best knives and swords

A long time ago, knives and swords were pure fighting weapons. Firearms and nuclear weapons were not invented. 

Hence, people depended on bladed weapons to defend themselves and battle their enemies. 

Since these nuclear weapons have been invented, swords and knives are no longer used for fighting purposes. Rather, they are now used for other purposes, such as cosplay weapons, decor, self defense weapons, and utility uses. 

In 2020, there is a great selection of swords and knives, but not all of them serve multiple purposes. We have enlisted the cool knives and real swords in 2020 that can be used in several ways. Here are our picks:

Pocket Knife 

Pocket knives are easily the most important invention of the modern era. It is more than just a knife. It is a real multipurpose knife. It can be your everyday carry tool, your utility knife and your self defense weapon. 

pocket knives

It is a small sized knife with a folding blade. The blade is small and is able to be folded inside the handle. The blad is folded and locked inside the handle and does not open unless you open it yourself. 

You can easily carry it in your pocket. It can be used as a weapon against the attacker. Also, you can use it for routine cutting tasks and utility work, such as cutting veggies, cutting grass from backyard and cutting wires and ropes etc. 

Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knife is a masterpiece. It is a unique knife and is one step ahead of a pocket knife. It has foldable handles and a fixed blade. There are two handles and one blade. 

butterfly knives

The handles are folded to conceal the blade. It features a very sharp blade that can cut stronger materials as well. It can be used as an EDC knife, thanks to its ease of carry. 

When folded, it becomes a small stick and fits well into the pocket. The handles are locked and don’t open unless you want. 

This knife is mainly used for self defense and for playing different tricks. Due to its strange mechanism, it can easily be used for playing tricks. 

Brass Knuckle Trench Knife

Brass knuckle knife is the modern version of trench knife. Traditionally, it was known as trench knife because it was first used in trenches during the First World War.

brass knuckle knives

During that war, soldiers fought in trenches, so they were given these knives to fight in close quarters. This knife was excellent in close quarter combat because it was hard to disarm the user. 

The knife could be worn around the knuckles. It was a combination of two things, a knuckle duster and a blade. 

Today, there is a modern version of this knife with a folding blade. The blade can be folded into the knuckles. Also, the user can wear it. Since it is a historical knife, it is a great collectible to place at home or office. 

Also, it is commonly used for self defense because the user can carry it easily. In addition, he can use two weapons at the same time. 

He can use the knuckles to punch the attacker in his face and then use the blade to injure him. Such a lethal and deadly combination, and excellent for self defense. 

Sword Cane

Sword cane is another combination. It is a combination of a cane and a sword, as it sounds. There is a wooden stick, and a long blade is concealed inside it. A push button or any other device is used for locking the blade. 

sword cane

You can unlock and pull out the blade when needed. This is the sword that can be used for plenty of purposes. No other knives and swords can be used in many ways. 

A sword cane is used for walking, hiking, cosplay, self defense, and many more. Also, it is a great camping tool because it serves in cutting different materials and for walking and hiking. 

Anime Swords

Anime swords are modernized swords. These are replica swords that are mainly used for cosplay. These are the swords of the anime characters. 

anime swords

These are popular characters that belong to an imaginary world. People love these characters from video games and animation movies. They love to express their love for these characters. 

And hence, they can use their respective swords as a way to determine how much they appreciate and love these characters. These swords are mainly used for cosplay and decor. 

Katana Sword

On our list of the best knives and swords in 2020, the katana sword is the final sword. It can also be used in different ways. 

samurai katana swords

It is a historical sword and we believed to be the greatest sword of all time. It is the sword of the samurai, the great Japanese warriors. 

It has a long and thick blade with a small curve at the bottom of the blade. This is a real badass sword and can be used for different purposes. Generally, it is a pure fighting sword. 

However, the safe version of this sword is used by cosplayers to play the roles of the samurai on sword. Being a historical sword, it is also a great collectible for enthusiasts.