Are you a fan of airsoft guns? If yes, then did you ever played airsoft games with them? 

Airsoft pistols are not only used for target shooting or practicing the art of shooting but they are also used to play various outdoor games most commonly known as Airsoft games. 

These games are played in a simulated environment where players indulge themselves in mock combat and various other fake scenarios. 

These games can be played in an open field or in a backyard but most commonly they are played in special places or fields designated for airsoft known as airsoft spots. 

These places are run by people and you have to take their membership in order to play there. Playing there also requires you to abide by their rules and regulations and listen to the instructor. 

Mostly, these places have rules instructing you to wear proper airsoft attire, coaching you on how to properly use guns and also provide you information on the dos and don'ts of playing Airsoft i.e. at how much FPS you should play and what size of BBs you should use, etc. 

So, if you are tired of your current hobbies and pastimes, then I would suggest you give Airsoft a go using airsoft pistols and you will not regret it. 

This one is not like those other pastimes of book reading, writing and stuff. This one is a little different and is related to outdoors not indoors. 

There is one other benefit of airsoft that very few people know of which is that Airsoft keeps us healthy physically and keeps us mentally fresh and sound as well. You are free to choose any game of your choice and ace it with your airsoft pistols. 

The mock scenarios seem genuinely real and you feel as if you have just jumped into a war zone or a highly fascinating adventure. The thrill and action of these games are beyond imagination and they literally make you feel heroic.

These amazing games are played in groups allowing you to have an awesome time out with your friends. 

Airsoft pistols are one of the most common airsoft gear with which you can play airsoft. They are widely used in airsoft guns are the replicas of real guns.


They use projectiles made up of plastic and known as BBs. These BBs are small round projectiles and usually do not hurt until you shoot them from a high FPS gun, from a distance to any sensitive area of a body i.e. eyes and face. 

I, myself am a great fan of airsoft games and have been playing them since I was 13. 

I have a huge collection of almost each and every type of airsoft pistols and I am in love with all of them. My journey with Airsoft has been an amazing one and now I can call myself an expert of Airsoft. 

I enjoy playing lots of airsoft games but a few of them are my most favorite ones. Let us have a look at them.

Airsoft Games

1- President

One of my personal favorite airsoft game is the President. In this game, there is one person who is called the President and the rest of the players are divided into protectors and assassins. 

The job of the protectors is to protect the President and take him to a safe predetermined spot safely. 

The job of the assassins is to take down the President by shooting him/her with their airsoft pistols before he reaches that pre-determined spot. If the president is shot, then the assassins win. 

However, if the protectors or the bodyguards manage to take the President to his safe spot without him/her getting hurt or if they manage to shoot all assassins, then the game is over and the protectors win.

2- Medic

Medic is another widely played airsoft game which is based on two main concepts only. As the name clearly explains that this game is all about a medic. 

So, the first principle is to take down the medic and the second one is to take down all other players of the opponent team as well. 

There are two teams in this game and each team has a medic. The medic is the person who heals the players when they are shot. 

Only a medic can bring the taken down a player of his team back into the game so as long as your medic is alive, your players can come back into the game even if they are shot. 

This is what makes medic the most important player of this game and the players of the opponent team focus on taking down the other team's medic while protecting their own at the same time. 

If the medic of a team is shot, then the game doesn't end there until all the payers of that team are shot too. 

But it also means that the players now shot would not be allowed to recover and enter the game. Mostly when the medic of a team is down, that team loses but it is not a hard and fast rule. 

Sometimes things go against the odds and the team still winds despite not having a medic just because they took down the players of the opponent team before they could take down theirs.

3- Capture the Flag

Now here is another very popular one of airsoft games and it is known as Capture the Flag. You must have heard of it if you are an avid Airsofters. 

This game also has two teams and each team has its own flag which is tied at its base. The other team has to sneak into the enemy's base and take the flag from there and get it to his own base to win the game. 

If the player carrying the flag gets shoot while he/she was carrying the flag to base, the flag is either returned to the enemy's base and the game is started again or another player picks up the flag and continues the game. 

These are two different versions of this game and it depends solely on you and your team players that which one you will go with. 

The flags of both the team are of different colors and two versions of this game are known as "Dead Flag" and "Live Flag" Dead Flag means that once the person carrying the flag is taken down, the game starts again as the flag is returned to its base. 

But in the live flag, the flag does not die with the player carrying it and another person from his/her team picks up the flag and resume the game. 

So, the players in this game definitely need to protect themselves from the shots of the opponent team and need to be well equipped with the best airsoft pistols and proper airsoft gear.

4- Risk

Risk is a slightly different airsoft game than the ones mentioned above. You are free to use airsoft pistols of any type in this game as well. 

This one is a little difficult to play though and Airsofters take some time before they get the knack of it. It is based on four teams which are usually named as Team Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. 

There are six spots that are marked on the location and each team has to cover these six spots in order to win the game.


Each spot has a flag posted there and when any team covers that spot, the color of that flag is changed to tech color of the capturing team's flag. 

The maximum amount of team given to each team to cover the six spots is normally for half an hour to one hour. Airsoft pistols and respective gear is provided to everyone and the rest of the teams provide hurdles to other teams and try to take down the other teams with them.

5- Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers has always been my personal favorite and I loved playing it in my childhood and I still like playing it. 

As a kid, I used to play this game with my airsoft pistols powered via a spring mechanism and I used to normally play this game in my backyard with my friends. We used to have so much fun and this airsoft game brings back all those years of joy and laughter. 

The concept of this game is quite simple. Half of the players are cops and the other half are robbers. 

The robbers are on the run and the cops have to take them down and capture them. Whoever succeeds in their mission, wins the game.

So, the above-mentioned games are one of the best airsoft games and you must try each and every one of them.