highly featured airsoft guns

It is a general misconception that airsoft guns are too expensive. Many people decline the idea of using these guns to enjoy airsoft just due to this misconception. 

These are replica guns and are not that expensive. In fact, many people struggle to find cheap guns for them. There are a few quality guns available even under $50. 

$50 is often the minimum budget an airsofter has. What if we reveal some exceptional quality airsoft guns under $50

Yes, there are several outstanding guns that you can buy under $50. Here is a list of top five airsoft guns under $50. 

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1. G53 Metal Slide Full Size Airsoft Spring Pistol

Let’s begin with this extraordinary airsoft pistol. This is a replica G53 spring pistol that can fire at a great speed of 220 FPS. It possesses some outstanding features. 

It features a metal slide and is constructed with full metal. Indeed, one of the most durable pistols is constructed with a high density polymer frame too. 

G53 Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol

This is a spring powered pistol, so it does not require gas or batteries to operate. Other than regular features, it allows you to attach tactical accessories. 

The firing mode is single shot, but it can fire at an incredible speed of 220 feet per second. It is an enormous speed as far as a spring pistol is concerned. 

It has a great magazine capacity of 15 rounds as well. The pistol includes a textured polymer grip for better control and grip on the pistol. Also, it has rear serrations that lead to excellent grip. 

Rear and front sights are exceptional features of this pistol. You can line up with the target perfectly. All in all, it is a magnificent pistol for airsoft gaming. 

2. 415 FPS Airsoft MK51 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

This is an incredible airsoft sniper rifles under $50. This is a powerful and highly featured gun for playing airsoft games, such as sniper. 

Let’s start with the muzzle velocity. This rifle promises a muzzle velocity of 415 feet per second. This is an immense velocity. 

415 FPS Airsoft MK51 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

You can’t ask for more if your gun can shoot at 415 FPS. For playing airsoft games, this is simply outstanding. 

Considering its features, there are many to count. It is a durable and powerful rifle with a sleek back finish. There is a textured grip for better control. 

It has a full metal bolt assembly and full metal inner barrel. And there is a lower rail segment and long top optics. 

In addition, it incorporates scope and bipod. This makes it an ideal rifle to play games such as sniper. 

Moreover, it is ergonomic and comfortable to use. It promises immense accuracy up to 150 feet. This is a spring bolt action rifle and ensures durability. 

3. 350 FPS FN SCAR-L MK16 Spring Airsoft Rifle

This replica airsoft rifle is yet another spring powered gun and is quite useful as far as airsoft games are concerned. It comes with a lot of features at such a reduced price. 

It is a very easy rifle to use. All you need to do is cock it and shoot. Simple as that. It is also easier to maintain, clean and quick in action. 

MK16 Spring Airsoft Rifle

Since this is a spring powered rifle, there is no need for batteries and gas to operate it. When you take it out of the box, it is ready for action. 

Considering its muzzle velocity, it can shoot at a reasonably good speed of 350 feet per second. This is such a great velocity when considering the lower price of this rifle. 

As far as the range is concerned, it can shoot at an effective range of around 100 feet which is quite good considering its price and features. 

A magazine capacity of 145 rounds is impressive. Some outstanding features of this rifle include vertical front grip, a folding stock, and a red dot sight. 

4. G6A M1911 1911 A1 Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol

This is one of a few airsoft pistols that come with laser as well as silencer. This replica M1911 is a spring powered pistol and saves you from the hassle of batteries or gas. 

This metal pistol is perfect for many airsoft games. Specifically, it is great for CQC, President and Rescue the Hostage. 

1911 A1 Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol

These games require the use of such pistols. Hence, this comes up as ideal for these games. 

The overall construction of this pistol is good and makes it durable. It feels comfortable in the hand and makes it easier to use in any situation. 

Though it is a pistol, it can fire at a great speed of 290 feet per second. The magazine capacity is 18 rounds which is understandable for a small pistol. 

Heavy duty ABS and metal construction makes it the right choice for any airsofter. There are some exceptional features included in the package, such as red dot laser, slide catch, and hop up pistol. 

5. Spring AK47 Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun

This is an assault rifle and promises immense speed and accuracy. The quickness of this rifle gives you an advantage on the field while playing different games. 

This rifle is advantageous for playing game airsoft games, especially sniper, and zombie. 

Spring AK47 Assault Rifle

If your team is less in numbers and your opponents are more, you can use this rifle for quick shooting in an automatic mode. 

This airsoft gun can switch between auto and semi auto firing modes. It is a replica AK47 that comes with several tactical features. 

The rifle also offers a great muzzle velocity of more than 280 feet per second. Also, it comes with red dot laser sight and LED blue flashlight. Even if it is dark, it still helps in shooting. 

Other features of this gun include fixed in hop up system. Considering all these features, it’s price seems too low i-e under $50. 

So, these are our top airsoft guns under $50. We would love to know your opinion on this list. Also, let us know your choice from the list in the comment section below.