Practice Butterfly Knife Trainer Black Handle

Practice Butterfly Knife Trainer Black Handle
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Part Number: YC-306B
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The Practice Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer, Comes with a Dull Harmless blade. It opens, closes and flips just like the real thing and mimics the same weight and size of Traditional butterfly knife. Brand New, comes in the box shown.

The Dull Flat 1/8" thick Black Finish Blade has 4 circle holes in it, so it can't be sharpened. Made from Stainless Steel.

Lightweight Black Aluminum Arms/Handle. Traditional Style with 7 circle holes cut down the middle of each. The Arms are attached with screw bolts, if they ever become loose, they can be tightened back up easily with an allen key.

A cool looking and neat item to have, there's no danger of getting cut or hurt like a regular butterfly knife.

  • Overall Length: 8 7/8"
  • Handle/Closed: 5"
  • Mock/Faux Blade: 3 7/8"
  • Weight: 3 oz

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