The 3 Most Famous Zoro's Swords
The history of Zoro's swords begins with the forging of Wado Ichimonji under the tutelage of Masamune, one of Japan's most respected real swords makers. This is also Zoro's favorite sword.

Zoro often carries two katana blades on his person at any given time, and he has a total of 6 blades on his person when he is in Shikoku. The first blade that he ever received was Wado Ichimonji from Kuina, which leads to its importance to him. The remaining five are all blades that Shusui defeated (with the exception of You which was given to him by Shusui.)

His other katana is Onigiri, a blade he received from Koshiro. It is a mass-produced blade with average cutting ability, but Zoro treasures it because it was one of the first presents from his first and only friend before joining Luffy's crew. 

Zoro carries this sword on his back when not in use. Its sheath has a small charm attached that says "Good Luck", which Usopp gave to Zoro during their time in Loguetown. The standard-sized katana sword that he carries around with him most of the time. 

Zoro Swords Design and Construction

Zoro was one of the last great swordsmen in ancient Persia. He is also known for his fantasy swords, which have a very distinctive shape, more like an extended chef’s knife. His swords came to be called Zoro’s Swords and are still produced by the same man that made them centuries ago.

Zoro found the ore for his swords in a mine near the Yamiyo river. This one is unique because it has the ability to cut through any kind of metal, even steel. It was also very brittle, so he had to combine it with a different type of metal that would give the sword flexibility while still retaining its incredible strength.

Zoro's Sword

The man that made these swords is called Ikutsuka Sanba. Making them is very complex and laborious since the blades are made by hand. To make these Anime Swords, first, a pattern is drawn onto a piece of steel using the finest quality ink made from squid ink, stone powder, and gold dust.

Ikutsuka Sanba then makes a clay mold out of the steel pattern and places it into a kiln. At temperatures over 2,000 degrees celsius, the clay melts and reshapes the pattern. Once this has happened, Ikutsuka Sanba takes a billet of iron and heats it red hot so that it burns away some of the clay which holds its shape. 

With this done he puts the billet into a trough filled with water until all that is left is the iron shape. He then draws around this iron shape onto both sides of a piece of steel using fine copper wires. The copper wires are in fact made from twisted gold wire, which creates an incredible contrast with what looks like pure silver in color.

Zoro’s Three Famous Swords

The Japanese swords are a collection of three named movie swords belonging to Zoro, the main protagonist in the manga One Piece and a character in the anime series Naruto. The three swords, Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Enma were made by Kikuichimonji Kikuichi during the "golden age" of swordsmiths in Japan. The sword Wado was a favorite due to its unique design.

Just as important as what these weapons do is what they symbolize. What does it mean that Zoro has three swords?

1. Kitetsu Swords

The Kitetsu swords are shaped like a cross. They're capable of cutting anything. One will cut steel, and the other is formed to kill Logia users, but they both have their weaknesses: they can only be used 10 times before becoming blunt. They are also cursed, a drawback Zoro is willing to accept in order to be invincible (in the anime at least). 

This blade is imbued with the soul of a samurai who committed seppuku (ritual suicide by disembowelment) in order to attain enlightenment. The sword that can cut through anything. One side is able to cut through Logia users, but only once; the other has no weakness and is usable 10 times. After the first use, it becomes blunt and unusable for 3 years.

The blades of these Zoro’s swords can be made out of any type of metal and often have engravings on them. Some use stone for their blades because it is durable and inexpensive. A lot of people who choose to duel using these full tang swords are Felines but more Dwarves than other races use them because they like them better than any other melee weapon they have come across.

2. Wado Icchimonji

Wado is a Japanese style of fighting derived from classical samurai swords. It was founded in the late 19th century by Shiratori Shintaro, who had received compositions of it from several traditional experts and synthesized the techniques into one martial art. 

Wado-Ryu emphasizes quick drawing techniques and swift cutting movements with a direct attack on the opponent’s centerline. This style also emphasizes avoiding an attacker's weapon, something that is achieved by using strong hand or leg moves to keep it at bay, plus footwork like retreating or backdooring for more space in order to escape its range.

Zoro's first sword is called Wado Ichimonji, meaning "[To] Mingle [and] Divide One Character." This can be translated as "To Combine and Separate One Character," so it means to divide a single character into two characters at either end of what would be a double-sided blade.

Wado Ichimonji is an ordinary sword. Its "special" feature is that it's easier for Zoro to use this sword than any other he had previously used because he found it fits his style perfectly. If he had found a sword that was more suited to his fighting style, he would have thrown away his Wado Ichimonji. 

3. Enma

The Enma is a holy symbol used by the mobile pirates in the Snoofan Village. According to Zoro, its special ability is that if it is grabbed by someone's hair and they are taken away by a whirlwind, they will be caught in Hell. In the anime (and apparently in One Piece canon) this has been known since ancient times as "baraki" or "Hell Trap".

These Zoro’s Swords are typically shorter than two feet and were used for suicide in feudal Japan. When people were on their deathbed, they would plunge the enma sword into their chests several times to insure they had died before they stopped breathing. Because of this gruesome tradition, the blades of these swords have become synonymous with "death.

They all have silver hilts, black scabbards with gold accents, and golden fittings. Their design and color symbolize an intangible difference between the warriors themselves. Zoro has three swords because he is a "cool character" who has to plan for the unforeseeable and grow more vital to deal with it all.

This list features weapons from series where the main protagonist is a swordsman (or at least like one), or from series that have already featured swords in other media where the main protagonist is an expert in them. These are not necessarily exclusively traditional Japanese Zoro’s swords, but rather different kinds of blades suitable for different kinds of fighting styles, especially if it would be too difficult to adapt “normal” swordplay into a game setting.

Features of Zoro’s Swords

Zoro's swords, like a number of the others from One Piece, hold certain qualities. For example, Zoro carries two katanas with him at all times. His first sword has a black blade and is called Wado Ichimonji, whereas his second sword features a red blade and is called Sandai Kitetsu. 

The former seems to be more refined than the latter as it requires less skill for Zoro to wield. When Zoro wants intense power in his task or just needs something to cut through steel, he uses Sandai Kitetsu because it will do the job better than Wado Ichimonji. The two handmade swords are known as the "Dragon's Two Heads" for a reason. They resemble one another in many aspects, including the fact that both swords have dragon designs etched on them. 

The blades of both swords cross over each other, which means they hug each other in otherwise unlikely ways. When Zoro uses these blades together, he becomes even more powerful. Their compatibility with one another simply makes sense, as the two swords were forged by the same swordsmith.