Top 10 Cool Swords in History
A sword is a long-bladed weapon that was used in combat from about 5000 BC to the end of the 16th century AD. Different types of cool swords were made from different materials and with varying edges. The swords most commonly depicted in art belonged to nobility, who also typically bore them into battle on horseback. 

These weapons, designed primarily for thrusting and cutting, were capable of piercing through most armor worn by warriors and their horses' mail shirts except high-quality steel plate armor. 

During antiquity, the medieval swords were mostly kept as such by their owners - they were too valuable to risk using them in combat - but during this era revolutionized into weapons suitable for military use when cavalry became increasingly important in warfare. For example, the man-at-arms and his mounted companion who carried a sword into battle would not wear mail against the lance. 

In more modern times, real swords are mainly used as status symbols by nobility and royalty in the 19th century and early 20th century; however, they remained common enough in use to continue contributing to warfare and popular culture.

Earliest Known Swords

The earliest known swords developed in ancient times were short daggers or cool knives (now termed "knife-like weapons"). These weapons were later transformed into larger handheld blades by the Levantine Arabs in the Near East during their migration to Europe.

From the time of the Neolithic onward, humans have used tools and weapons as tools to help them hunt; and later agriculture, once people were able to settle down in a permanent location. Because of their long history as weapons, some scholars believe that they are the oldest weapon types and suggest that the earliest weapons appeared even earlier than the Neolithic.

The appearance of steel made swords easier to produce in larger quantities and a wider variety of shapes. Swords were used in two main types: long swords and broadswords.

Top 10 Cool Swords

When it comes to cool swords, there are few finer pieces around than the Japanese katana. It has a design that is both beautiful and functional, with a cutting edge that can easily slice through armor or cut off someone's arm. I'm going to share with you ten of the best swords from history and what they did for their owners! Without further ado, let's get started on this list.

1) The Samurai Katana

The famous samurai katana was invented in the 16th century by Miyamoto Musashi who had an incredible career as a warrior before he passed away at age 67. Samurai swords had many different versions but all featured a long grip so it could be used one handedly while still retaining effectiveness. 

Samurai sword

It also has a distinctive curvature and very strong steel. It is so well made that in Japan you are not allowed to take it in public because people can still be hurt by them (they really are that effective).

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2) The Zulfiqar

This is the sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin of Muhammed. It was originally named Dhu'l-Faqar but this was changed to Zulfiqar by Muhammad. The sword features some unique stories, especially about a demon who stole it but was killed when it hit his neck. There is also a famous legend about a dragon who stole it but was killed by the sword's magical powers.

3) The Joyeuse

This is King Charlemagne's sword, and there are two stories about how it acquired that name. One states that these cool swords were named for its maker, an elfish blacksmith whose name translates to Joyous. 

The other states that because the king would only allow his son to use it and he was so happy when he got to do so, he named it Joyeuse or "Joyous." It was also used in the famous legend of Roland where Roland defended himself with his shield while his cousin Orlando struck at the enemy with this weapon.

4) The Scottish Claymore

This is the heaviest sword mentioned in this list, and while it is not quite as large as the Zulfiqar it features enough weight to break bones and injure even armored opponents. It also had a pointed tip which made it very dangerous. Many people were shocked to learn how heavy it was when they tried to lift it.

5) The Japanese Nodachi

Nodachi Sword

While some lists may include this sword in a longer list of massive swords, I think that the nodachi was a fine example of its own. It is generally between 6 and 7 feet long, making for an effective weapon against both mounted men as well as foot soldiers. It also survives to this day as a mounted weapon and was used by the samurai in battles.

6) The Nordic Sword

This sword was originally introduced from Scandinavia, allowing the Vikings to invade England in what is now known as the Great Heathen Army. It features a long curved blade that allows the wielder to both cut and thrust with his weapon. It is also said that it is so sharp that before battle you could scratch your enemy's beard with it!

7) The Persian Scimitar

Persian Scimitar Sword

Many people know of this sword and how it was used by the Arabs during their conquests of Persia, but not many know about its origins which are in Persia itself. It was named scimitar because the curved blade could cut while still allowing you to swing your own sword!

8) The Welsh Dragon

This weapon was commonly used by the Welsh during their battles against the Saxons. It has a dragon head and a forked tail that it would use to slash at enemies. It is said that it struck terror into the hearts of those who faced them, and you can still see a design like this today. Today, you can find several of these as anime swords in the market. 

9) The Greek Xiphos

This is an interesting sword because it was used both by the sword dancers as well as the gladiators who fought in the arena. It is a single-edged weapon that is effective when used defensively or offensively. Its name translates to "sword" because it was a common weapon and there were many of them around at one point.

10) The Voulge

These cool full tang swords were used by the French during the Middle Ages, and it is a very unique weapon. It features a long handle that is quite thick at its base, allowing for better striking power. It became most popular in the 12th century when both infantry and cavalry knights began using it in battle.

Swords in Modern Times

If you're not into swordfighting, which is an understandable interest to avoid, you might be surprised to learn that swords are still incredibly useful in modern society. That's why we've put together this list of the three main purposes for cool swords in the modern era.

1) Self Defense

Swords are one of the most effective self defense weapons for someone without any formal training, such as a civilian who was just given a weapon and told to defend their home with it, to protect themselves against someone who is coming at them aggressively. 

It's also easier than using a gun or knife because they won't accidentally injure themselves while they're swinging blindly around trying to hit their target (and no license or training needed!).

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2) Hunting

For those who prefer a more traditional hunting experience, a sword is still an effective weapon for what most people do. A well-made carbon steel blade with a pointy tip will cut through just about anything you point it at. 

This can be used as a dual purpose weapon; if you're hunting anything, such as squirrels or rabbits, a shotgun also works well for deer and other large game. The downside is that lighter blades tend to be significantly more difficult to maneuver sometimes because their weight makes them unwieldy.

3) Display and Decor 

As the name suggests, these are the cool swords kept in museums and art galleries (sometimes called an "armory"). In modern days, some fantasy swords are used for decor and display. They're not really usable for any practical purpose and are primarily there to be displayed as pieces of art, or to remind someone of their culture and history.