Swords are one of the oldest weapons used for battling the enemies. Since men stepped into this world, they engaged in wars and battles with each other. 

And gradually, as they started differentiating in the form of nations, the battles became more intense. Hence, the use of different types of swords initiated in order to defeat the opponents. 

However, today, the world has entirely changed. Yes, nations do fight each other, but the fighting styles are so different. 

There are more diplomatic fights now. Technology has led to nuclear world where the swords have no place at all. Nuclear weapons are enough to battle the enemies. 

So, with the rise of nuclear weapons, do you believe swords have lost their place? Well, certainly not. 

Swords are still one of the most popular weapons in the market. But, today, they are not necessarily used as weapons. Now, they have become a sign of pride for collectors and enthusiasts. 

In the modern world, there are modernized markets where enthusiasts are targeted strategically. Marketers learn the trends and enthusiasm of a specific group of people to provide them what they need. 

For example, there is a massive group of people that loves swords. So, these people are called sword enthusiasts. Also, the modernized market has a more online appearance than the physical presence. 

Now, the types of swords traditionally were different. There were long sword, broadsword, the Great sword, short sword and many more. 

Today, we do have these sorts of swords. Since, it is a modernized world, the markets are enriched with more stylish swords. 

In this article, we will reveal the types of swords that are available in the modern market of today. 

However, all the swords are not modern, there is a great variety of traditional and historical swords as well. However, the construction is updated. Anyways, following are our picks:

1. Movie Swords

The first real modern type of sword is the movie swords. As the name suggests, these swords has something to do with the movies. 

Well, yes, these movie swords are associated with some popular movies. These are inspired from the swords used or displayed in the movies. 

The modern people have a different mindset. Since they are enthusiasts, they wish to have everything they like in their collections. 

Specifically, they are inspired by their heroes who use swords to defeat their opponents. Once they see a lovely sword in a movie, they love to add it to their arsenal. 

Hence, there is a massive fan base of movie swords. Some extremely popular ones include Black Twin Ninja Sword, Connor MacLeod Highlander Sword, William Wallace Two-handed Sword, and many more. 

These are the swords that every movie fan wants in his arsenal. 

2. Medieval Swords

Medieval swords are a type of swords that are traditional, but they are available in our modern markets for many reasons. 

But, there are slight differences and improvements to the older designs. If you have read the history of the medieval period, you know how fascinating those times were with regards to swords. 

A great variety of swords were constructed during the medieval period. The medieval warriors were skillful, but their swords were awesome as well. 

Not just their skills, the strength of their swords also played a role in enhancing their success in battles. 

However, today, we have better constructed medieval swords. These modernized blades have more strength as they are made of quality stainless steel and carbon steel. 

Some of the most popular ones in the market include Medieval Dark Prince Combat Sword, Scottish Claymore Medieval Sword, Viking Warrior Lobed Sword, and a lot more. If you are a fan of medieval warriors, express your love by getting these swords in your arsenal. 

3. Sword Cane

This is what we call a real modernized sword. Brace yourself as this is not just a sword, it is a cane as well. 

When we talk about modernization, we talk about technical improvements, smartness and fulfillment of people’s needs. A sword cane is a type of sword that has everything to offer. 

It has the features that make it  modern sword that every enthusiast demands. 

Not just the enthusiasts, but other people also like this sword. The most likeable thing about this sword is that it fulfills some significant needs of the users. 

It can be used as a cane for walking, and as a hidden sword for self defense. Yes, people do use it for fighting the attackers who are quite active these days and launch random attacks on people. 

A sword cane is generally a cane that conceals a massive blade inside it. In other words, there is a sword hidden inside the cane. 

A push button allows you to open or conceal the blade. When you need to deal with an attacker, you can pull out the blade and counter him. 

Otherwise, it is a wonderful walking stick and hiking stick. Modern enthusiasts appreciate and love such advantageous items. 

4. Fantasy Swords

Fantasy world is an imaginary land where there are imaginary characters. We also know it as a fictional world. 

This imaginary world comprises certain imaginary superhero characters who are equipped with special types of swords, we know as fantasy swords

These special characters use these special swords for saving their people. A great example of a fantasy character is “Harry Potter.”

Such characters often have swords. Fans of these characters are always interested in buying their respective swords in order to determine their enthusiasm and love for those characters. 

If you are a fan of any fictional character, explore the modernized online market and find your desired sword. 

5. Video Game Swords

Like movie swords, these are the types of swords that are displayed in the video games. 

Video games have now replaced physical sports, and more youngsters like playing video games than heading to the grounds for taking part in any sport. 

Most of these games involve fights using the swords. However, these swords are often made of foam, not steel. 

There are several extremely popular and desirable video games swords. These include Links Master Sword, Zombie Killer Apocalyptic Sword, Dragon Ball Z Sword and many others. 

Kids you play these games are always eager to get these swords to impress their mates. If you are a true fan of a video game character, get his sword from this modernized market which promises to provide everything. 

6. Anime Swords

Anime world is another imaginary world. You must have watched some animation movies and series and fallen in love with them. 

Anime world usually include Japanese characters and their swords. If you want to have a trip to this world, you should get one of these swords in your collection. 

Anime swords are a type of swords that are called replica swords. The movie swords, video game swords, fantasy swords, and anime sword are all replica swords because they replicate the ones used in the movies, fantasy novels, video games and animated series. 

7. Samurai Swords

Samurai swords refer to the swords that were used by the Samurais. We all know who Samurai were. These were the elite warriors who still have a name all around the world. 

They were awesome warriors who used awesome swords to defeat their enemies. They were skillful enough to beat their enemies with ease. 

However, their swords were even more impressive. This modern world won’t leave you deprived of these swords. Hence, if you head to the market, you will find these exceptional swords, specifically the iconic katana. 

Katana is believed to the best Samurai sword, and one of the greatest swords of all time. It has a thick and long blade with a slight curve at the bottom. 

8. Handmade Swords

Handmade swords, as the name suggests, are the types of swords that are made with hands. These swords are masterpieces designed by the manufacturers. 

The makers are often credited for creating these extraordinary swords with their hands with excessive care. Sword making is an art and these handmade swords would explain it to you once you get your hands on them. 

9. Military Swords

Military swords are the most powerful swords ever constructed. They feature powerful blades and tactical handles. Their tactical features make them handy for military use. 

Militarizes around the world tend to use these swords, but civilians are also welcome to get them from this modernized market. 

The Bottom Line

The modern market offers a lot. There are several fantastic types of swords, and choosing one of them is extremely difficult. 

All these swords are worth a try. If you are an enthusiast or collector, you would rather love to add all of them to your arsenal. 

All these swords are colorful, stylish and gorgeous, and you won’t want to miss any of them. So, if you explore today’s market, you would find all these exceptional modern and traditional swords!