Easiest Nunchaku Tricks
Nunchaku are two sticks connected at one end by a short length of rope, string, or chain; these were originally used in martial arts (especially Okinawan Kobudo) and later adopted as a weapon. The Nunchaku is one of the most iconic weapons in martial arts culture. 

Originally used as a tool for threshing rice or flailing wheat, the weapon was adapted to suit the needs of Okinawan Kobudo fighters looking for an inexpensive self-defense option. The word "nunchaku" is derived from its Japanese name: "chu" meaning "to snap", and "chaku" meaning either "twin" or more accurately cognate with an English word: nunchuck.

A common misconception about nunchaku is that it is exclusively used for striking; however, it is mostly used for blocking and locking joints. However, if a practitioner wants to use punching and joint locking techniques, then more advanced forms of nunchucks would be used in training. But in self-defense, the nunchaku is mainly used as a weapon.

The Origin of Nunchucks is Uncertain

It is said that the nunchucks were first used in ninja martial arts. It made its way to Okinawa when a Chinese martial artist named Yuan Bai introduced it to Ryukyu around 1372. Although the weapon was introduced in Ryukyu, it was initially banned, and civilians were forbidden from practicing with it. 

Practitioners were only allowed to use it during specific events and celebrations; these days are still known as "nunchaku days". Those who violated this law would face execution as a punishment (usually through beheading). By around 1644, Okinawans adopted the weapon for use in their own martial art called "Tomari-te". These weapons became popular among farmers and fishermen who used them as self defense weapons.

In 1651, the government of the Ryukyu Kingdom lifted the ban on nunchaku and allowed civilians to carry it as a sidearm. No references to nunchaku exist in any feudal-era texts about martial arts or weapons. No records from that period mention the use of nunchaku as a weapon. 


What are Nunchucks?

What are nunchucks? In a nutshell, they are wooden handles with two lengths of chain and a metal or plastic stick to connect them. These were initially used for the martial arts discipline of kung fu. 

They first became widely-known outside of Asia after Bruce Lee famously included them in his movies, but it wasn't until the release of "Enter The Dragon" movie that these martial arts weapons really made it big in North America and Europe. The two sticks have become known as “nunchaku” by extension, which is actually just the name for one size or type (for instance there is short nunchaku). Here are the significant features of nunchaku:

  • The size of the two sticks
  • The length of the chain
  • The shape and size of the metal or plastic stick (often called a “nunchuck”)
  • How it is held by the hands in relation to the nunchucks.

  • Various Size Options

The first point to note is that nunchaku have different sizes. Some are short and have short chains, others longer with long chains, yet others are slightly shorter with a longer chain (so more suited for closer combat). Their length also varies: some have handles that you hold near your shoulder, whereas others may be more suitable for hand-to-hand combat (e.g., just at shoulder height or higher).

  • Length of Chain

If you prefer more convenient nunchucks, then you need to make sure that the metal or plastic part is shorter than half the length of the handles, and that you are able to hold them so that they are at eye level with both hands. It is important to note that there are many different sizes and types around, so it's best to avoid assuming things about them.

  • Ways to Hold Nunchaku

There are also different ways to hold the nunchaku. For example, you could hold them near the ends of both sticks, or they could be held just below the metal or plastic part. All of these variations in size and length make it easier to choose a pair of nunchaku that suits your purpose. If you want a “traditional” pair of nunchaku, then you need to check that: 


1)One stick is much longer than the other (for example about 3 feet for the long stick, and about 16 inches for the short one). 2)The metal or plastic piece between them is 6 to 18 inches long. 3)It is possible to hold these weapons at chest height with both hands (i.e., the short stick should be at about shoulder height). 

Nunchaku Tricks and Techniques

In some karate systems, the nunchaku is forbidden as a weapon, as it is considered to be an incomplete form of unarmed combat. In other systems, it is freely used as a weapon even if the full techniques of unarmed techniques are applied. 


In Buddhism, a shorter version of this weapon called a do has been promoted as a "valid tool" for self-defense. Who doesn't want to do karate like the Karate Kid? Well, we've got 3 tricks that'll get you started.

  • The Nunchucks Chop-Down 

In order to do this first trick, you need two nunchucks. Hold one in each hand and lift them up until they're vertical with your arm. Now, without changing the position of your arms or hands, quickly and forcefully bring one nunchuck down as if you are chopping something in half! 

You should have a steady swing going toward the ground in order to maintain good form and avoid any injury. This is a great trick to start with because you don't need anything else besides the two nunchakus.

  • Spinning Nunchucks 

With two nunchucks and your arms fully extended, make sure that one is on top of the other. Before you begin making your first move, make sure to keep your feet and hands perfectly still. Then, at a steady speed, begin rotating your hands/nunchakus from side to side as if you are spinning something in circles. 

Remember to keep the rest of your body still so that there are no sudden movements that would cause injury. You get a cool effect by using different speeds, but it's important to make sure that your hand movements don't exceed the speed of your nunchucks. If you are able to do this, you should be able to extend this trick by throwing these weapons in the air and catching them at the same time.


  • Knocking Down Bottles with Nunchucks 

In order to do this final trick, you need water bottles or anything else that will fall if it is forcefully hit from above. Stand on top of a table and position yourself about two feet away from the water bottles. 

Now, before you begin, make sure that you are holding the nunchucks one in each hand and that your arms are fully extended. Then, merely swing the nunchaku from side to side and make sure that you maintain good form by keeping your eyes focused on the bottles. You will definitely be able to knock them down with these!

Now you can perform some of these tricks for your friends and family or even on TV if you were ever a part of a game show! 

Practice Martial Arts With Nunchaku!

Nunchakus are a martial arts weapon, consisting of a short stick (nunchaku in Japanese) with a handle to each end, connected by rope or chain normally about three feet long. There are variations that have shorter sticks and shorter chains. 

The nunchaku was used in various ways during the mid-twentieth century, from being used as an application of judo throws to simply being swung around the wrist when walking through crowds or indoors. They are used in several different martial arts styles. 

The nunchaku can be used as a weapon, a training partner (like a dummy), or as an exercise device. However, they are most known for their use in Okinawan karate such as Shuri-Ryu and Isshin-Ryu, in Northern Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar, and also by some other martial artists. There are variations in the types of forms that can be performed using the nunchaku.