How to choose deer hunting crossbow?
Hunting is an adventurous activity and if you are a hunter, you know the thrill involved in it. Hunters love to get on the field whenever they get a chance. With the hunting season not too far away, many hunters are thinking about refreshing their skills and choosing their go-to hunting weapon. 

Specifically, deer hunters are more concerned about their hunting weapons. It takes a lot of power and skill to take down a deer. This is why deer hunting crossbows have become popular. A crossbow is considered an effective deer hunting weapon by hunters. And rightly so, it is! 

A crossbow is preferred over several other hunting weapons for some established reasons. Hunting lovers choose it because they believe it is the most effective and powerful deer hunting weapon. However, how would you choose a deer hunting crossbow? 

As a deer hunter, there are certain factors to consider before choosing your crossbow. This is a detailed guide to choosing the right deer hunting crossbow. However, before we explore the factors to choose crossbows, let us explain some of the types of hunting bows and why a crossbow is the ultimate choice! 

Types of Hunting Bows

  • Compound Bow

Compound Bow

A compound bow is like a traditional bow and is often used as a hunting weapon. It uses a levering system, often of pulleys and cables, to bend the limbs. It makes the bow easier to draw. It often shoots arrows. 

  • Recurve Bow

Recurve bow

A recurve bow is almost like a compound bow i-e it looks like a regular bow as well. However, it has limbs that usually curve away from the hunter. It also shoots arrows and is one of the most widely used deer hunting weapons. 

  • Crossbow

Talking about most widely used deer hunting weapons, a crossbow tops the list. It is the best hunting weapon picked by the hunters. It is a modernized weapon shaped like a rifle or a pistol. However, it has a string and shoots small arrows called darts. 


It works like a pistol since there is a trigger mechanism. You have to load the darts and then pull the trigger to shoot them. Though these three hunting weapons are effective as far as deer hunting is concerned, hunters choose crossbows for the following reasons:

Why Choose a Crossbow for Deer Hunting?

  • A crossbow offers very good speed that can range from 200 feet per second to 500 feet per second.
  • It is one of the most accurate hunting weapons and has more accuracy than a recurve bow and a compound bow. 
  • It is easier to use as all you need to do is load the darts and pull the trigger to shoot them.
  • It is easier to carry as well. 
  • A crossbow is quick and does not waste time while you aim at your prey. It takes almost no draw time. 
  • It is one of the most powerful hunting weapons and can easily take down a deer.

What Does a Hunting Lover Look For in a Crossbow?

  • Size

Crossbows come in different sizes. Hunters need to choose the size carefully according to their own size. A deer hunting crossbow is the best when it fits well into your hand. The right size of the weapon can give you the best control while using it. 

  • Draw Weight

The performance of your crossbow depends a lot on the draw weight. Crossbows can have different draw weights, and it is important to choose the right weight. Make sure to choose the one with an appropriate draw weight which makes it easier for you to handle the weapon. It must be easy and comfortable to carry around the field and use. 

  • Recoil

Recoil can have a lot of impact on the accuracy of your crossbow. Latest crossbows have limited recoil which means they can offer better accuracy. So, hunting lovers choose such a crossbow with less recoil.

  • Level of Noise

The level of noise may also differ in different models. Hunters love a weapon that is silent. To make your hunting a kind of an experience, it is good to have a silent weapon. It helps you stay focused and makes sure your prey does not panic and run away from your range after hearing that sound of the weapon. So, choose the crossbow with a limited level of noise. 

  • Speed

Speed matters a lot when it comes to crossbows. Different crossbows offer different speeds, and often the speed depends on the draw weight. Higher the draw weight, the higher the speed is. A deer hunting crossbow must have at least a speed of 300 feet per second. However, crossbows do offer speeds of 200 FPS to 500 FPS. 

  • Safety Features

Safety features are essential in crossbows. They often come with a few ones that ensure the safety of the archer or hunter. Make sure there is an automatic engaging safety feature to ensure your safety while using it. 

  • Quality of Crossbow

The quality of crossbows matters to a great extent as well. Hunters prefer buying the best quality crossbows, and it is necessary as well. For this purpose, buy your crossbow from a renowned company that promises durable and long lasting bows made of exceptional quality materials. Rely on trusted suppliers! 

  • Budget

The last thing a hunter needs to consider before choosing a deer hunting crossbow is his budget. He needs to have a budget in his mind and must buy a crossbow that comes within his range. Generally, a crossbow is considered one of the most expensive hunting weapons, ironically, it is the one of the cheapest. 

Pick Your Crossbow & Enjoy Deer Hunting!

If you’re a hunter who wants to choose the best deer hunting crossbow, consider all the factors above and enrich your arsenal with the right one. Go for a crossbow that has all the safety features, high speed, best quality, lower level of noise, right draw weight and size, and falls within your budget. Have a memorable deer hunting experience!