top knife brands

When you purchase different knives, you must have noticed names of the brands on the knives. Sometimes on the blade and sometimes on the handle. These brands are the providers of these knives. 

There are several different brands that offer different types of knives. There are certain brands that are more popular than others. Why should you prefer these branded knives? There are many reasons. First of all, these are trusted brands and their knives are always the highest quality knives. 

Secondly, their knives have undergone quality construction, Thirdly, they specialize in providing a few knives. For instance, a few brands specialize in pocket knives while a few specialize in hunting knives. Since there are many knife brands, which one should you prefer? We have come up with a list of a few brands and their specialities. So, let’s explore the list!

1. Dark Side Blades

Dark Side Blades is by far the best and most popular knife brand. It is one of the pocket knife brands that specialize in providing folding knives. These are reliable manufacturers and have created some masterpiece knives over time. 

Their most popular knives include stiletto style knives, straight razors, knuckle folding knives and many more. If you are a fan of Dark Side Blades, you must have their knives in your collection to determine your enthusiasm. 

2. Elk Ridge

Elk Ridge is another renowned knife brand in the US. They manufacture different types of knives, including pocket knives, hunting knives, fillet knives, bowie knives and many more. They are known for providing quality and powerful knives. Most importantly, their knives serve in hunting and survival purposes. 

3. MTech USA

The most popular and trusted knife brand in the world is MTech USA. This is the most appreciated one as well. They provide a vast range of knives including pocket knives, karambit knives, hidden blade knives, fixed blade knives and dagger knives etc. They are known for their variety of knives. 

4. Perfect Point

Having said that different brands are known for manufacturing different knives. Perfect Point, as the name suggests, is known for pointed blades. They offer throwing knives that often feature pointed blades. These sharp pointed blades allow throwing knives to stick into a wooden target. 

5. Jungle Master

The name must tell you that Jungle Master manufactures survival knives, hunting knives and machete knives. They are popular for manufacturing giant blades. They provide knives that assist in heavy duty cutting, survival, hunting and tasks that require powerful and heavy blades. They manufacture the finest and highest quality machetes.

6. Tac Force

Like Dark Side Blades, Tac Force is another pocket knife brand. They are popular due to their vast range of folding knives. They provide stiletto style folding knives, assisted opening knives, karambit folding knives, straight razors, and almost every pocket knife you want. They are known for their stylish knives. 

7. US Marines

US Marines is one of the leading and top knife brands in the US. They are known for their tactical pocket knives. Their knives often possess tactical features such as pocket clips, glass breakers, seat belt cutters, fire starters etc. All these features make them useful knives for outdoors and survival. 

8. Survivor

As the name suggests, Survivor is a knife brand that manufactures survival knives. However, they actually provide several other knives. Their top ones include bowie knives, hunting knives, kukri knives, and different outdoor knives. Their knives are often ultra durable and premium quality knives. Indeed, one of the best knife brands in the US. 

9. Z Hunter

Z Hunter or Zombie Hunter had to be on this list. It was a popular knife brand and famous for their stylish knives and outdoor gear. They manufacture several types of knives including throwing knives, machetes, and karambit knives. However, their knives often lack blade strength and are designed for practice and cosplay purposes!

Which is Your Favorite Knife Brand?

So, these were the most popular and renowned knife brands in 2020. Which is your favorite brand among these? Of course, you will have different picks for pocket knives and different picks for survival knives. 

Anyways, let us know about your pick for the knife brands in the comment section below. We have recommended all these brands to users. You can trust all these brands and their respective knives!