Sword Fighting Moves List

There are many warfare weapons used in the wars over the years. A long time ago, cool knives and swords for sale served as main fighting weapons. In the modern days, firearms and nuclear weapons are the main warfare weapons. 

Meanwhile, the most popular fighting or warfare weapons have been swords. The use of swords declined and almost finished during the 19th century. However, the popularity of these weapons was never lost. 

Even today, swords are being sold, purchased, and used. People still use them as martial arts weapons; though they are recognized today as mere collectibles. This determines how popular they are around the world. 

Moreover, cosplayers often use swords as their cosplay weapons when playing roles of warriors on stage. They are reluctant to use firearms even though firearms are the primary warfare weapons these days. 

There are several martial arts schools around the world that teach sword fighting moves and techniques. Thousands of people learn sword fighting moves in order to become capable swordsmen. 

Are you here to learn some sword fighting moves? You’re just there! We have come up with a sword fighting moves list and explain every sword fighting technique you must know. Anyways, begin with a detailed explanation of a sword and why it is a popular fighting weapon:

What is a Sword?

A sword is a bladed weapon larger than a knife. It looks like a knife, but it is a lot bigger in size. 

fighting swords

It features a long and thick blade, with either a curve or not. It features an ergonomic handle and a long one that offer a great grip and control on the weapon. A pure fighting weapon!

Sword - A Real Fighting Weapon

Swords have long been used as the fighting weapons. They have been serving the humans for centuries. The firearms and nuclear weapons came in the 20th century. Before that, swords were the main warfare and fighting weapons. 

These bladed weapons had the power to tear someone into pieces. A sword could cause deep injuries and long term wounds that eventually led to death. Hence, this is such a tremendous weapon that is even used today. The ancient warriors used several fighting techniques with their swords.  Here is a sword fighting moves list!

Sword Fighting Moves List

The martial arts schools of today teach many sword fighting moves and techniques. These techniques are not new, rather based on traditional fighting techniques. We have enlisted some of the best sword fighting techniques below. Let’s explore all those techniques and moves:

Physical Conditioning

When fighting with the swords, physical conditioning was the key move. This is a traditional fighting technique that is even practiced today in the martial arts schools. Since the ancient warriors were tougher than us, they had strong wrists and were tough on their abdomen and their backs; key for sword fighting!


Fencing is now popular as a sport, it was traditionally popular as a sword fighting move. In Italy and Spain, fencing was a deadly sword fighting technique practiced by most people.This was a technique made popular by a person known as England by Domenico Angelo. Also, it is a martial art taught only to the specific people called aristocrats. There are different swords used in fencing such as the saber, the foil, and the épée.

The Basic Sword Fighting Moves

A basic sword fighting move is the lunge that involves attacking the opponent step by step. Another popular technique is the feint that involves provoking the opponent into making a mistake or lunging, hence, you can attack first. Meanwhile, a basic move called attack is a thrusting move that involves extending the front leg while propelling the body forward with the back leg. 


So, these are the sword fighting moves you must know! If you are to become a swordsman, learn all these fighting techniques. Practice these techniques and you will be well on your way to become a capable swordsman. 

The art of swordsmanship is not an easy one. You must practice the sword fighting techniques for as long as you can so that you gain expertise. However, try to be careful when practicing with these bladed weapons since they leave you vulnerable to injuries. Ensure to take all the safety measures before starting practice!

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