Have you ever played with airsoft sniper rifles? Not into sniper tactics? Well, you are genuinely missing out on something then! 

The sniper is the person who is a marksman and is never present on the combat scene rather he/she hides in hidden positions where nobody can see them and generally these positions are at a long distance from the actual scene or target. 

As they have to shoot from long distance, therefore, special guns are used for this purpose known as sniper rifles and the shooting is not possible with a regular gun or any other gun for that matter. 

Airsoft guns, being replicas of the real guns have also replicated the sniper rifles.

Airsoft sniper rifles look quite exactly like their real counterparts and are available at very reasonable rates all over the world. 

Still, when an airsoft player seeks out to buy a sniper rifle for himself or herself, they often get confused when they look at the wide variety of products available out there.


Therefore, it is quite necessary to have a knowledge of the features required in a good airsoft sniper and the knowledge of some top-notch models is a plus of course. 

We will discuss the best airsoft guns and their shooting ranges as well so you can have a head start and make your decision of buying your first or next airsoft sniper.

Best Airsoft Snipers

1- WellFire SPEC-OPS MB13D APS SR-2 Metal Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod

The Wellfire DPEC-OPS is a metal airsoft sniper rifle which means that it is fully constructed of metal and looks totally realistic. 

It is fully equipped with all the accessories that a sniper would need in an airsoft battlefield i.e. a bipod stand, scope, etc. 

This one is an updated design of the APS SR-2 and the new additions include replacing the M4 style stock with a more convenient and retractable stock featuring an ergonomic design. 

It also comes with a side rail which has a section for storing batteries and attaching additional accessories to it.

It has a super-awesome muzzle velocity and a magnified scope with a full metal constructed and adjustable bipod stand for providing it balance and accurate shooting. 

The long optics rail further adds to its beauty and usefulness and the rubber but pad adds to its ergonomic design. 

The design of this sniper rifle is exceptional and special attention to compactness and light-weightedness is given while constructing it. 

It is a sniper, therefore, it has a long range capacity for shooting and it comes assembles and only you only have to attach the accessories on the rail. This one is quite precise and shoots at a velocity of about 450 FPS which is simply awesome.

    • Full Metal Receiver & Outer Barrel
    • Precision Full Metal Inner Barrel
    • Hard Hitting Muzzle Velocity
    • 3-9x40mm Adjustable Magnification Sniper Scope Included
    • Full Metal Adjustable Bipod Included
    • Retractable Modular M4 Carbine Style Stock w/ Internal Storage Compartment
    • Stock is Compatible w/ Aftermarket Rail Mounted Cheek Risers
    • Long Integrated Optics Rail
    • M4 Carbine Style Pistol Grip
    • Rubber Butt Pad
    • Lightweight & Compact Design
    • Long Range Capable
    • Rifle Comes Assembled from the Factory (accessories must be attached to the rifle)

    • Operation: Bolt Action
    • Firing Modes: Bolt Action (single shot)
    • Muzzle Velocity: 450-500 FPS
    • Magazine: 25-round magazine
    • Hop-up: Adjustable
    • Length: 39.5 in. (retracted); 42.5 in. (extended)
    • Rifle Weight: 6.25 pounds
    • Ammo type: Seamless 0.20g or heavier BBs.
    • Maximum performance and accuracy
    • Color is Green
    • Package Includes:
    • Rifle, 3-9x40
    • Full Metal Scope (w/ Mounts)
    • Full Metal Bipod, 25rd magazine
    • Jamming Rod, Speedloader
    • BBs
    • Allen wrench
    • Instruction manual

2- Well MB02 VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Bi-pod FPS-415

The Well MB02 VSR - 10 is an airsoft sniper rifle of your dreams. It can be used by both beginners and expert players and everyone is bound to enjoy it. It is an epitome of quality and remarkable design and structure. 

The outer barrel of this sniper rifle is constructed of aluminum making it durable yet light-weighted and the receiver is made up of ABS plastic. It also features a hop-up function which increases the range of the projectiles shot from this rifle further increasing the accuracy of the gun.

It features a muzzle velocity of about 415 FPS making it a very good choice for some serious and fun-filled airsoft game. 

It also comes with a folding bipod stand fully constructed of metal and mounted scopes which can be attached and removed whenever the user desires. 

The beautiful light brown color of this sniper rifle brings it grace because of its light-weighted and durable wooden brown construction. The magazine capacity of this sniper rifle is thirty rounds and it also comes with an extra set of projectiles and an instruction manual to get you started.

    • Features an Aluminum Outer Barrel
    • Features a Bolt Section
    • Has an ABS Plastic Receiver
    • The Hop-Up is adjustable
    • Includes a Metal Folding Bipod
    • Lightweight Wood Pattern Stock
    • Includes:
    • Well MB02 VSR10 Spring Sniper Rifle
    • Features a Wood Pattern
    • Muzzle Velocity of FPS-415
    • The capacity of 30 Round Magazine
    • Metal Folding Bipod
    • BB Speedloader
    • Sample BBs
    • Includes Assembly Hardware and Tools
    • Includes an Instruction Manual

    • Spring powered gun
    • The velocity of 415 FPS
    • Makes use of .20g BBs)
    • Magazine capacity is 30 Rounds
    • Hop Up: Adjustable
    • Weight is 8 lbs
    • Overall Length is 44 Inches
    • Ammunition: .20g or Heavier BBs and not 0.12 g BBs
    • Inner Barrel Length is 440mm
    • Firing Mode is Single Shot Bolt Action
    • Requirements:
    • Ammunition: .20g or Heavier BBs

3- 415 FPS Airsoft MK51 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle W/ Scope & Bi-Pod - Olive Drab

The CYMA MK51 is one of the best airsoft snipers that you would find anywhere. It is quite powerful and reasonable in price as well. It features full steel construction and comes with a black finish giving it a graceful and elegant look. 

It also features a long optics rail on top of it and a rail segment on the bottom side of it. 

The inner barrel is made up of metal and so is the metal bolt. The mock scope and the bipod stand are both made up of polymer and prove to be quite useful while shooting targets at long distance in an airsoft battlefield. 

The velocity of this airsoft sniper is around 415 FPS and the precision is remarkable as well which is ensured by the full metal constructed and highly precise barrel. 

With its textured grips, laser, and flashlights, this sniper rifle is for all expert snipers who want to ace themselves in an airsoft battlefield.

    • Features a Sleek black finish with textured grips
    • Has a Long top optics rail
    • Has a lower rail segment
    • Has a full Metal inner barrel
    • Has a full Metal bolt assembly
    • Includes rail mounted bipod and scope
    • Comfortable, convenient and ergonomic
    • High muzzle velocity of 415 FPS
    • w/0.12g BBs
    • The rifle is accurate up to 150 feet

    • Operation is Spring Bolt Action
    • Firing Modes are Bolt Action single shot
    • Muzzle Velocity is between 385 to 415 FPS
    • Makes use of (w/ 0.12g BBs)
    • 300-340 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs)
    • Magazine capacity is 25 rounds
    • Hop-up is Fixed
    • Weight is 4.85 pounds
    • Length is 43.25 inches
    • Package Includes:
    • Rifle
    • Bipod
    • Mock Polymer Scope
    • Instruction manual
    • Magazine
    • Speedloader
    • Sling
    • BBs

The above-mentioned airsoft snipers for sale are one of the best ones that are available nowadays and are available at very affordable rates in stores worldwide. So, which one of them are you getting for yourself?