10 Best Self Defense Weapons for Women
Don't Let Fear Control Your Life! In today's society, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported cases of sexual assault. The social media campaign "No more" has been trending to help raise awareness on this issue. As a woman, one of the most important things you can do is learn some self-defense skills. 

Early years of physical education classes taught us basic self-defense moves, but they often focus more on fighting back than preventing an attack from ever occurring in the first place.

The sooner you learn how to protect yourself, the better off you'll be when faced with potential danger or harm. Such self-defense training isn't just for women either. Self-defense can be a vital tool for all people, regardless of gender or age, to teach you how to better protect yourself and the ones you love.

Instead of self defense moves, there are many types of self defense weapons available for women’s protection which can be easily and legally used for their self defense. These weapons include pepper spray, stun guns, different types of defensive knives and many more. 

Top Women's Defensive Weapons

Women have been using self defense weapons for centuries in order to protect themselves against physical attacks. Women's defense weapons have evolved over time to be more accessible and easier to use in order to increase the positive effects they can have on women’s safety. Some of the most famous weapons are:

1. Slingshot

Not only can you use it for hunting small game or distance target practice, but slingshots can be used with great skill and power to turn over cars or break windows. This is why they are the most effective weapon in a zombie apocalypse.

2. Pepper Spray 

Pepper spray
Pepper spray is one of the best women self defense weapons to have on hand because it is so inexpensive and simple to use. All you have to do is aim at your attacker and spray! Of course, you have to make sure that you practice with it beforehand because expending all of it at once may leave you vulnerable in a real emergency.

3. Glass Bottle 

A glass bottle can be used to land a devastating punch on your opponent's head, or can be thrown accurately at the eyes or groin area.

4. Magnifying Glass 

I know this sounds really odd, but a magnifying glass can set anything flammable on fire. It also makes a great poker, because the more you burn your opponent, the more they bleed to death. This is why magnifying glasses are some of the best women self defense weapons.

5. Mace 

A mace is another really good women's defense weapon that you can use to get rid of attackers in one hit. Most maces are designed with spiked heads and this is how they were originally used. Keep in mind that it's important that you carry it with you at all times because it can be used as a weapon in a fight for self-defense purposes.

6. Stun Guns

The stun gun is a self defense weapon that you can carry and use to keep yourself safe from various types of assaults. This piece will go into the history of stun guns and their development, how they work, the best type for your needs, and then what you should know about its legal implications.

Stun gun

A stun gun is an electrical weapon that sends an electric shock through someone's body to temporarily disable it or render it unconscious. These weapons can be easily used by both men and women for self protection. 

7. Brass Knuckles

You might not know what they are, but you've definitely heard of them. Brass knuckles were a staple in the early 20th century and became more popular as gangsters and criminals used them. They were mainly used by men because many women felt that using brass knuckles for self defense wasn't feminine enough. 

Brass knuckles

However, research has been shown that women who do use these self defense weapons have a lower chance of physical injury than men who use the same weapon. Women can now make up their own minds about what type of weapons to use for self defense!

8. Batons

While women have been using various items to ward off attackers for as long as self-defense has been in existence, the self defense baton is one of the most popular and effective choices available. It is cheap, durable, and easy to carry. A well-trained woman can out-maneuver a man with brute force if she carries a baton on her person. 


When attacked, she can use it to fend off punches or even smack their hand away from an attempt at grabbing her. As far as weapons go, it's one of the most effective ones at any woman's disposal while still remaining legal in all 50 states (and in many countries around the globe).

9. Self Defense Keychains

A self defense keychain is a device that allows you to defend yourself from an attack. It can be an item that attaches to your keys and has a small bludgeoning object attached for use in case of emergency. 

Self defense keychains

Women who are traveling alone often worry about being attacked or assaulted, especially if they are dressed nicely and wearing jewelry or carrying expensive bags. If you're looking for products designed specifically with females in mind, these self defense tools are ideal for them in all aspects. 

10. Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden blade
Women use hidden blade knives for their safety. They have been said to be a replacement for traditional pocket knives and the best weapons against counter-surveillance tactics in a worst case scenario. In addition, they are also used by women to protect themselves with the ability to defend themselves at short-range. 

Final Thoughts!

It is important for women to have the ability to defend themselves, without having to rely on men. Weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, brass knuckles etc. can be an invaluable tool in your own self defense and escape plan. These amazing weapons are highly effective for personal safety. 

The power of pepper spray is derived from its active ingredient, which is a derivative of cayenne pepper. This chemical irritates the eyes, causing severe pain. For most people; it doesn't actually cause permanent blindness, however. Similarly, stun guns are electroshock weapons which give electric current to an attacker and protect you from him. 

Brass knuckles and batons are some easy to use weapons which require no special practice or training. You just need to understand their features and working and move on to save your life from your enemies.  There are many brands and types of self defense weapons available on the market today that are perfect for carrying with you on your person or in your car or purse.