Pros and Cons of Stun Guns
Self defense has become essential with the enhancement in the number of random attacks. Every other day someone is attacked or brutalized by a random attacker. To stop getting attacked, you have to carry a weapon. So, what are the options? There are a great number of self defense weapons out there. However, you have to find the one that is effective enough to save you from the attackers. 

The best is the stun gun. It is an electroshock weapon which has the ability to cause a strong electrical shock. A stun gun is a perfect self defense weapon. However, it has a share of pros and cons. It is good enough to take on the attackers though it is not a very lethal weapon that can cause severe injuries. Anyway, we are here to weigh the advantages and the drawbacks. Let’s explore the pros and cons to figure out whether it is a good enough self defense weapon or not. 

Types of Stun Guns

1. Stun Gun Flashlight

Stun gun flashlight

A stun gun flashlight looks like a small torch or flashlight. Usually you can find a flashlight in almost all types of stun guns but this one is actually a torch. It provides light when it is dark outside. Also, it can deliver a powerful electrical shock. 

2. Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick stun gun

This device looks like real lipstick and no one can differentiate between real lipstick and this lipstick stun gun. It comes with two prongs that can be touched to the body of the attacker. As they are touched with his body, a powerful electrical shock is delivered. 

3. Knuckle Stun Gun

Knuckle stun gun

It looks like a small knuckle and provides two weapons to deal with the attacker. There is an electroshock device in the shape of prongs. Also, there is a knuckle which lets you punch the attacker in his face. So, you can injure his face or immobilize him with an electrical shock. 

4. USB Stun Gun

USB Stun gun

This stun gun looks like a real USB. Also, it works like a real USB as it can transfer data from one device to another. In addition, there are two prongs on the USB that help in delivering an electrical shock. All you need to do is touch these prongs to the body of the attacker. 

5. Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell phone stun gun

This one is quite interesting! It looks like a real cell phone and you can find your favorite phone. The most popular and interesting ones include the iStun8 and the Samsung Galaxy. No one can differentiate between a cell phone stun gun and real phones. 

6. Stun Baton

Stun baton

Another stun gun which provides two weapons to deal with the attackers. You can use both the electroshock device and the baton. This is a small baton that can be used to beat the attacker. Also, it has the ability to deliver a powerful electrical shock. 

7. Key Fob Stun Gun

Key fob stun gun

This is the smallest type of stun gun. It looks like a small key and is quite easy to carry with its small size. There are two prongs on the key as well. When you touch the two prongs to the body of the attacker, a strong electrical shock is delivered to immobilize him! 

8. Taser Gun

A taser gun is not necessarily a stun gun but it is an electroshock weapon. It looks like a small pistol and can deliver a strong electrical shock. It is easy to carry because it is so small and fits perfectly into the pocket.  

Taser Stun Gun

Like stun guns, it is quite easy to use as well but the working mechanism is a little different. You have to pull a trigger while aiming at the attacker. As you do so, two electrodes are fired from it. These electrodes touch the body of the attacker and as they touch it, a strong electrical shock is delivered to immobilize the attacker! 

Pros of Self Defense Stun Guns

  • Too Easy to Use

To start with, a stun gun is quite easy to use, and this is what you want from your self defense weapon. In fact, it is the easiest device to use against the attackers. Technically, there is nothing you need to do. There are two prongs on the device. You have to touch the body of the attacker with its prongs. As you do so, an electrical shock is delivered. 

  • Too Small to Carry

Another plus with a stun gun is that it is too small. No matter which stun device you have, it will always have a small size. The advantage of a small size device is that it is quite easy to carry. It can easily fit into your pocket. 

Also, if you are keen not to carry it in the pocket, you can carry it in a small bag. However, it is better to carry it in your pocket so that you can quickly access it when you have to deal with an attacker. 

  • Inflicts Damage Quickly

Another key advantage of stun guns is that they can inflict damage quickly. The best self defense weapon is the one that is quickly accessible and can inflict damage quickly. The idea is to get rid of the attacker as soon as possible so that you can escape and save your life. 

In the case of a stun gun, you just touch the body of the attacker with the two prongs. As the prongs are touched to his body, a strong electrical shock is delivered quickly. As a result, the attacker is immobilized for some time. This is a short period of time, and after that he can get back on his feet because no real injury is caused to him. So, when he is immobilized, try to escape before he gets back on his feet. 

  • Undetectable

Stun guns come in several designs and shapes such as lipsticks, cell phones, flashlights, knuckles, USBs and many more. All these shapes or designs make them look identical to the real things. 

This gives an advantage that these stun guns become undetectable. One can’t figure out what sort of devices these are. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the attackers and cops to identify your self defense weapons, and this is a major advantage too. 

  • Flashlight Advantage

One additional advantage of stun guns is that they provide a flashlight as well. You will find a flashlight stun gun from the market which looks like a small torch. In addition, there are several other devices that also come with the additional feature of flashlight. 

Stun gun flashlight

The attackers often take the advantage of darkness and attack people. If you have this flashlight, you can see them coming. Hence, you can get ready to counter them as they approach you. 

Cons of Self Defense Stun Guns

  • A Non Lethal Weapon

The problem with the stun gun is that it is not a lethal weapon. To make sure you beat the hell out of the attacker and teach him a lesson, you need to have a strong and lethal weapon. 

The idea is to ensure that he does not dare to attack anyone again. For this purpose, a stun gun is not the ideal weapon. It can just immobilize the attacker and that too for some time. He can get back on his feet again. There is no real injury caused to him. 

  • Takes You Too Close to the Attacker

Another issue with a stun gun is that it takes you too close to the attacker. To use it, remember you have to touch the prongs to his body. For this purpose, you have to be closer to him. This can be the most dangerous move. You never want to step towards him and endanger yourself more. Anyway, you have to do so!

  • Self Harm

Remember a stun gun is an electroshock device.  It can cause a severe electrical shock and that to the user as well. While carrying it in the pocket, you may turn the safety switch on accidentally. This will put you in danger and increase your problems. You will immobilize yourself and become an easy prey for the attacker. 

Is a Stun Gun Good Enough For Self Defense?

Considering what we have concluded from the above comparison of pros and cons, a stun gun is a good enough self defense weapon. Apart from a few issues, it is an ideal device to take on the attackers or counter them. 

Though it can cause self harm, you can stay careful while using it. You may need to get too close to the attacker, but you can be quick to cause serious electrical shock and survive. So, yes, consider it as your go-to weapon for self defense. 

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