Airsoft sniper rifle is a term used by airsoft enthusiasts to refer to a specially modified air pistol that externally resembles a real rifle and can be shot from the shoulder, typically at targets up to 50 meters away. Most airsoft rifles have bipods attached and can track moving subjects. These types of guns are often referred to as "dummy firearms" because they are not actually capable of lethal force. 

Many countries that restrict gun ownership do not extend restrictions to airsoft guns, which are relatively inexpensive. Airsoft rifles are built with two main philosophies: realism and practicality. Realistic models are constructed with metal bodies, and heavy weights and often have screws on the outside of the body to further improve the looks. Practical models will have a plastic or polymer body for lightweight, but often lack internal details that are unnecessary for performance. 

Fascinating Historical Background of Sniper Rifles

The history of the airsoft sniper rifle is relatively straightforward. The concept behind the rifles is that they fired a plastic pellet instead of a metal bullet, which meant you could fire hundreds or thousands of shots before replacing the pellet so it could be reused. However, these did not come around until well into the 1960s and 1970s.

Airsoft was first played in Japan in 1961 with another famous match occurring in 1973. It took some time for the concept to catch on outside its home country, but it has since spread all over the world as a type of recreational sport where participants use replica guns that fire .12-gram plastic pellets rather than bullets. A number of companies have started producing these replicas, the most notable being JG, Tokyo Marui, and KSC, who were all pioneers in the field many years ago.

While the concept is not new to modern times, it was during World War II that it was first used by snipers. During that time airguns were commonly used by Allied soldiers as a method to hide their location from the enemy. It wasn't until after World War II that airborne troops such as paratroopers started using air rifles similar to those used today for training purposes and marksmanship practice. Soon after this time period, it became common for soldiers to use .22-caliber airgun rifles as well.

In the early 1960s, the US Army and Navy began to experiment with .177-caliber airsoft rifles that were fired from the shoulder. These guns were used for training purposes and proved to be quite useful. By 1968, the US Marine Corps started to make use of airsoft rifles to train paratroopers for their upcoming missions in Vietnam. They used these guns as a means to familiarize themselves with how they would shoot in combat situations among other things; they also took inspiration from real sniper equipment used by foreign forces at that time.

During the 1970s, airsoft first began to be used as a means of recreation. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that airsoft became popular in North America. Since then, the sport has continued to grow around the world and it isn't uncommon to now see airsoft players wear camouflage gear while they play. Like paintball and modern tactical games, the modified guns are carefully designed to mimic real firearms in looks and function.

Parts of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

A sniper rifle is one of the tools used by a sniper to achieve its goal of killing people from a distance. They are round objects with a barrel on them. They typically have an adjustable stock and usually have 4-6 screws that make up the body, as well as sights and other parts. There are quite a few different types of snipers in the world, but it primarily depends on what you want to do with it. Here is a detail of parts of an airsoft sniper rifle:

1. Stock: The stock represents the body of the sniper rifle. It holds the barrel of the gun and supports your hand.

2. Piston: This is where the airsoft rifle can fire from. It has a trigger, which causes it to shoot BBs out at a high velocity to kill someone up close.

3. Barrel:  The barrel holds the bullets in place and tells them where to go once they are inside of it

4. Trigger: This is what has to be pushed down in order for your airsoft sniper rifle to shoot

5. Hop-Up: A lot of snipers have the ability to adjust their gun's hop-up. It is what causes the airsoft gun to shoot more accurately and with more power.

6. Dials: Some sniper rifles come equipped with dials that you turn in order to make your bullet travel faster or slower.

7. Scope: This is what helps you aim and see where you are shooting before you actually pull the trigger.

8. Trigger Guard or Stock Guard: This is a shield of sorts on the body of your sniper rifle that protects your trigger from being shot off or whatever else might happen to it if the gun were dropped or bumped around while it was not being used.

9. Scope Mount: This is what attaches to the scope and holds it in place.

10. Bolt: This is the bolt that locks back when your trigger is pushed.

11. Magazine(s): These are the things that you load into your sniper rifle before you shoot people with them.

12. Grenade Launcher: This is basically a gun that looks like an airsoft gun that shoots grenades at people. It has a spring-loaded anything, but usually shoots balls of some sort of chemical into people's eyes, mouths, or whatever else they have on their person.

13. Battery: This is the battery that holds your airsoft rifle.

14. Hop-Up Dial / Adjustment Spring:  This is what allows you to adjust how much power your airsoft sniper rifle has. It is located on the side of the gun in a place that can be easily accessed on most guns.

15. Sling Swivel: These are what connect two scopes together so you are able to shoot one scope through the other.

Uses and Applications of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

It has been said that the ultimate expression of power, for a military force or other entity, is to be able to strike with precision from any point around the globe. Some countries have achieved this through nuclear missiles; others have done it through long-range bombers. Still others have reached their zenith by sending drones over enemy countries in order to attack targets without ever touching the ground. 

All of these methods are costly and difficult to maintain and commit to combat, though many people still continue to try, as they are searching for a cheaper alternative that delivers the same type of results. Airsoft rifles may deliver yet another option in this quest for power. Here are the uses and applications of an airsoft sniper rifle:

  • Accurately Shoot Targets

The primary use of airsoft rifles is to accurately shoot targets with great precision. While the typical airsoft sniper rifle can be purchased for as little as $20, most military snipers, including the US and Canadian special forces, will pay anywhere from $300 to $2,000 for their specific rifle. 

This indicates that these rifles are in high demand by people who will pay any price for a good deal; two such people were the terrorists who shot down American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. With their price tags in mind, it seems very likely that those terrorists would have purchased an airsoft sniper rifle had they had access to one.

  • Use in Professional Shows

Not only is an airsoft sniper rifle useful in combat situations, but it has also been used in professional shows where the audience is watching. To be clear, these are not the type of professional gun shows. Instead, they are "fun" gun shows where people have the opportunity to come out and shoot guns at targets while they watch as others do so. 

These fun gun shows are usually held outdoors, like a fair or carnival, and can attract tens of thousands of people at a time. At these shows, airsoft rifles are often used to shoot at targets that can be moved from one location to another; targets include painted bulls-eye targets and animals such as pigs, chickens, and hogs. 

Airsoft rifles also have the benefit of being able to change the color of their plastic bullets upon impact depending on whether or not they hit the target. This feature allows for a better audience experience as well as a chance for the shooter, who is not necessarily the one shooting at the target, to win prizes such as bicycles and other merchandise.

  • Use in Video Games

Another use and application of an airsoft sniper rifle is in video games. Some video games have taken to using sniper rifles, along with other real-world weapons, as part of the game. These roles are typically used in fighting games like Haze or FPS (First Person Shooter) games like CoD: 

Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: World at War. In these games, airsoft rifles are used to shoot soldiers, special forces members, and other enemies as the player attempts to achieve various goals. As such, it is very likely that some people who enjoy playing these video games find themselves wanting more realistic weaponry. That leads them to purchase an airsoft sniper rifle in order to get that sensation of realism.