Brass knuckles are quite a hot topic nowadays and stir up a debate whenever the name is taken in an audience. Do you know anything about these trendy items? 

Well, the first and foremost thing to know is that they are weapons and not ordinary items. Brass knuckles are known to be the evolved versions of the Roman “caestus” which was a glove that the Romans used to wear whenever they were on a one on one combat with someone. 

The Caestus would enhance the power of their punches and was made up of leather. However, sometimes the leather was also covered with spikes which would make the gloves pretty dangerous and somewhat deadly as well. 

Brass knuckles are inspired by the very same idea and are used to magnify the power of a person’s punch. They are pieces of metal that are designed like hand’s knuckles so they can be worn around them.

Also known as knuckle dusters and knucks, these weapons are not something to be messed with and are known to be quite dangerous. So, you really have to be careful with them. 

I saw them for the first time in my brother’s room and the next time in a fistfight when two boys from my neighborhood started a fight which got out of hands when one of them took out his knuckle dusters and started to beat the other guy into a pulp. 

I still remember the dreadful fight and it still gives me goose bumps so trust me you would not want to know the details of the fight. 

All I will say here is that the guy using knuckles got arrested and is still serving his sentence in jail and the other one suffered some major injuries and he took a very long time to recover completely. 

But the use of brass knuckle is not only limited to fights and combats, rather they are used for many other purposes as well. Would you like to know about them? 

Well, you must read this article till the end then as I am now going to discuss the numerous ways in which knuckles are being used nowadays.

1- Street Fighting

As we discussed above that the primary use of knuckles is in street fighting. People and especially teenagers think of them as a cool way to fight which will get them lots of praises and cheers from the onlookers. 

Knuckle dusters are usually used to get an upper hand in a fight and people think that using these weapons against someone will surely guarantee their success which is true up to some point. 

A regular punch is capable of hurting your opponent if you throw it properly but a brass knuckle punch is sure to inflict injury to your opponent. Most commonly knuckles cause swelling, broken bones, bleeding both external and internal, bruises, etc.

However, death cases have also been reported because of the use of knuckle dusters. However, if you use them with care, then a punch or two with knuckles will help you win the fight with ease and without doing any severe damage to your opponent.

 There is one more thing you should know before you choose knuckle dusters as your ultimate fighting weapon; these weapons are illegal in most countries because of their deadly nature so always check the laws of your country or state before using them.

2- Self-Defense

The reputation of brass knuckle has been tainted with illegal use, fights, severe casualties and lots of bad incidents. But that does not mean that the weapon itself is cursed or bad. 

It depends on your use of the weapon itself. Knuckle dusters are not only used to initiate a fight but they can be used to defend one from getting hurt in a fight. Self-defense is the act of protecting oneself from possible harm and getting out of the dangerous situation safe and sound. 

Brass knuckles can help you do that by delivering some classic punches to your assailant and will get rid of him. Also, these self defense weapons are easy to carry as well and you can easily carry them in your bag, and even wear them on hands. 

But I will strongly recommend getting training first and properly learn how to throw a punch with knuckle dusters.

You must learn how to properly throw a punch with them otherwise you will just injure yourself. The injury can affect your hand and can even hurt your arm and shoulder so be careful. 

One punch of brass knuckles right on the face is enough to get blood coming out of your opponent’s mouth. The metal of the knuckles is quite durable and it always breaks the face and never breaks itself. 

As a self-defense weapon, you must carry it around at all times if carrying them is legal in your state. Also, you are free to choose from a wide range of different designs and can choose the one which suits you the most and compliments your personality. 

This will make you feel as if the knuckles are a part of your hand.

3- Fashion Accessory

Brass knuckles have gained great fame even in the fashion industry. Knuckle duster is a prominent fashion icon and its iconic design is all over the fashion industry. There are many accessories which feature the design of knuckle dusters. 

Whether it is a brass knuckle necklace, earrings, heels, rings, or bracelets, you will find a huge range of such products in the market and yes, they are in high demand. 

They go with any outfit you wear and will give a cool and classy aura to your personality – well that is what the fashion pundits say so it must be true! Even our very favorite Beyoncé was seen wearing knuckle duster high heel boots and gosh they looked amazing! 

These items have even been featured in many movies and video games. Where sometimes the hero or the villain is seen wearing these accessories and carrying knuckle duster in the fists of their hands. 

The macho look will make other men fear you and the girls can also go for the bold and strong look by wearing these items.

4- Everyday Items

Not even fashion accessories, but our everyday items have also been influenced by the brass knuckles trend wave. Well, we hope that it is just a wave; otherwise, we will soon be seeing this iconic design taking over everything. 

And soon we will be quite bored as it has already infiltrated quite so many things. From mugs, t-shirts, bags , and purses, to lots of other things, brass knuckles design have been imprinted on everything.

Have you ever heard of brass knuckle mobile phone cover? 

Well, yes that exists too. But there is no doubt in the fact that it looks cool and gives you a strangely unique way to grip your mobile phone and carry it around. 

Some of these items have brass knuckles attached to them i.e. brass knuckle purses and bags have their handles designed like real knuckles. 

The mugs also have their handles designed as knuckles but some items just have knuckle dusters printed on them i.e. brass knuckle t-shirts etc.

5- Vehicle Parts

The auto industry has also not stayed behind when it comes to knuckle dusters. You will see brass knuckle designs and actual knuckle duster on vehicles i.e. cars and bikes. 

Some people have even replaced the parts of their vehicles i.e. steering and pedals with customized ones designed like knuckles. Yes, it gets as crazy like that but knuckle duster fans would go to any extent to show their obsession and love for knuckles to the world. 

Also, many motorcyclists love to wear these items around their neck or on their hands and then ride just to look cool. They also customize the handles of their bikes to look like knuckle dusters. 

You will also see brass knuckles hanging on the windowpane of the car. Or these items can be used as hood ornaments. They can be hanged from a car’s mirrors as well. Even the car brakes and handles of car’s doors can be customized accordingly.

The variations you will see will simply blow your mind. You can be creative and have your own way of showing off these weapons on your vehicle. The choice is solely yours; whether you want them or not and how do you want to put them on your vehicle.

6- Training

Brass knuckles are the most popular punching weapons available nowadays and this is why people learn the art of punching with the help of these weapons as well. 

Yes, we may say that it is a strange use but if someone wants to use this weapon in real then he will have to practice with it as well. 

Also, whenever you are practicing punching on a punching bag by wearing boxing gloves, you are not aiming properly most of the time because the size of those gloves is too big due to the amount of padded material used to keep your fists and knuckles safe. 

But if you practice by wearing knuckles, then not only will your knuckles will stay safe and protected but you will aim more accurately and will learn quickly. 

It is quite essential to hit the right spot and the right target during a fight which is why you need to learn how to properly aim. 

The desired result will only be produced when you will out in the right input. 

And a good aim is a very important factor in a brass knuckle fight and I will ask you to not indulge yourself in a brass knuckle fight if your aiming is not good or try to improve it before you plan to do so.

7- Survival Tool

Here is another use of brass knuckles and that is to break the glass. Who could think that a deadly weapon can be used as a survival tool as well? Right? 

Well, I did not think of it until I actually I saw it being done in a movie where the hero saves his girl from a building on fire by breaking the window with his knuckle dusters and jumping out of it. 

I totally fell in love with that scene and it is possible that you may get stuck in a similar position. 

So, if you happen to have knuckle dusters with you at that time, then use them to break the glass. It will easily break the glass and will protect your knuckles as well.

8- Utility Tool

Here is something about brass knuckles being used as a utility tool. Yes, you heard it right – a utility tool. Although it may look like that this weapon cannot be used as a utility tool in any possible way but the truth is that it can be. 

It can be used as a bottle opener and it can also be used to open packages. If the packages are wrapped with a tape or something which won’t come off, then you can use the metallic knuckles to punch that area of the package and open it. 

In the case of bottles, you can easily open them with the help of bottle opener which is a part of some latest designed knuckles available in stores.

9- LARP and Cosplay Events

The next popular use of brass knuckles is in LARP (Live Action Role Play) and cosplay events. In these events, people dress up as their favorite characters, carry fake weapons and act like the characters they depict. 

Sounds cool. Right? A huge number of people take part in such events which is why cosplay weapons are quite in demand during the cosplay season. 

So, if you want to take on the look of a gangster, then what could be better than wearing knuckle dusters around your hand, and carrying a cosplay gun and a knife? 

Of course, these weapons are made up of plastic or rubber and replicas but they do look like the real ones and complete the costume perfectly.

10- Ice Smasher

Brass knuckles can be used to smash ice as well. We all know better than to simply break the ice with just our hands. Of course, except for some stunts doers, it is impossible for the rest of us and if we try we will just hurt ourselves. 

Also, in countries where the weather is extremely cold and there is way more ice than usual, people can really use knuckles to clear the ice in their way without harming themselves. 

The uses of brass knuckles are not just limited to the ones discussed above, but there are lots of other uses as well. You can even create some yourself. 

It may be a weapon but it surely depends on you that how you want to use it. So, think and decide wisely!