Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol

1E3-D93 - Full Auto Airsoft Uzi, features include: Large 200 round gravity fed magazine, full-automatic fire, rechargeable battery pack, battery charger, small supply of BBs, shoots 100-125 FPS.
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Part Number: 1E2-D93
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This is a fun and cheap first timer's airsoft UZI, made for CQB operations. Features fully automatic or semi-automatic firing! Light weight and small UZI design makes this a very easy Airsoft gun to handle in any situation.


  • Operation: (AEG) Automatic Electric Gun
  • Velocity: 210 FPS w/.12g
  • Range: 100-120 Feet
  • Ammo: .12g Seamless
  • Hop Up: Yes
  • Scale: 1:1
  • Select-A-Fire
  • Safety
  • Battery Charger Included
  • Rechargeable Battery Included

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