display Plaque
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Centurion Medieval Roman Sword. 31-1/2" Overall with 22" Blade length. Includes scabbard.
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Fantasy Sword 24 Inch Overall 3MM Thick Black Finish Blade Sword
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Robin of Locksley's Sword with Scabbard. 37 Inch Overall in length.
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This Excalibur Sword of exceptional quality is 45 1/2" overall. Includes wooden display plaque.
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Dark Espada Renaissance Black Wire Hilt Rapier. Overall Length: 43.5 Inches
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This is a very beautiful replica of the LOTR Fantasy Sword with Blue leather handle. This sword is full tang with a solid metal cross-guard. The wood scabbard is elegantly finished with silver and gold accents.
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