4 Best Hidden Knives for Self Defense
A hidden knife is a type of weapon or tool that is designed to be undetected by others in order to carry out some form of violence or attack. The shape, size, and color can make it easily concealed but the material used extensively varies depending on the intended use. 

Depending on the material they are made from, knives (and other weapons) can often be collapsible so they are easy to conceal and transport. For example, if a hidden blade is made from metal this could be achieved with a series of folding levers in order for one part of the knife to fold into another without having to remove any parts of itself. 

Hidden blade knives have been used in various ways, such as assassination, protection, or self-defense. They can be made of either metal or plastic, but those made from metal are usually preferable to those made from plastic (despite being easier to break).

Purpose of a Hidden Knife

The purpose of using a concealed knife is to make someone's death or injury less obvious than if they had been stabbed with a blade that was open, without protruding abnormally from their clothing. For this reason, most people do not choose to hide visible knives because they are more conspicuous compared with knives that are not open. 

Hiding a knife in an obvious place will make it less likely to be discovered than if the owner of the knife has hidden it themselves. These cool knives are often concealed in clothing, embedded inside shoes or boots, or placed into socks. 

Some (such as those shaped like pens, etc.) can also be concealed in other objects that are found in everyday life. If a weapon is not to be carried on the person it can still have concealable features such as being able to fold away into something inconspicuous.

Best Self Defense Hidden Knives

Hidden or concealed blades are typically smaller in size than common kitchen knives or hunting knives. They are typically not very sharp but can be lethal if used in a certain manner. The following is a list of the different types of concealed blades discussed below:

1. Boot Knife

Boot knives are not just for the wilderness. They're effective self defense weapons that you can carry with you on the go, whether in your boots or pockets. Made from quality, stainless steel blades, a boot knife can be the difference between you being attacked or not. If you're looking for the best boot knife on the market, look no further than the Boot Knife.

Boot knife

The boot knife is the most popular hidden knife model; it features a full tang stainless steel blade with a black rubber sleeve to protect your sharp edge. Some boot knives have a 3- blade with a 4.5-inch handle, giving you an ideal length and weight combination for use as either a self-defense tool or throwing weapon. 

The blade is 5/16 of an inch thick, giving it cutting power to easily slice through things like seatbelts and seat cushions in crowded cars or as a "stopper" when on foot. The blade is also great for slicing through fibrous materials. This blade is ultra-sharp, but you don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand. 

These knives are crafted from 440 stainless steel, which makes them durable and corrosion-resistant. No matter where you take your boot knife, whether on the street or in the wilderness, this deadliest knife will perform above and beyond. 440 can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions with its Corrosion Resistance. 

2. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick knives are the perfect hidden knife to carry with your beauty product. A lipstick knife is a small, concealable knife that has been disguised as lipstick or makeup compact. The blade itself may be retractable, but typically it's just built into the design of the primary packaging. 

Lipstick Knife

With one of these handy weapons on hand, you'll be able to fight off any assailants who dare to come across your makeup case without having to draw a real weapon in public! These disguised weapons can also be used as an alternative safety measure while traveling or during vacations when you might encounter less than desirable people and places. 

Some lipstick knives even have added grip tape to make them easier to hold, making them perfect for traveling. These knives are small enough that they will disappear into whatever makeup you are using them on, so you can feel safe using these as self defense knives without causing a big stir in public.

But just how do lipstick knives work? Typically, these are small concealable knives with retractable blades that can be locked in place by the spring mechanism. For many of these portable weapons, the blade is enclosed within the compact itself and hidden inside the makeup container. 

When you pull out the compact and open it up, a spring-loaded mechanism pulls out a very sharp edge just enough to cut through something (like your attacker's throat). There are also concealed knives that have hidden blades in their handles, or the blades can be integrated into the actual lipstick itself. This makes the knife even harder to spot, and when you pull it out of your makeup container. 

3. Pen Knife

Did you know that there are over 150 types of knives on the market? From kitchen knives to hunting knives and everything in-between, they all have different purposes. One such blade is the pen knife. This type of knife is otherwise known as a “pocket knife” because it can be easily stored away in your pocket until it’s needed. 

Pen knife

It also has a small blade on one end that makes it perfect for tasks like cutting rope or slicing twine. While a pocket knife is typically made with rugged materials, this hidden knife is often made with anodized aluminum. This makes it ideal for daily use because it’s lightweight and doesn’t require much maintenance. 

While there are plenty of high-quality pen knives on the market, you need to know that they won’t last forever. So, what makes cool pocket knives? Similar to how a chef knife can be used to perform many tasks throughout the kitchen, a good pen knife is versatile enough to do all the same things.

Like most types of knives, it’s important for them to have a quality edge that can cut through tough materials like wood and metal. However, that’s not the only priority. You should also make sure that your pen has a strong grip on one side so it doesn’t slip out of your hand easily. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic models available today.

4. Knife Necklace

A knife necklace is a small, slender blade that fits around the chin strap of a helmet to provide extra protection against potential incidents. These blades are often favored by mountaineers, hunters, and those who enjoy outdoor activities. They are made from metal with a plastic or rubber handle and weigh less than an ounce each. 

Knife necklace

Since they are so small they can easily be stored in the pocket or strapped to the belt securely when needed. Some people also consider them emergency tools that allow for quick access to an edged weapon despite being already wearing one on their head. This can prevent the wearer from having to constantly remove a helmet in order to protect their face.

Neck knives also have many other uses. They are excellent tools for first-aid, due to the fact that they are so small and easy to use while wearing gloves or while holding some other object. 

For example, if you arrive at a mountain resort and realize that you've forgotten your hat, a neck knife will not only allow you to survive the day but it is also a convenient item when traveling on planes as well as for camping or hiking trips. It's also useful in situations where being able to reach into a pocket can be beneficial, such as fishing or boating.

Durable and Easier to Conceal!

A knife made from a metallic material is more durable and easier to conceal than knives made from plastic. The blades of these knives can vary in length but often tend to be around 5–10 cm long. The longer the blade, the more dangerous it can be to conceal due to its length. The handle of concealed knives may vary in size and shape, but usually have a cross-guard or some form of feature which will help to conceal it.