starter pistol

Racing is one of the popular sports around the globe. There is a great variety of racing sports, including car racing, horse racing, dog racing etc. Have you ever wondered why the race often starts with a fire. A pistol is fired and as it does, the race begins. 

Do you know what sort of pistol it is? It is known as a starter pistol, and is mainly used for starting a race, as the name suggests. Today, we have come up with a brief explanation of starter pistols. We are exploring their types and uses. So, let’s begin a detailed guide to starter pistols!

What are Starter Pistols?

Starter pistol is a blank firing gun designed for the purpose of starting races. These pistols provide realistic shooting experience. 

starter pistols

Starter pistols replicate original firearms; they produce real shooting sound. However, these are very safe guns. These pistols don’t fire real bullets or projectiles. They don’t just produce real sound; they also discharge fumes to give a realistic shooting experience. 

Types of Starter Pistols

Generally, there are two types of starter pistols. They differ as per the area from which the fumes are discharged. Let’s explore those types:

Front Firing Starter Pistols

In front firing starter pistols, the fumes are discharged from the barrel when the pistols are fired. The fumes or gases are discharged from the front of the barrel. 

Top Firing Starter Pistols

In top firing starter pistols, the fumes are discharged from the top of the barrel and not from the front when they are fired. The discharge of the fumes determines the type of the pistols. 

Uses of Starter Pistols

Starting a Race

The main purpose of starter pistols is to start a race. Since these pistols provide a realistic shooting sound, they can be used to signal that the race has started. As the pistol is shot, the race begins and this serves as a perfect way of starting a race. 

Dog Training

Other than starting races, starter pistols are used as prop guns for dog training. Since these pistols produce realistic shooting sound, they can be used for training dogs. In fact, military dogs are being trained with these guns. They are trained and familiarized with the sound of the guns. Hence, they don’t panic when firing is going on. 

Movies & Production

These prop guns are also used for movies and theatrical production. In fact, these pistols and guns are mainly used for two purposes, starting races and movies. Action scenes involve these guns because they discharge fumes and produce real sound to provide a real shooting scene. 

Military Training

Apart from dog training, these pistols are also used for military training. The military and police personnel are trained with these guns. 

They learn how to use guns and how to handle guns in a perfect manner. Since they provide real shooting experience, they are excellent for training. 

Signalling Device

Starter pistols are often used for signalling devices. When you are separated from your group of friends, you can fire this pistol to signal to your friends that you are left behind. Also, you can signal danger if you are in danger by shooting. 

Celebrating the Success

Starter pistols are also used for celebration purposes. Shooting is actually a nice way of celebrating success and different events. You can also celebrate your success in this unique way. So, get these pistols and try celebrating your success in this exciting way. 

Enjoying Realistic Shooting

There are many people who like enjoying realistic shooting. However, they can’t fulfill their desire because they are reluctant to use real firearms as they can be dangerous. 

So, if you want to enjoy realistic shooting in a safe manner, starter pistols are excellent. They can provide a real shooting in a very safe manner!


To conclude, starter pistols are excellent for enjoying realistic shooting. These are blank guns that replicate real firearms and produce real sound. 

These safe guns don’t shoot bullets, but discharge fumes. The discharge of fumes is enough to make them look real. This is why these pistols are also used in production and movies. So, this makes starter pistols excellent for not just starting races, but also for other uses, such as celebrations, training, and theatrical production etc.