Airsoft VS Paintball
Airsoft is an inexpensive game similar to paintball, but generally safer and requires less equipment. It is a prevalent sport that can be played on either a professional or a casual level. The main objective of an airsoft game is to eliminate other players by hitting them with non-metallic pellets fired from compressed gas guns called Airsoft Guns, Rifles, also called "air rifles". 

These resemble accurate rifles, shotguns, and handguns used in combat, but they shoot non-lethal plastic pellets. The object of the game is to complete objectives with teamwork while minimizing the risk of permanent injury to oneself and others.

Paintball is an active game that’s both straightforward and challenging at the same time. Two teams of players called the “Attackers" and "Defenders", stand opposite one another on opposite sides of a playing field. 

The goal for the Attackers is to cross over to the other side by shooting paintballs at their opponents while also avoiding being shot themselves. Meanwhile, it’s up to the Defenders to protect their territory by preventing any attacking players from crossing into their half of the field.

Airsoft Guns VS Paintball Pistols

Paintball pistols contain compressed air or CO2 tanks to propel a paintball-sized projectile, and airsoft guns use an internal spring mechanism to launch BBs.

Paintball pistols are typically cheaper than airsoft guns because they are less impact-resistant. However, an advanced pistol can cost as much as twice that of a basic airsoft gun. These pistols also cover a greater distance in their shot and have less vibration from the impact lands than do similar paintballs launched by an airsoft pistol.

Airsoft guns are generally more expensive than paintball pistols. However, airsoft pistols are the only type of airsoft gun that can be used by those under 18 years of age in the United States and Canada. Airsoft pistols have a more extended range and less vibration from impact lands than paintballs launched by an airsoft pistol.

Airsoft Gun

Both types of weapons have their benefits and drawbacks, but either choice can be a good investment for those interested in playing airsoft as a hobby or sport.

Key Differences

If you're like most airsoft players, you may have some lingering questions about whether the guns that you use are anything like paintball pistols. What's the difference? Why would I want one or the other? How do they work differently?

We get it. That's why we've put together this article to take a close look at 10 key differences between these two types of guns, expertly explained by our team of seasoned players. We hope that as you read through this article, it will be clear to see which type of gun will better fit your needs!

1. The Mechanisms are Completely Different

The first and biggest difference between airsoft guns and paintball guns has to do with how each of them works. As you might have guessed, pistols are very similar to their real-life counterparts. The way they function is almost identical! You cock them by pulling a string or trigger, and then they fire a paintball out of the barrel.

Airsoft Sniper rifles, on the other hand, don't even come close to resembling a real gun. They are much closer to air guns, which shoot pellets using compressed air instead of a propulsive gas like CO2 or Green Gas.

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The way that they work is by using a spring or piston, which is compressed by pulling back on the slide or charging handle. Then, as you fire, the recoil of the spring causes it to move forward again, causing the pellet to leave the barrel.

2. Airsoft Guns are Much More Powerful

Since airsoft firearms are more similar to airsoft guns than real firearms, you can imagine that they don't have anywhere near the same level of power and range as pistols. The pistols are capable of firing at a muzzle velocity of about 175 feet per second (ft/s), nearly half of what you would get from an average airsoft gun. This lower power means that airsoft firearms have a maximum effective range of about 100 feet.

3. Many Paintball Pistols Use CO2 as a Propulsive Gas

Unlike airsoft guns, which rely only on springs and compressed gas to shoot pellets, some pistols use CO2 as a propellant to fire their rounds. The most popular pistol that uses CO2, the T9 pistol, can fire up to 20 rounds per second when it's connected to an external CO2 tank. 

Paintball pistol

Plus, it even has an adjustable hop-up control system built right in! While most airsoft guns do not support this same level of performance, they are still plenty strong enough for many applications.

4. Airsoft Guns Can Be Stored Much Easier Than Paintballs

If you're someone who doesn't want to haul around a heavy CO2-powered paintball pistol with you, you might likely prefer an airsoft gun over one of these. Since the guns that we use do not contain any kind of CO2 tank or another propulsive gas system, they can be stored much more quickly and easily transported than an airsoft gun.

5. Airsoft Guns are More Reliable for Home-Use Play

Because airsoft guns have lower power and range, this means that you can use them safely at home without worrying about hurting yourself or others. When you play paintball, there is always the risk of firing your gun without looking where you're shooting. 

This is not a problem for airsoft guns, and it's very unlikely that you'll accidentally shoot your friends or family members with this type of gun. The reduced muzzle velocity also means that it takes much longer for an airsoft gun to overheat than a paintball pistol would. This makes them more suitable for home-use match play!

6. The Muzzle Velocity of Airsoft is Simulated

In the case of paintball pistols, they are capable of firing a ball at around 175 feet per second. But in reality, you would never be able to obtain such a high muzzle velocity with a pistol since these use compressed air as a propellant. 

In contrast, the muzzle velocity for airsoft is not very realistic. Since many airsoft guns are simulated to look and feel like real firearms, their muzzle velocity must also be affected.

7. Airsoft Guns are More Affordable Than Paintball Pistols

Airsoft guns cost far less than paintball pistols because their appearance and construction are much simpler and more streamlined than that of CO2 airsoft guns. And even though you can get a pretty inexpensive pistol for about $25, the fact that you have to fill it with expensive CO2 cartridges makes them much more expensive in the long run.

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8. Airsoft Guns are More Accurate Than Paintball Pistols

The accuracy of a paintball is dependent on the quality of your paintballs. If you use good quality paintballs then your accuracy will be quite good. But using cheap paintballs will affect your accuracy since they can easily shed their spherical shape after leaving the barrel. 

In the case of airsoft guns, their accuracy is not dependent on external factors like the quality of projectiles being used. This allows for very precise shooting, making them perfect for use in combat training and target practice.

9. Airsoft Guns are More Durable Than Paintball Pistols

A paintball pistol will break after a few shots if it is not well-built. In the case of airsoft guns, their construction is much more durable than that of pistols, which are typically made from plastic and metal. When you use airsoft in combat, you do not have to worry about your gun breaking since it is made from a lightweight and durable polymer body.

10. Airsoft Guns are Safer

Airsoft guns are much safer than paintball pistols since they have no moving parts that can get stuck in your body when the gun is fired (unless you happen to hit yourself with them). In contrast, the poor design of most pistols can cause internal damage if they accidentally hit an important body part during firing.

Both are Great!

Paintball pistols and airsoft guns are both designed to send projectiles down range, but they are not made with the same types of materials. 

While pistols are often made from steel or aluminum, they also contain many plastic parts which make their muzzle's velocity seem higher than it is. Airsoft firearms don't have any plastic parts and are more closely related to air rifles than airsoft guns.

These both weapons are great for use on their own. Airsoft firearms are great weapons for playing airsoft while pistols are excellent weapons for playing paintball. It's all up to you which weapon you want according to your interest.