Ninja stars are throwing weapons used in Japanese martial arts; they date back to feudal Japan. They were originally called shuriken, meaning "hidden hand blade". There are many types of shuriken which have different shapes and features. All ninja throwing stars have a sharp metal point that is designed to pierce the skin, but some also have a slashing edge on the other side for cutting or slashing enemies.

The size and shape of throwing stars vary; some are more than four inches (10 centimeters) in diameter and about one inch (2.5 centimeters) thick while others can be as small as a button. There are three primary shapes: circular, square, or triangular. Some star-shaped throwing weapons are called kunai throwing knives. While the origins of ninja-throwing stars are obscure, they can be traced back to the Middle Ages. 

Ancient Chinese and Japanese martial artists used them for combat training and as weapons. The shuriken were used by warriors in Japan from 1000 B.C. until the late 19th century A.D. They were introduced into popular culture in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.). They became increasingly popular among ninjas, or assassins, as well as entertainers and artists of the time. Today, ninja throwing stars are used by martial artists and in sports and recreational throwing. 

Their popularity has continued into the 21st century A.D. - many of the shuriken sold today as souvenirs bear artwork or unique designs. Many people buy ninja stars as gifts, and some even collect them. Expert ninjas can throw shuriken with great accuracy up to 30 meters (100 feet) or more; today many have leg straps so that they can be attached to the body for easy access. They are often manufactured in different colors including gold, silver, blue, white, red, green, and black.

Cool Tricks and Techniques

Ninjas are mainly known for their stealth, but they also have incredible ninja weapons that can be used for a variety of purposes. One of those is the ninja throwing star or shuriken. These strange-looking stars resemble small, sharp throwing knives that can be used to inflict great damage on an enemy. In this article, we will explore 7 different techniques and tricks to perform with these throwing stars which would make any opponent think twice about facing you on the battlefield!

1. The Flip Throw 

You might know how to make a paper cut out of a picture that lends itself to be turned into an origami figure. This time, we will learn how flipping and throwing stars can be folded into sophisticated ninja weapons. Falling star? That's what the enemy gets when they are run through.

While your opponent is preoccupied with blocking your swings overhead, flip over their head and release your shuriken in order to land a painful hit from behind. This would definitely make your opponent think twice before engaging in close combat with you.

2. The Forward Flip 

This is a great trick to use if you want to surprise an enemy that is hiding behind a tree or boulder. First, run towards the obstacle and leap over it as you fire your shuriken forward, making sure to land on the other side of the obstacle so that your opponent is hurt by both the shuriken and your landing. If you are skilled enough, this can be done without leaving any visible footprints on the ground!

3. The Double Flip 

Another trick to fool your opponent is to flip forward twice before throwing your shuriken in order to confuse them. After landing on the first flip, jump immediately and perform another flip before throwing your ninja stars. This is a very useful tactic against an opponent that is blocking overhead attacks, but you can make it even more confusing by throwing multiple shurikens at once!

4. The Overhead Throw 

This trick is perfect for those times when you need to take out multiple enemies without having to move around too much. Run up to your opponent and throw your shuriken upwards. As you are doing this, make sure that you perform a body flip to land on the other side of the arc. This would make it look like you are attacking from above when in fact, you will have landed directly behind them!

5. The Low Throw 

This is another great trick to use if an opponent is blocking your strikes overhead and also if they are preoccupied with defending themselves against a jump attack coming from below. Run up to them and flip over their heads twice. While doing this, throw your shuriken low, so that the enemy will not be able to block it. This trick requires practice but once you master it you will be able to confuse even the most experienced opponents!

6. The Side Throw 

If your opponent is blocking all of your overhead attacks with a shield or weapon, try this trick. First, run towards them and jump over their head as you throw your shuriken sideways at a downward angle. If done correctly, this would make the shuriken hit them first before they are able to block it with their shield!

7. The Quick Reversal 

This trick is an advanced one that requires practice but it is great if you want to confuse your opponent into lowering their guard. Perform your overhead attacks normally until your opponent starts blocking them, then perform a quick reverse by throwing these ninja stars directly backward. With enough speed, this will make the shuriken curve in mid-air and attack from behind.

Drawbacks of Ninja Stars

Ninja stars are a simple weapon that is intended to cause injury or even death to the enemy. They are not meant to be used for recreational purposes and their self-defense capabilities are only limited by how much force the user is willing to put into their throw. The blades on these weapons can cause extensive damage, and the right throw could end up causing permanent injury or death depending on how you handle it. 

Using them carelessly can result in severe injuries or even death due to improper use of this weapon. It is recommended that you make an emergency stop in case the blade hits your own leg or anybody else's. This is a bummer as it can be an instant kill for some people, which will result in a failed technique. To avoid harming your leg, you should take the following precautions.

When throwing these stars at an opponent: Step back and maintain distance from him. Place one foot on a stable surface while placing two hands on the sides of your opponent's head in order to ensure proper control and stability when throwing them. When throwing them, make sure the ends of these weapons are pointing away from you so that they fly straight toward the target, not toward yourself or anybody else behind you accidentally.

Safety Measures of Using Ninja Stars

In today's society, there are a multitude of different tools available to the individual who wishes to protect themselves from harm. This includes things such as firearms or knife-fighting skills. But what about ninja stars? Are they a viable self-defense option? Why or why not? Let's find out! Safety measures to use ninja stars:

Ninja weapons, otherwise known as shuriken, are quick and easy to produce and conceal -- so much so that one standard issue throwing star can remain hidden in a person's palm while being thrown at an incoming attacker with lethal force.

To avoid injury from a shuriken coming uncomfortably close to the target, one must first know how to effectively throw ninja throwing stars. In other words, the throwing of a ninja star is an art that one must learn in order to be relatively accurate. This art is known as Hira-shurikenjutsu. And yes, it's actually called "Hira" which means "vertical" or "up and down."

There are several aspects of throwing ninja stars that must be learned before one can become proficient in chucking shuriken at an opponent. First and foremost, the ninja throwing star must rotate about the point of balance on the weapon. When this happens, it's less likely that a shuriken will stick to its target. Also, this star must be thrown in an underhanded manner towards the opponent (instead of overhand like a baseball).

So what's the point of learning all of these complex throwing techniques? Is it even worth the effort? After all, throwing a ninja throwing star takes time to learn to do effectively. And this is why you should think twice before deciding to throw any ninja stars. It takes serious training to hit your target with any sort of reliability.