Top 10 Best Nunchucks

Nunchucks or nunchaku is a magnificent tool or weapon. It is basically a martial arts weapon that has a fascinating history behind it. Discovered during the 10th century, it was originally an agricultural tool. Okinawa is believed to be the birthplace for this weapon. 

Nunchaku is basically a combination of two sticks and a chain. There are often two wooden sticks, and a rope or chain is used to connect these sticks. It was used for reaping crops like rice and wheat during the 10th century by the Chinese villagers. However, the brutal side of this weapon was discovered by a Chinese Emperor of the Sung dynasty. 

The Chinese emperor who lost a battle to the Mongolians had to retreat to the Chinese Mainland territory after losing his territory to the Mongolians. He stayed in a village where he discovered the nunchucks. He believed that this weapon would help him battle the Mongolians and it eventually did. 


The Chinese were able to defeat the Mongolians and get back their territory. Since then, the nunchaku has been identified as a fighting and martial arts ninja weapons. It is worth mentioning that Bruce Lee used this spectacular weapon in his movies during the 1970s. In some popular movies like Enter the Dragon, there are a lot of nunchaku fighting scenes. 

For the modern enthusiasts, nunchucks are mere collectibles. Though they are being used for self defense; they prefer them as collectibles. Hence, we have come up with a list of the best nunchucks collectibles for modern enthusiasts. Here are our top 10 picks:

1. 11 Inch Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku

These are the most gorgeous nunchucks on this list. This is a larger nunchaku than others on this list. Made of aluminium, it appears as nice as it seems. Other than being a nice collectible, it is an ideal self defense weapon as well to deal with the attackers. 

11 Inch Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku

You can screw the handles together and then this becomes a large baton. Hence, you can use this baton to beat the attacker up and survive against him. Moreover, it is a great decor to have at your office or home. With silver, it looks absolutely gorgeous and fantastic. 

2. Dark Finish Wood Nunchaku with Carved Dragon Designs Chain

This is another beautiful collectible for crazy enthusiasts. The dark finish enhances its beauty and makes it a great decor item. It is made of lacquered wood and has metal fittings and cast. 

12" Dark Finish Wood Nunchaku

There is a stunning carved dragon design chain that further increases its magnificence and makes it a perfect collectible for crazy enthusiasts.

3. 12" Black and Red Wood Nunchaku

With red and black wood finish, this is another brilliantly designed nunchaku. You definitely need to have this in your collection if you are a real enthusiast. 

12" Black and Red Wood Nunchaku

There are red stripes on these nunchucks to further add to their lovely design. One of the most attractive ones on this list! 

4. 12" Black Finish Wood Nunchaku with Gold Dragon Graphics

These are standard 12 inches long nunchucks designed with natural wood. These are durable and quality nunchaku. 

12" Black Finish Wood Nunchaku

The gold dragon graphics make them attractive. These are the ones that you can’t miss to have in your collection. The black wood finish is as amazing as it seems. 

5. 12" Black Wood Round Nunchaku Chain With Grips

Another fine piece of collectible. These nunchucks are one of the best with their gripped chains. The black wood finish is absolutely stunning. 

12" Black Wood Round Nunchaku

Cast metal fittings and chain are worth mentioning here. Again, these are standard 12 inches nunchucks made of hardwood. These are solid and durable ones. 

6. 12" Black Wood Nunchaku with Chrome Studs Chain

These round black lacquered nunchucks are also great collectibles for modern enthusiasts who are crazy fans of these martial arts weapons. 

12" Black Wood Nunchaku

To impress your mates, you need to have these chucks with chrome stud chains. The 12 inches length is appropriate for them. One of the best nunchaku ever constructed!

7. 12" Burnt Rattan Wood Nunchaku Chain

For enthusiasts, here is something unique to add to your collection. Apart from others on this list, these have a different color scheme. 

12" Burnt Rattan Wood Nunchaku

The rattan wood construction is excellent and enhances its amazing appearance. Cast metal chain and fittings make them standard chucks with highest quality lacquered wood construction. Pretty and adorable! 

8. Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks

Talking of the best nunchucks to add to your collection, here are the ones that would be the most impressive ones in your arsenal. 

Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks

These chucks have foam covered around the two wooden sticks. There is a gorgeous white dragon design that enhances the overall beauty. Rather than chain, rope is used to connect them. These are the safest collectibles to have! 

9. 12 Inch Black Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic

These are another foam padded nunchucks with foam covered around the wooden sticks. There is a beautiful color scheme i-e black and gold. 

12 Inch Black Foam Padded Nunchaku

There is black foam padded with nylon cord, a perfect combination. The dragon graphic further adds to its attractiveness. There is a rope to connect the two sticks. 

10. Foam Padded Dragon Blue Martial Arts Nunchaku

These foam padded nunchucks are also the collectibles you would eagerly want in your collection. 

Blue Martial Arts Nunchaku Karate

There is a nice color scheme consisting of blue and gold. There is the same dragon graphic that looks stunning. These 12 inches nunchucks are excellent displays at your home and office. 

Add Your Favorite Collectible Nunchaku in Your Collection!

So, which are your favorite collectibles from these best nunchucks? At Cutlery Wholesale, you can buy any of these nunchucks at the lowest wholesale prices. This is the finest list of nunchaku for modern enthusiasts. The best collectibles you can ever have in your arsenal. 

So, choose your nunchucks from the list and create the best collection of nunchaku to impress your mates!