what are daggers

Several weapons have been used during wars and battles. Before firearms and nuclear weapons, swords, daggers and knives were used as the fighting weapons. Among these weapons, the dagger is a unique fighting weapon. 

A few centuries ago, daggers, such as push daggers, have been used by the soldiers to battle their enemies. At times, these were primary weapons while sometimes, these were used as the secondary fighting weapons. 

Today, daggers are no longer the fighting weapons. They are rather used for safe purposes nowadays. Also, the types of daggers used today are different from the traditional ones. Today, we shall explore the types and uses of daggers. 

Before we explore the types and uses, it is important to know what sort of weapon it is. Here is everything you need to know about the daggers

What is a Dagger?

A dagger is a bladed weapon like a knife. It looks more like a knife, however, it is more powerful, deadly and lethal than a knife. It is smaller than a sword and larger than a knife; even smaller than a short sword. 

A dagger has an ergonomic handle and is a comfortable handle to grip. The blade is larger and thicker. However, there is always a sharp point on the blade. There can be an edge on the blade, but this isn’t necessary. 

Since the dagger has an ergonomic handle and a sharp pointed blade, it is recognized as a pure combat weapon. However, not today though! Today, the types and uses of daggers are different from traditional times. Let’s explore! 

Types of Daggers Today!

Fantasy Daggers

Fantasy daggers are stylishly designed modern daggers. These are not the real world daggers, rather they belong to an imaginary world called fantasy world. 

fantasy daggers

There are some fantasy characters and these daggers belong to those popular characters from this imaginary world. These are basically collectibles; nothing more than that! 

Medieval Daggers

As the name suggests, these are replica medieval daggers that belong to the medieval era. 

medieval daggers

Medieval knights used several daggers during wars as their primary and secondary fighting weapons. These are the daggers that were used and designed during that period. Today, enthusiasts love these historical weapons, and maintain a collection of them!

Push Dagger

The most popular type of modern daggers is the push dagger. This is the smallest dagger ever constructed. It has a t-shaped handle and a short blade. This blade has a sharp point as well. 

push daggers

The t-shaped handle provides a good grip on the dagger and makes it impossible to disarm the user. The user can stick it into his fingers. The pointed blade makes it able to penetrate deeply into the body and cause serious injuries.

What are Today’s Daggers Used For?


Today, daggers are used for combat, specifically push daggers. These are the daggers that have blades with sharp points on them. These blades are sharp and can cause serious injuries. They have handles that are easy to grip and offer a great control. Hence making them ideal for combat. 

Self Defense

Push dagger is the modern dagger used for self defense. It has a powerful blade with a sharp point that can cause deep wounds. You can use it against the attackers. It is easy to carry and provides a good control on the weapon. Since it is small, you can even carry it in your pocket while putting a sheath on it. 


Modern daggers are being used as cosplay weapons. Different role players who play roles of ancient warriors tend to use these daggers as their costumes. They serve as beautiful costumes and weapons for cosplay. Hence, these are popular among roleplayers for these reasons. 


Modern enthusiasts love to collect historical weapons. Daggers are historical warfare weapons that are often collected by these enthusiasts. If you are a real enthusiast, you should maintain a collection of daggers in order to determine your enthusiasm. So, these daggers are also collectibles!


Modern daggers are nice decor items. You must have seen people have them hung along the walls in their offices and homes. They often come with a wall plaque which makes it easier to display them on the walls.


To conclude, daggers are no longer combat weapons. Today, these are mere collectibles. However, among these modern daggers, push dagger is the best. It can be used for several other purposes as well. It can serve as a self defense and combat weapon. So, if you are looking to get a dagger in your arsenal, make sure it is the push dagger!