medieval shields

Medieval shield is a popular item these days; mainly among cosplayers and modern enthusiasts. Once recognized as a warrior’s essential, it is no longer a warfare tool. 

Today, we are exploring this magnificent tool. We shall look at its uses and then, we bring a list of top medieval shields. However, let’s begin with a quick introduction of a shield. 

What is a Medieval Shield?

A medieval shield is a shield used by medieval knights. Made of wood, steel, or metal, it was mainly used as a protection for these warriors. 

medieval shield

A shield served as a protection against the swords. An ancient warrior was equipped with a sword and a shield during warfare. He could use the sword to attack and the shield to defend. 

The sizes of the shield may alter; there is no fixed size. Generally, a warrior had the sword in his dominant hand, and shield in the other. 

He used a sword to attack and shield to block the sword of his opponent. However, today, it is no longer a warrior’s essential. There are other uses of a medieval shield in the modern days. 

What is a Medieval Shield Used For?

- Protection

The most basic use of a medieval shield is protection. Ancient shields were made of iron, steel or wood and the only purpose to use them was protection. 

It served as a defensive tool for the ancient warriors. They could block the swords with it and then use their own swords to counter attack their enemies. 

- Cosplay

Today, shield is mainly used as a cosplay weapon. Cosplay is an activity to play different characters by wearing their costumes. 

So, when a cosplayer has to dress up as a medieval knight, he can hold a shield in one hand and a sword in the other hand. 

Cosplayers tend to have shields in their collections and these help them in role play. They can use the shield while playing their role perfectly.

- Decor

A medieval shield is loved by the modern enthusiasts. They love to maintain a collection of shields. A shield placed in their display stand is impressive. 

Shields work perfectly as decor items. You can place them at your homes or offices in a way to beautify them. 

- Halloween Costume

People love medieval armor on Halloween. This is a day when everyone wears a costume. Those who want costumes of a warrior love this. 

It is better to hold a shield rather than wearing uncomfortable costumes if you are destined to look like a real warrior. So, it is an excellent costume on Halloween. 

- Practice

Shield can be used for practice; in fact, it is often used for practice by swordsmen. Swordsmanship is an art and to learn it, you must have all the warrior essentials. 

Sword is used to practice attacks while shield is used to practice defense. You can learn how to prevent sword and how to block it.

Our Top 5 Medieval Shields Today!

1. Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield

This is a replica Berserker shield from the 9th century. This is one of the best shields for cosplayers who love to replicate medieval knights on stage. 

Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield

This shield is made of wood and has metal braces. It is reenactment worthy and battle ready. The overall length of this shield is 22 inches; so it is huge. 

This viking shield is gorgeous and you must have it as a decor at your office or home. You can pay tribute to the Vikings with this shield. It comes with a leather strap to make it easy to carry.

2. Viking Norse Wooden Large Round Combat Shield with Steel Boss

This is another gorgeous Viking shield with a lovely color scheme. It is ideal for those enthusiasts who love to collect shields and other warrior essentials. 

Viking Norse Wooden Large Round Combat Shield

Moreover, it is a perfect cosplay weapon. It is made of laminated wood and steel, and has a length of 24 inches. The color scheme includes red and black; and has a lovely overall appearance. 

This is also a battle ready shield. As it is out of the box, you can use it for any purpose you want. However, it is great for cosplay, decor and for practicing defensive techniques. 

3. Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield

This Viking Berserkers shield is a masterpiece. If you are a collector, add this to your collection and determine that you are a real enthusiast. 

It features a comfortable steel handle, but it is made of wood. The black and steel color provide a realistic appearance.

For those who want multipurpose medieval shields, this is the perfect item to have in your arsenal. 

4. Medieval Combat Umbo Shield

This is a medieval shield made of steel and iron. This looks like a real combat shield. This is for real warriors who fight in close quarters.

Medieval Combat Umbo Shield

However, you can use it for practicing defensive skills and wear a costume on Halloween. Since it looks realistic; it can be an impressive thing to display at your home or office. 

5. Polished Medieval Buckler Shield

This is yet another realistic medieval shield. The handle is of wood while it has a steel construction. You have the handle to hold it perfectly like a real warrior. 

Polished Medieval Buckler Shield

This shield has a diameter of 12 inches. A perfect collectible for enthusiasts! 

Which is Your Favorite Medieval Shield?

So, that was our list of top 5 medieval shields. Which is your favorite among these? We would love to hear from you. Let us know about your choice in the comment section below!

If you are a cosplayer, am enthusiast or a costume lover, these shields are ideal for you. So, get a few of these and add them in your collection. You would certainly need them every now and then!