The Tale of King Arthur Sword - The Legendary Excalibur!

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King Arthur sword is actually known as excalibur sword. It is a popular sword today, but do you know the facts behind this sword? Excalibur is the sword of an Arthurian Legend, King Aruthur. The sword is believed to have magical powers. It is considered a mark of rightful sovereignty of King Arthur of Great Britain...

11 Most Fascinating Short Sword You Would Want in Your Collection!

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Short sword is not a very commonly used weapon today, but once it was. It served as a primary and sometimes secondary fighting weapon for the warriors centuries ago! A short sword is sometimes known as an arming sword....

5 Things Archers Must Know About Crossbow Hunting

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Crossbow is the latest weapon adopted by the hunters specifically for deer hunting.  It is basically a projectile weapon which fires arrows. One can say that it is an advanced version of a bow and arrow. Crossbow hunting has replaced rifle hunting. Since this weapon came into the picture, hunters focused on it and left using rifles....

Crusader Helmet - Know the History of High Middle Ages Warfare!

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Crusader helmet, as the name suggests, has to be the helmet worn by the crusaders. It is also known as the Great Helm. It was worn during the High Middle Ages by the warriors.  Whenever we explore the history of warfare, the focus goes on to the use of ancient weapons such as swords, spears, arrows.....

Balisong Knife - A Knife for Survival, Utility, Self Defense, EDC, and Tricks?

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It is usually said that balisong knife is a multipurpose weapon. Really, is it? Normally, the users of this incredible knife believe that it serves as a knife for survival, self defense, everyday carry, utility and entertainment i-e performing tricks. And we agree!....

Suggesting Brass Knuckles for Different Users!

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Brass knuckles is one of those weapons that are intended to be used for diverse purposes. Take a knife, it is only used for cutting work, and to some extent for self defense.....

Katana Sword - History, Facts and Construction!

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Katana sword is arguably the most favorite sword for the enthusiasts. A majority of them agrees that it is the greatest sword of all time. Well, one reason is that it was the sword of the great warriors, the Samurais....

Modern Shuriken VS. Traditional Shuriken

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Shuriken is also known as ninja star at times. As the name tells the story, it is a weapon shaped like a star. And yes, it is a star but a very lethal and dangerous one. It features a few edges on it that can be deadly....