A hidden knife is one of the most advantageous and lethal self defense weapons. These knives are often stashed in pockets, making them easily accessible to the person carrying them. They may be known as concealed knives or hidden knives. This knife is not a toy and should never be played with by children.

The blade of this knife is usually concealed by a handle wrapped in cloth, and cannot be seen under normal circumstances. These cool knives may have a partially concealed blade, which must be sheathed before use. Some knives also have outward-pointing blades (called "prominent blades"), which must not be hidden.

What Makes a Hidden Knife Unique?

These knives are often made with sharp edges on both sides of the blade as well as serrated edges. They typically also have a starry pattern traditionally done by Japanese chefs who paint their blades to give their cooking more style and an overall eye-catching appeal. 

Another feature of these knives is the sheath that may or may not conceal the blade entirely. Some of the sheaths are made from high-quality leather and thus can be worn as a necklace. The general length and width of a hidden knife can vary. They will typically have a blade length ranging anywhere from 1 to 4 inches. The blade width may even go up to 3 inches, which makes them more suitable for larger cutting jobs.

These knives are also divided into two categories; either knife-only, or knife-hanger styles that can be used in conjunction with a purse-hanger style necklace so that you can wear the weapon under your clothing and thus have something concealed on your person at all times.
Many people use these knives to protect themselves in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation. 

It's always good to be prepared and avoid confrontations as much as possible, but if you can't, a hidden knife can be a great weapon to have on hand. These knives are popular accessories on the market today. The top manufacturers of these knives include Smith & Wesson, Kershaw, and Gerber. These are just some of the brands that offer great options at reasonable prices.

The Best Hidden Knife Types

Knives are extremely useful. They have different purposes, and one of the best uses for a knife is that they're hidden in various forms. Here are 7 cool types of hidden knives, as well as where to find these weapons throughout the world. What will you learn about them? You'll learn why they're called a 'hidden' knife, how to use them effectively, and what other types of knives there are out there that can help you survive in unusual circumstances:

1. Karambit Knife

This is one of the best types of concealed knives out there. The Karambit knife has a distinct, unique shape that is perfect for stealthy aiming. The natural shape actually makes them very good for stabbing, as the spine can be used to penetrate armor and weapons without even having to move/lose position. These knives are hidden in plain sight.

The Karambit knife is hidden in plain sight as it is a relatively common type of weapon that is used in combat situations. The knife was invented by the native Indonesians and has been used since ancient times. You can find some of them on sale or at flea markets and antique shops, but mainly they are hidden in various other items you may have laying around your home or car. Look around and see if anything looks like a standard personal item, with all its straps and carry holes.

2. Pen Knife

There are a number of pen knives that have the same general purpose as the Karambit. The main difference between the two styles of the knife is that the Pen Knife has a slight curve on the blade, giving it a much more superior look when held in your hand or in your pocket.

Pen knives are most frequently found in school supplies or office supplies. They're also used by police and security professionals due to their stealthy nature and ability to be concealed; they're not as 'obvious' as some other models, which means they can be hidden anywhere and still be useful if you need to get something done quickly.

3. Brass Knuckle Knife 

A knife that you wear. The Brass Knuckle knife gives you the ability to hide your weapon in plain sight and use it effectively without losing any mobility in your hands. The blade is usually kept in a 'waist' pouch so that you can easily reach for it when needed, which is an important aspect of the hidden knives as many of them are further concealed or disguised by being hidden inside a pen or other common item.

The Brass knuckle knives are hidden in plain sight as they are used by many people every day who don't realize they have this weapon on them. They are carried in the sleeve of your jacket, in the pocket of your jeans, or hidden somewhere on personal items. The main place to find them is at flea markets and antique shops, but you can also find them online or through word of mouth.

4. Belt Buckle Knife

This type of hidden knife is where you hid your blade in plain sight, by wearing it on your pants or skirt. This works fairly well if you're trying to get a job as a maid or waitress, but if the idea of having a concealed weapon doesn't appeal to you the belt buckle knife can still be useful.

Belt buckle knives are hidden in plain sight by people who are trying to get away with something. This type of knife rarely comes up for sale at flea markets or antique shops due to it being a common occurrence and therefore not very interesting, but they are usually found at gun shows or garage sales.

5. Lipstick Knife

The Lipstick knife is a hidden knife that is tucked away in plain sight in the most unlikely of places. Lipstick is normally bought as a gift from someone else and it's hidden away inside one of your purses or handbags, but the fact that it's in a lipstick container means that it can be found anywhere and you can make sure nothing falls out.

Lipstick knives are found in plain sight by any woman who has one in her purse. They are also often found at antique shops, flea markets, and even online.

6. Boot Knife

The Boot knife is a knife that is concealed in plain sight by being hidden inside a boot. This is quite a useful way to disguise a blade, as it allows you to hide the knife anywhere within your boot without having to take off your footwear.

Boot knives are often found by people who are trying to be creative with their ways of hiding their weapons. They're most commonly found at flea markets and antique shops, but you can buy them online or find them through word of mouth.

7. Neck Knife

The Neck knife or knife necklace is one of the most useless types of these knives out there. It does not enable you to attack, but it can cause you a great deal of pain if the blade is stuck into your neck. The knife has a good reach for stabbing and slashing, but because you must be close to your target, it's not particularly useful for a long-range weapon. If you want something that will hinder the enemy's movement as they get closer, then this may be just what you're looking for.

Neck knives should not be used as a weapon; they are intended for stabbing or slicing objects that are close by. You can find them at most online stores or toy stores that sell weaponry.

The Trend of Carrying a Hidden Knife!

A hidden knife is a type of knife that can be hidden inside a sheath or in the seam of pants. A person carrying one has less chance of being detected, and so may have a tactical advantage. Considering that people are always looking for ways to make their personal safety more assured, it's no surprise that these knives are becoming more popular every year.

These knives are usually hidden in the seam of either pants or a sheath. If one wears such a knife, they may have an advantage. Some people think that knives such as those are not as much of a threat. But this is not true at all. Such knives may provide offensives against potential attackers. 

In case there is no other weapon to defend oneself, then knives can be used to attack the assailant's fist or foot with full force while pushing down on his arm so that he cannot escape from the attacker's reach. Furthermore, some people use these weapons as a last resort in case they are being attacked by multiple assailants (which is quite common) when other means cannot be used to defend themselves.