If you’ve ever been in a situation where you felt threatened, or if you have a loved one who felt threatened while walking home from work late at night, then it’s probably safe to say that being able to carry something small for protection would be helpful. The Mini Pepper Spray is compact enough to be carried in your pocket or on the side of your belt, so it can go anywhere with you. It also sprays up to 35 feet away, which helps in situations where your target is hiding or running away.

This spray comes packaged in a small clear plastic box with the spray design printed on the outside. The pepper spray itself is sealed inside the box with a small amount of pepper concentration so that it doesn’t get too dry or lose its effectiveness. However, if you have it out for an extended period, you can rotate it between your hands every few minutes to keep it from getting warm and eventually losing all of its potency.

Mini Pepper Spray: How Does it Look?

A mini pepper spray is a personal aerosol canister that delivers a stream of irritating and colored pressurized gas to temporarily incapacitate an attacker. It was originally developed by Dr. Joseph A. Dodson in the 1950s, although the modern version of the pepper spray was developed over fifty years later by John E. Mack and Dr. Lauren Jordon as well as Chengdu Police Administration University in China in 2017. This spray is commonly stored in a canister with protective caps, which are typically red. 

The canister features a trigger selector switch, although the device may also have a pressure button. When the trigger is pressed, a visible stream of gas is emitted from the nozzle. The spray is delivered at pressures ranging from 70 to 100 pounds per square inch (psi) and can reach temperatures of between 260 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit (F). The pressure used to pressurize the pepper sprays comes from an internal chemical reaction between two components: 

One of them contains oleoresin capsicum or capsaicin and another contains metabisulfite. The chemicals react and accelerate the combustion of the canister, which causes a bright orange stream to expel from the nozzle.

Oleoresin capsicum is a volatile oil (oil means it evaporates) that contains 40% to 50% of piperine, an oily substance with alkaloids that has caused people to experience occasional (though minor) nausea, dry mouth, and temporary eye irritation after exposure. Oleoresin capsicum is also found in bell peppers. Morphine, nicotine, acetic acid, and sulfur dioxide are also sometimes used as propellants in pepper spray devices.

Advantages of Carrying Mini Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a type of aerosol spray that contains capsaicin, the substance that gives peppers their heat. It is used as a self defense weapon or riot control agent and is controversial. There are also more benefits to mini pepper spray than just protection. There's no better way to escape from those who break the law than by using pepper spray on them, and it can also help you avoid being targeted if you are in an unsafe situation. Let's take a detailed look at the five major advantages of this mini spray:

1. Effective Defensive Tool

Pepper spray can be an extremely effective and efficient self-defense tool. It is used as a form of personal protection, especially for those who are more vulnerable to certain types of attacks, such as women and seniors. It is inexpensive and harmless, but yet very powerful when used correctly. It has a strong odor that can last for hours, which makes it a very effective deterrent to criminals and assailants who know it's in use.

Every woman needs a mini pepper spray in their purse. Most women carry it around and use it as a last resort protection against the worst-case scenario but you can also take other precautions like carrying a Taser instead of just one little can of pepper spray that most people don't have space for. The main types of pepper spray are bear repellent pepper spray, fox spray, dog protection spray, etc. 

This mini pepper spray is small enough to fit in your purse or handbag but still effective enough to release a stream of hot peppers that can reach up to 8 feet and cause extreme burning pain within 30 seconds. Some of them can even act as a stun gun so even if the guy or attacker doesn't feel any pain he will most likely be immobilized due to shock from the bright light coming from the mini stun gun.

2. Easy to Use

Pepper spray is easy to use and non-explosive even if accidentally detonated. It is small, easy to conceal, and highly versatile in its uses. Unlike guns and other types of weapons, you won't need a license or training to purchase this spray. You can carry it with you at any time, either in your purse or pocket. Sometimes it can be hard to protect yourself from an assailant. But now you don't need to take a self-defense course or keep pepper spray on hand, thanks to a mini pepper spray keychain! 

This pepper spray keychain is the perfect way for women and others who may not want a larger or more conspicuous object in their purse/pocket to carry protection with them. The key chain can be worn around the neck or clipped onto other items. To use, simply remove the safety clip and press down on the nozzle until you hear an audible click that signifies the locking mechanism has engaged.

3. Effective Against Different Types of Attackers

Pepper spray is effective against attackers of all kinds – whether they are armed with knives or weapons, or they're trying to harm you using their fists (e.g., during a mugging). It's very difficult for people who use their hands to deal with a person who can use pepper spray on them effectively. This spray is also practically harmless to bystanders, unlike many other self-defense products (e.g., tasers or firearms). 

A person who is sprayed with pepper spray may be temporarily inconvenienced, but he or she will not be injured or killed by the spray. In addition, pepper spray is legal to carry and possess in most states in the U.S. and in many foreign countries (where it may be called "mace" or something else). It's also legal for a woman to carry pepper spray on her keychain or in her handbag without a special permit or license. And pepper sprays are very easy to use – they do not require any specialized training.

4. Safe to Use

Unlike other types of weapons, mini pepper spray is relatively safe to use. It's not fatal even if accidentally inhaled, ingested, or sprayed in the eyes. In addition, it's non-flammable and doesn't explode even if accidentally fired. This makes pepper spray perfect for those who are inexperienced with weapons or who don't know how to use a gun properly.

This pepper spray comes in small canisters that are easy and convenient to carry. The caps are equipped with a safety locking system to prevent accidental use, which makes them perfect for travelers and those who walk alone late at night.

This pepper spray doesn't require the use of a sharp object like a knife or gun, so it's safer than other types of weapons. This is especially useful for women and the elderly who don't have much fighting skills. Also, unlike guns that could accidentally kill the victim by hitting vulnerable areas, mini pepper spray makes sure that you will only temporarily disable your attacker but won't hurt him severely enough to kill him instantly.

5. Disabling Effects

The disabling effects of pepper spray are immediate when used correctly on an attacker. It can disorient and bring down an attacker instantly while leaving no lasting damage or injuries on the person himself (or herself). You can protect yourself from potential danger without inflicting any permanent harm on the attacker – both physically and psychologically.

This spray is now carried by many people every day. It only takes a second to pull out the canister and spray it at a pursuer. This is particularly useful if you're in the middle of a vehicle, in a crowded parking lot, or at an open-air event (such as Burning Man).

Always Carry Your Mini Pepper Spray!

There is no need for alarm, but be aware of your surroundings, and remain vigilant. Pepper spray has become a popular tool in the last few years, and some estimate that it is one of the most popular self-defense weapons available today. This Mini Pepper Spray is one of the best self-defense tools available today. Not only is it very easy to use and carry, it allows you to be as safe as possible. In short, this product is a very effective self-defense tool and one of our bestseller products!