5 Most Useful Types of Hunting Knives
Hunting has a long and colorful history. From times when hunters would be sent out for days or weeks, to hunting trophies that were once worth more than their weight in gold, hunting has been with us since the beginning of human society. 

As the popularity of this sport grows every day, it seems likely that we won't see any major changes in the future of hunting. However, there are a few new trends that may change how this sport is played - here are some of them! Hunting is fast becoming one more popular hobby for women.

What are Hunting Knives?

Hunting knives are an essential tool not only for hunters but also for campers, fishermen, and survivalists. They have been used since ancient times and can be of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and lengths. The knife's blade is typically one-sided with a sharp edge on the outside to skin animals while the spine is serrated to cut through plant matter. 

Some hunters prefer the traditional model made of wood or bone while others enjoy using modern plastic blades. Generally speaking hunting knives come in various types including folding knives, fixed blade knives with sheaths that attach to belts or backpacks as well as ballistic knives which are specially designed for close combat hunting and are even capable of resisting penetration by rifle bullets.

Best Knives for Hunting

These knives vary greatly in length and weight which is typically dependent on the type of hunting one conducts. For example, in Europe most hunters prefer large heavy knives used by gamekeepers as opposed to American hunters who use smaller lighter cool knives that are usually thinner than standard kitchen knives. 

It is also important to note that these knives may be used for more than just hunting. When choosing a specific knife, it is important to keep in mind the purpose one intends to use it for as well as its price range in order to make an informed decision.

Most hunters have a preference for certain types of hunting knives and use them over and over again. However, depending on the type of hunting you are doing, there may be one knife that stands out over other types. On this list are five knives that are best for hunting different game.

1. Folding Blade Knife 

This is the most common type of knife for hunting. It has a long blade and is heavy duty, but it is small enough to easily carry around. You can buy folding blades that have up to a 10 inch blade, and they are great for hunting elands, kudu and zebra because they are small and hard to spot. 

Pocket knife

These cool pocket knives are also great for smaller animals like foxes, wild cats, rabbits and hares because they make quick work of the kill. They are also good for gutting as well as skinning larger animals like deer and wild boars since you can get right in close without having to worry about being seen.

2. Bowie Knife 

A bowie knife is a large and heavy knife that has been around for centuries. It has a wide blade that curves up at the end and it can have anywhere from six to 16 inches in length. 

Bowie knife

It can be used for almost any type of game, but it is most common amongst hunters that are out West. They are good for hunting big game like elk, wild hogs and bears because you can stab them quickly with the pointed tip of the blade.

3. Hatchet 

This type of deadliest knife dates back to the early days when axes were used to help clear wooded areas for homes and towns to be built. It is a large knife with a heavy, sometimes sharp head. 

They are designed to be used by people that live in areas that have lots of trees and need to cut them down. A hatchet can be used for felling trees, splitting logs and even cutting branches from an area where you want to build a home or firewood. They are also good for clearing large areas for farming.

4. Broadside 

A broad-side is a single-edged blade with a long handle, often made of wood or metal. There are two forms of blades: the boxlock and the drop point. The boxlock has the blade perpendicular to the handle and the drop point has it perpendicular but slanted at the tip. 

A broadside is used for skinning and cutting meat off the bones of large animals like deer and wild hogs. These hunting knives are also great for hunters that want to bring their whole animal back home with them as they will prepare it for cooking as well.

5. Machete 

A machete knife is a traditional blade used in some parts of the world by farmers and people that need to cut large amounts of vegetation because it has a thick, heavy blade. It is one foot long on average and has an S-shaped curve that makes it easier to use than other types of blades. 


Some variants have blades up to three feet long, which are perfect for those hard to get areas near trees and brush where you need more reach.

Great Knives for Outdoor Uses!

Hunting is an important part of living off the land. In order to be successful at this endeavor though it takes not just skill but also equipment. One kind of equipment that is often overlooked or not given enough consideration are hunting knives and their importance when on the hunt. 

While a good set of lure is important, it isn’t useful without the right cutting tool. A well-made knife can help you prepare your kill and make it ready to serve. It can also be used as a tool on your property so that you can do routine tasks easily.

One key part of any hunting trip is the kill. With the right knife, you’ll be able to remove what you need from the animal and free them from the wire or tree that holds them up. If you don’t have a sharp enough blade, chances are that you will struggle with this job or even cause harm to yourself in the process of trying to hack through it with a dull blade.

Hunting knives have many uses outdoors. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, or exploring your property line with a bow and gun, knives can help you out. They come in various materials and sizes for all of your outdoor needs. Learn about these amazing knives so that when it comes time to buy one for yourself or someone else as a gift, you know what to look for!