Adjustable Nylon Belt Black Pakkawood Buckle With Hidden Knife

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53" Overall nylon belt included. 4.5" Handle. 2.75" Blade. One size fit all adjustable Nylon belt.
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Part Number: DV-01
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This belt buckle knife is the perfect self defense equipment. It is a small knife hidden in your arsenal which can serve endless purposes. It comes with a 53 inches long adjustable nylon belt. There is a small blade of 2.75 inches in length, made of high quality stainless steel, hence making it extremely durable and sturdy. You can wear it around your waist, like you would wear any other belt. It is easily adjustable. The blade remains hidden unless you reveal it. 

Made of stainless steel, the blade possesses enough strength to cut through any material. It has the power to be your cutting knife and self defense weapon. The blade is black in color and is half serrated, which makes it an ideal EDC tool. It can be used for diverse purposes, other than cutting work and self defense. There is a durable Pakkawood curb handle which further enhances its durability. 

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  • Self defense equipment
  • 53" adjustable nylon belt
  • 2.75" blade, stainless steel
  • Half serrated black blade
  • Pakkawood curb handle
  • Unique Item, Web belt with hidden knife
  • Belt buckle has a hidden knife

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