Top 3 Camping Survival Knives
It's always a good idea to pack some basic camping gear when you go on an outdoor adventure. It is also good to know what you’ll need to sustain yourself in the event of an emergency situation. One way to make your camping trip a little more comfortable is by packing the right equipment, including camping survival knives. 

The internet can be a valuable resource for helping you identify the best type of knife for your needs, such as utility knives and cool pocket knives. These knives can come in handy when you’re out in the wild, or even at home. Whether you are in need of just a basic blade to perform basic tasks or a multi-purpose knife that comes with multiple functions, there is always something useful to be found.

It is not only about survival when it comes to these types of camping survival knives; though that is definitely a good reason for having one on hand. It also helps if you know how to use the knife correctly and safely, as improper use can result in more harm than good. Having a survival knife for emergencies will give you peace of mind, no matter where you are.

If you love camping, hiking, and the outdoors in general, but have yet to invest in a survival knife, now would be the time. Proper tools are vital when you’re spending time away from home and they can help to make your trip so much more enjoyable. 

A good camping survival knife is not just a tool that’s there for appearance; it will also save your life if you ever find yourself lost with no food or water. This should be one of your most important items when you are planning any outdoor activity. So whether it’s for hunting purposes or just for cutting some rope, there are many different types out there to suit everyone’s needs.

When camping or backpacking, you're sure to need a reliable, sturdy knife that can be used for a number of situations. Whether you're camping in the snow or on the beach, there are specific cool knives which are better suited for your trip than others. Here are the top 3 camping survival knives:

1. Bowie Knife

This knife is named after the famous Jim Bowie who is credited with creating the first documented Bowie Knife in 1827. Therefore, the name "Bowie" designates a type of large, heavy-duty blade that was used to cut meat and other food items in the country. 

Bowie knife

When developing their own versions of this deadliest knife, several manufacturers have focused on having a long-lasting, sharp edge along with balance and grip which is not only ideal for camping but will also allow you to chop through branches and logs. 

Sometimes made with a full tang that extends all the way through the handle, these knives usually have comfortable handles so that you can hold onto them for extended periods of time. Mixing and matching your camping gear is an excellent idea that can help set you up with a lightweight, multipurpose tool that comes in handy when you're out in the woods.

2. Tactical Knife

If you're going on a military-style excursion of any sort, such as a jungle expedition, then the tactical knives should be one of your top choices. This type of knife is extremely durable and designed to be impact resistant. It features a double edge which means that it actually cuts on both sides as it moves through whatever material you happen to be cutting through at the time. 

Tactical knives

This is a big plus when you're in the woods and need to make precise cuts since the serrated teeth will ensure that you have an extremely sharp edge at all times. The sheath for these camping survival knives is usually made from hard plastic or even metal so that it's not easy for someone to steal your knife from you.

In terms of grip, a tactical knife will often come with a finger groove so that you can easily hold onto it without slipping out of your grasp. These knives are also used by many military members around the world and tend to be a favorite among campers. It can help you in many situations so choose carefully before going camping on your next trip outdoors.

3. Fixed Blade Knives

Another type of camping knives that we'll take a look at are the fixed blade knives. Unlike the others which feature a cutting edge, this type of knife has the blade locked in place. This makes it much easier to carry around since you won't need to worry about the blade moving around and getting lost or damaged.

Survival Knives

Since these knives are designed for hunting and other types of outdoor activities, they're usually very durable and made from high-quality materials. They feature a full tang that extends all the way through their handle so that they're not easy to take out of your hands by accident when you're using them.

Just like with any other knife, the point of the blade should always be sharp so that you can make sure that you can cut whatever it is that you need to cut.

How to Choose Your Survival Knife?

You will want to get familiar with your knife before hitting the trail. There are a few things to consider before purchasing your knife. These include:

  • Material: You will need to know the type of material each camping knife is made out of, as it will make a difference in the overall weight and performance.
  • Weight: You want your knife to be lightweight so you can carry it without any discomfort. It is also manageable should you need to perform some basic yet demanding tasks such as chopping wood.
  • Design: A good design enables you to hold the knife properly, reducing hand fatigue and blisters when working with it for extended periods of time. It should also be ergonomically designed to comfortably wrap around your hand, preventing slips and cuts when used for tough tasks.
  • Handle: It is important to know the type of handle that each knife has. There are different types of handles and each offers its own advantages.
  • Blade: Know what type of blade your knife has before purchasing it as some provide better utility than others. Some provide you with a slightly sharper, cleaner cut while others only serve to make the task easier for you.
  • Overall Length: You will want to purchase a knife that is shorter than what you currently need it for, so you won’t find yourself struggling with it at the end of your trip.
  • Any additional features you need these camping survival knives to have.