katana samurai swords

Who doesn’t know about the Samurai? Yes, the greatest warriors of all time. These ancient Japanese warriors made a name in the history books, thanks to their warfare tactics. 

Samurai have been extremely popular around the world. The greatest reason behind their enormous popularity is their sword, known as the Samurai swords

Samurai sword is a special sword that served the Samurai during warfare. It was their primary fighting weapon during wars. 

Furthermore, it has become a part of their traditions and culture. Every samurai felt proud of this sword. This is why we are here to discuss this sword.

samurai katana swords

We have enlisted the five most expensive Samurai swords, and we will shed light on the reasons behind their prices. After all, these are legendary swords for sale

However, before we get on with it, it is better to explain this sword so that you know why this sword is extremely special, and what makes it that popular worldwide. 

Samurai sword is also known as katana sword. This sword is recognized due to its curved blade. There is always a curve on the bottom of the blade. 

However, this is just a small curve on a long and thick blade. There is a beautiful handle as well. So, this sword is a beauty overall. 

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Following are five most expensive Samurai swords. Let’s explore these swords to figure out what they feature:

1. Bushido Samurai Katana - Matte Black

This is one of the most gorgeous samurai swords. Yes, it is expensive, but it offers a lot. It comes up with some splendid features. 

Bushido Samurai Katana

This is a hand forged sword, so expect excellent quality. High carbon steel is used for manufacturing it. It looks like a real ancient katana. 

The things included in the package are awesome. You pay a lot but you get a lovely scabbard with a matte finish. There is a lovely ray skin wrapped handle as well. 

The good thing about this sword is that you can disassemble it for maintenance and care. It comes with a sword bag as well. Overall, a fantastic sword. 

2. The Last Samurai Captain Nathan Algren's Carbon Steel Katana

This is another brilliantly designed replica sword of the Last Samurai. This is one of the most popular swords.

Samurai Captain Nathan Algren's Hand Forged Carbon Steel Katana 

This Captain Nathan Algren Tachi sword is made of carbon steel, and is very impressive. 

There is also a ray skin wrapped handle. A steel blade has a Sinogi Zukui shape. There is a Japanese Horimono engraving on the sword too that adds to its magnificence. 

With an overall length of around 41 inches, this is a massive sword. It looks like an authentic samurai sword. 

It comes with a very nice cotton sword bag which allows you to easily carry the sword. Also, there is a gorgeous scabbard of black color. Overall, a wonderful sword for any enthusiast.

3. 40 Inch Hand Forged Samurai Katana Sword

This is one of the most expensive Samurai swords. However, the price looks fine when you explore its features. It is an awesome sword. 

Forged Samurai Katana Sword - Red

There is a 29 inch carbon steel blade including blood groove. A beautiful handle of white color. 

In this package, a lot of things are incorporated. First of all, there is a beautiful red colored scabbard. Then, there is a nice sword box for carrying the sword. 

In addition, there is a cotton sword bag and a small dagger. This small dagger also comes with this sword as a secondary collectible. 

Overall, this is a stunning sword, and if you are a modern sword enthusiast, your arsenal deserves this. 

4. Practical Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

This is yet another sword you would love to add to your collection. This is the exact replica of ancient samurai swords. 

Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

The sword comes with a display stand, so this is meant to be a collectible and a decor. You can use this stand to display your sword at your home and office. This is a nice way to impress your guests or visitors. 

As far as features are concerned, there is a high carbon steel blade, a cotton wrapped handle, a wooden scabbard, a cotton sword bag and a display stand. 

5. High Carbon Steel Katana

This sword has a powerful blade made of 1045 carbon steel. It comes with cast metal fittings. There is a ray skin wrapped grip.

High Carbon Steel Katana

A free sword bag comes with the package. Also, there is a lovely wooden scabbard. Overall length is 42 inches; a massive sword. All these features justify its higher price. 

Which is Your Favorite Samurai Sword?

So, that’s it with the list. Which one is your favorite among these Samurai swords? These are all exceptional replica swords, and if you are a real sword enthusiast, your collection deserves one of these.

You can use these samurai swords in different ways. If you want a great costume this Halloween, you can use one of these swords to dress up as a samurai warrior. 

In addition, if you are a cosplayer, you can play the role of a samurai on stage, with these swords serving as your cosplay weapons

These most expensive samurai swords are the best collectibles for enthusiasts. You can use them as your decor at home or office. Why not have one of these hung along the wall in your living room? 

This sword in your arsenal will beautify your entire collection and determine your enthusiasm for swords. So, pick one of these swords; and let us know about your choice in the comments section!