5 Most Popular Fantasy Swords

The definition of the word 'fantasy' is "imaginary" or "unreal". The word 'sword' refers to a weapon that is typically made up of a metal blade with one sharp edge and a hilt. It's used as an implement primarily for slashing and stabbing, or in throwing. 

With these two meanings combined, the definition of the fantasy saber would be "an imaginary weapon that usually has a blade with one sharp edge and a hilt." This is because swords are typically used as weapons. If swords were not typically used as weapons, then they would not have been deemed fantasy swords by definition.

Components of Fantasy Swords

Fantasy weapons play an important role in many great stories. Forged from fabled materials or from magic. Many of them have a rich history and grand names.  The fantasy genre is known for its use of these weapons. 

Fantasy swords have 3 components: a metal blade, a metal hilt, and a wooden grip. When the three pieces are combined in the correct manner, they form magical weapons that make warriors invincible. 

As the wielder of such weapons advances to higher levels of mastery and power, so too does his or her relationship with the weapon. With time comes more precise knowledge about how to combine different metals, wood types and designs into unique real swords that fit a specific warrior’s needs or desires at any point in their life. 

Most Popular Fantasy Swords

Fantasy weaponry has been a staple of the genre for centuries, and there’s no denying that some sword has caught your eye. So, which one should you buy? Well, there are many types of swords to choose from. Here are a few examples.

  • Black Witcher Sword

The Black Witchery Blade is a mystical sword forged by the Dark Elf and renowned blacksmith, Garl Vinland. The Black Witchery Blade was designed in order to deliver swift and deadly blows to an opponent with surgical accuracy, allowing its wielder to dispatch their foe with minimal fuss. 

Black witcher sword

He who bears this blade will find himself endowed with a powerful blend of speed and precision that would make other swordsmen weep from pure envy. This is not the only weapon created by Garl Vinland, but it is one of his most prized creations all the same. He used his vast knowledge and skill in smithing weapons that were great for those who made war. 

He forged a slashing sword for the Elves of the forest, and for a time was the most sought after smith on the Continent. During his lifetime he had made many fine blades and began to get bored of them. Then, came a request from King Ulrad to forge him these anime swords with special powers. 

The Elves had discovered that they could see through their enemies eyes, and they needed an edge that could pierce their foe's mind to do it with greater accuracy. Garl Vinland seemed pleased by this idea as he worked endlessly on the blade, but he was also disturbed by it in a way as well.

  • White Witcher Sword

A White Witcher is a fantasy saber that has no metal and is made of materials such as bone, horn, ivory and even animal teeth. This sword often has a bone, ivory or fibrous material as the guard. But if you're going to be doing anything with a White Witcher Sword, you have to make sure you follow the rules for its use. Below are some key rules for using these historical fantasy swords:

White witcher sword

  • Always wear protection in case of accidental injuries during training or combat.
  • Always store your White Witcher with protective wrap when not in use. If you're storing a White Witcher for very long periods of time, only unpack when you plan to use it.
  • Do not display the sword in public or show off to friends. Do not use on stage or professional productions unless the production is a short theatrical piece.
  • Use in training and combat with ease but do not get too extreme with the moves you make; otherwise, you run the risk of harming yourself or others.
  • When not in use, your White Witcher needs to be stored in an environment that is dry and free of insects and other creatures that could harm the sword.
  • Never let anyone else hold or handle your White Witcher unless it's for professional training. This includes children, no matter how big a fan of Lord of the Rings they might be.
  • White Wither Swords should not be used for sport fighting. They are fine for martial arts, but only under the supervision of an instructor or master of this martial art form.

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  • Fantasy Glamdring Sword

The fantasy Glamdring replica sword is from The Lord of the Rings and was wielded by Aragorn. It is crafted from stainless steel with a genuine leather scabbard. The blade length is 33 inches, with an overall length of 44 inches. Comes in a black gift box. This weapon, usually straight-bladed, is used for slashing and thrusting. 

Fantasy Glamdring Sword

One of the great full tang swords of middle-earth that was created by Elven smiths.  It is so bright that it is said to "light up the whole room". One story goes that the scabbard glows when the blade is drawn from its sheath. The sword was originally owned by Viggo Mortenson's Aragorn during his time as king in Gondor. It was given to him by Boromir and Aragorn used it heavily in the war against Sauron.

Glamdring was one of the Fantasy Swords that were forged from the shards of Narsil after it was broken, so this replica sword would be a nice addition to your collection! Not only do they have Glamdring, but they also have Sting, Orcrist and Anduril!

  • Zelda Twilight Sword

These Twilight Princess fantasy swords are a melee weapon primarily used by Link in the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is part of the Triforce piece, which Link obtains from Zelda in-game following the events at Hyrule Castle. It can be considered as a quarterstaff or boomerang that deals both magical and physical damage. 

Zelda twilight sword

If hit correctly, it will send out a shockwave that can stun and slide enemies over a short distance, though without any catapulting power like with other weapons such as the boomerang or bomb arrows. The first use of the Twilight Sword is when Link is facing a Stalfos at Lanayru Gorge. 

The sword is also used at the end of the game to kill Ganondorf, after he has been weakened by Princess Zelda's Light Arrows. After Link has obtained the Master Sword, he uses its power to break Ganondorf's defenses by allowing him to be struck with the sword on any part of his body, which was impossible with the Master Sword alone.

It returns in "Hyrule Warriors", serving as one of Link's signature weapons alongside his Master Sword and Magical Rod. Similar to "Twilight Princess", it also deals both magic and physical damage.

  • Ornate Dragon Swords

These are highly detailed, hand-carved, and beautifully designed crystal ball fantasy swords. It’s hand crafted and meticulously detailed with fascinating colors and intricate design work. It also has its own handle to make it easy to carry on your adventures as you explore the world. These bows are truly an inspiration for any creative individual looking for a unique piece of personal artwork.

Ornate dragons sword

The item is inspired by fantasy and medieval artwork, influenced by the tales of dragons, princesses, and knights. Displaying this ornate dragon's lair crystal ball fantasy sword is truly an impressive sight to see. Each piece is so detailed that it’s sure to make a statement on the wall. Everyone who enters your home will surely be amazed by the medieval design on each piece.

Add Fantasy Swords to Your Fantasy Collection

There is an element of power and magic in the swords that exist within modern fantasy literature. It's not just the number of runes or other supernatural powers that a sword has, but what it represents on its own. For example, a sword with a star on the blade could have great magical power while others may simply be made well enough to last for generations. 

These swords can have any type of religious value as well - whether it's held as a type of protection from evil or whatnot - which also adds to its mystical power. There are also some training swords that may not even be weapons at all but can provide visions and other wonders when you touch them.

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