10 reasons to carry a stun gun

A stun gun is a weapon that delivers an electric shock to temporarily disable a person. It doesn't kill people, but it can incapacitate them enough to render them unconscious or less able to defend themselves.

These guns are small devices that use electrical currents to administer a shock that momentarily paralyzes the individual being shocked. It is surprising that these simple little tools have become so popular, but they are now carried by many people for protection.

This is How a Stun Gun Works

Stun guns are made of two electrically charged barbs called electrodes, and a length of wire connecting the two which creates an electric field when the ends of the electrode contacts with each other. 

When someone touches one of these electrodes of the devices, they will receive an electric shock that overwhelms their nervous system's ability to function correctly. The usage is typically from a distance because weapons like this one are designed for use against people and not animals.

Stun Guns: From History to Modern Times

Stun guns have been used for many different purposes throughout history. The earliest instance of stuns is from the Warring States Period in China in the 4th century BC. These weapons were mainly used for war and crowd control. They were also used to control "disturbances" during meetings and court hearings. 

The Chinese government created jingangwubian or electric batons, to use against rebellious citizens. These electric devices consisted of a baton at one end that would shoot an electrical current and a cone made out of iron at the other end that would capture the electricity produced by the baton end. 

Reasons to Carry Stun Guns

There are many reasons why someone may want to carry a stun gun on them at all times, and this article will go over some of the most common reasons.

1-  Defensive Tools For Women

They can be used as an electroshock weapon like tasers or cattle prods, which don’t require physical contact with the victim. These devices are especially advantageous for women or anyone who may not be comfortable enough to engage in physical combat with their attacker.

2-  Safe Alternative to Lethal Forces

They are a safe alternative to lethal force. As a last resort, the stun device can be used to assure that the attacker stays back long enough for help to arrive, without causing permanent damage.  And while they do have an effect on the nervous system, they do not cause serious side effects like tasers or cattle prods.

3-  Stun Guns are Affordable Devices

They are affordable. They range in price from $5 to $60 depending on the number of features you want with your well-being in mind. With new designs and models being introduced almost daily it’s easy to find the right gun for everyone’s needs.

4-  Small And Easy To Use

They are small and easy to use. Some of the newer models are even disguised as cell phones or flashlights. So, you can carry a stun gun flashlight and give yourself a chance to see the attackers coming even when it is dark outside. 

stun gun flashlight

5-  Highly Effective

They’re effective. The current produced by these electroshock devices is enough to cause a person to drop immediately regardless of their size or weight, giving the user precious seconds to escape from danger. Some people have even reported the attacker continued to twitch for up to a minute after being shocked with this gun!

6-  Have Advanced Features

Over 100 million people carry stun guns worldwide and most don’t report any issues with them, making them one of the safest self defense products on the market. The best models also contain a built in LED flashlight for years of trouble free use.

7-  Use Without Special Training

They’re legal to own and use in most states. Almost all of the states in the U.S. allow citizens to use these electroshock self defense weapons, without any special permits or training required.  

Since they are considered less lethal and have less potential to cause serious injury than tasers and cattle prods, most people find them to be a good option as long as they are used by themselves or with another person who is also carrying it or other form of protection.

8-  Easy To Maintain

They’re affordable and easy to maintain. In order to clean your stun gun, wipe off any discharge from the metal contact points with a cloth moistened with water. When you recharge your gun, be sure it is completely dry before doing so because most manufacturers consider this unsafe. This will reduce the risk that an electrical short will occur while charging.

9- Variety Of Stun Guns

Hey, did you know that these guns come in many varieties? Well, they do! You see, there are a lot of different types of these electroshock devices, and one of the most spectacular is the lipstick stun gun. It looks like lipstick but works like an electroshock weapon. They range from ones that are designed for home defense to others that are marketed as self-defense weapons for women. 

Lipstick stun gun

10- Use Different Voltages

A few of these devices use high voltage electricity while others use a lower voltage electrical pulse. There's even an electric shock weapon built with two electrodes on each side and two firing points — one near the top and one near the bottom, so you can aim at your assailant's chest or feet.

Stun Guns: Effects On Humans And Animals

Humans might be rendered powerless by such firearms because stun guns paralyze their muscles for up to 15 minutes, making it impossible for them to act upon their threat, even though they can move afterward. 
It is worse off for an animal, however, since it can suffer severe injuries after this device effect wears off. To ensure that you are allowed to possess or use a gun, check with your local authorities before you buy one for your personal use. 

Safety Measures For Carrying Stun Guns

These stun devices are a great form of self-defense, but only if they're used properly and responsibly. Unfortunately, this isn't often the case: people end up hurting themselves and attacking others with their electroshock devices without first reading the instructions or practicing with them first. If you’re carrying a cell phone stun gun, disable it when carried in the pocket in order to avoid any damage to yourself.

Cell phone stun gun

You have to avoid making these mistakes with some important safety precautions for carrying and using them, such as how to keep them away from children and hold it at a place where it cannot harm yourself and others  when you're carrying it around town. These simple guidelines might just save your life!

Carry a Stun Gun With You!

A stun gun is a non-lethal weapon designed to temporarily incapacitate an assailant by passing a high voltage, low amperage current through the person's muscles. There are many benefits to owning this self defense device.. 

First of all, it’s non-lethal and will only give you a mild shock if you touch it while charged. In addition, they can be used to injure someone without permanently damaging them since the current only lasts for about five seconds in most cases. 

And lastly, these electroshock weapons work on anyone that has regular body function and doesn’t require any special skill set in order to use them effectively in self defense situations.