The Best Types of Self Defense Batons
A self-defense baton is an impact weapon that can be used for self-defense and personal protection. It was designed to be an all-in-one defensive weapon for law enforcement officials, legal civilians, or demonstrators. So what exactly is a defensive baton? 

First, it is not a cane or walking stick (it's not meant to help you walk). Second, it cannot be used as a grappling device and does not have the heft of other clubs or the reach of staff. Third, it does have some limited use as an improvised shield against stabbing attacks from behind. But really its main purpose is to inflict pain on attackers who get too close for personal comfort.

Construction of a Defensive Baton

A self defense baton is a small, metal rod that can be used to inflict painful and potentially fatal injuries on an attacker. It's also known as a Billy club or a stick. There are many designs, with some resembling rolling pins and others resembling shoe horns. In general, it has one pointed end that spins quickly when swung at an assailant, and the other end is flat for comfort when being carried or held by the user. 

Occasionally it is made out of rope instead of metal for ease of use in confined spaces or for children who may not be suited to wielding weighty metals and weapons such as baseball bats. The length of these batons varies from six inches up to several feet long (depending on best circumstances). 

These batons were originally used to defend against assailants armed with real swords, cool knives, and other assorted bladed weapons. However, they have been used effectively in the hands of criminals as well as police officers over time. They are even more effective when employed by those who are under attack and would otherwise be rendered helpless.

A defensive baton is an important weapon for women because it can give the user a measure of protection while striking out at an assailant who is attempting to do serious injury or kill them. However, a baton's effectiveness in combat is not dependent upon the size of its user.

The Primary Types of Batons

As people are becoming more aware of the dangers of life and how they can prepare for it, they are also seeking out the tools to protect themselves accordingly. Especially because today’s crime rates have hit a new high and robberies are happening at an all-time rate. 

Some people may not know that there are actually three types of defense batons that you’re able to use for this very reason. The first one is a collapsible baton, which is easy to carry around with you due to its folding design. There are also non-collapsible batons that do not have an opening in them like their counterpart does and stun batons that use electricity as their means of defense. Their details are as follows:

  • Collapsible Batons

This is the most extended and effective type of self-defense baton. When you purchase one, it actually comes with a nylon case that is already attached to it. These cases are meant to be your means of carrying it around and it’s available in many different colors that make your choice a lot easier. It also has room for other small items such as knives or pepper spray which will prove to be very useful.

This collapsible baton comes with an opening on the opposite end that has a ring located near the bottom middle area of its handle. This ring is meant to be used so that you can attach it to your own belt or anywhere else you would like on your clothing. This makes it easy for you to carry along with you at all times and have it available when you need it the most.

This baton also comes with a small hole on the top of its handle which acts as an opening for a lanyard that helps you hold it even more securely within your hand. This will give you a better hold of the weapon as well as make sure that it will not fall out when you’re in the middle of fighting off an attacker. You’ll be able to quickly reach for this weapon in any situation due to its convenient design and sturdy nature.

Self defense batons

  • Non-Collapsible Batons

You’ll have the ability to carry this baton around with you in one of two ways. The first option is by attaching the lanyard mentioned above so that it can act as a handle or strap. This will give you a secure place to keep it while you’re using it. You can also attach it along with your belt as well which will give you a better grip on the weapon and make sure that your hands are in good shape during use.

Either way, you can use this baton for so many different situations such as self-defense, both against attackers and assailants at work and in the home when needed. It’s very easy to use for its size and you’ll easily be able to defend yourself with it in your hands.

  • Stun Batons

Items such as stun batons are becoming more popular today due to their availability and electricity that is used as self defense weapons against an attacker or assailant. Many people are using these items which is why they have become so common in today's world. They have become available for you to purchase whenever you please and will help you out tremendously during any incident that may occur.

Stun baton

In this self-defense baton, there is a metal prong located on the top part of the handle where electricity comes out and can reach up to seven feet away at all times. When you place your hand on this prong and press the button, it will administer electricity to whomever you want to control. This can be great for controlling both people and animals in certain situations.

It also comes with a wrist strap that is built into the end of its handle which acts as a means of holding it. The grip is long enough so that it will not be too rigid yet tight enough so that you have a secure grasp on it at all times. This will help to prevent others from getting their hands on your weapon while using it against them. This baton is made out of plastic and metal which is mainly found in stun guns.

Uncountable Benefits of Batons

A self-defense baton can be a great tool for an individual to have in their possession when walking alone at night, running errands, or even just being outside. So what can it do?

  • No Training Required

One of the key benefits of carrying a defensive baton is that it doesn't require any sort of training to be used effectively as a defensive weapon. 

The person holding the baton simply has to remember how they would swing and protect themselves (which is not difficult), and then jab at their assailant with forceful blows while moving backward if they feel threatened. In this way, even someone who isn't particularly athletic or coordinated can still be safe from attack.

  • No Legality Issue

Another advantage of using a defense baton is that it is legal to carry in many cities, states, and countries around the world. The laws regarding your area may vary, but transporting a defense baton could land you in some hot water depending on where you live. To make sure you are within the law's limits, check with your local authorities before carrying a weapon on your person or in your car or another vehicle.

  • Easy to Transport

The best part about carrying a self-defense baton is that they are very easy to transport and don't require any sort of special storage requirements when traveling out of state. This makes them an ideal weapon to travel with, especially if you are going to be spending a long period of time away from home.

  • More Than Just a Stick

Another great benefit of carrying a baton is the fact that they aren't much more than a stick, but it can indeed be a defensive weapon that you can use whenever you are in danger. 

The length of your baton (or the number of sticks) really won't matter when it comes to using it as a fighting tool; there are plenty of people who have used one as their only defense tool against multiple attackers, and others who have carried several sticks on their person for this reason too.

  • Keep Attackers Away

Another great feature of a defense baton is that it can help you get back at your attacker. Many attackers will attempt to run away after the initial attack, and it is important to remember that people are often more afraid of what they think they have done wrong than what they have actually done. 

If your attacker attempts to run away after hitting you with a baton, and you are able to catch up with them so that you can strike him or her from behind, it could end the assault before it even begins. This baton can be an effective tool for an individual in need of adequate defense against a potentially hostile situation.